The modern world was about to see a new revolutionary game built on the principle of virtual reality. The company which was developing this game was ahead of all other companies for decades in terms of technology.


And one usual guy, who, because of an incurable disease, didn’t have many days to live left, wanted to spend his remaining days in this game, exploring the new and unknown world. And so, his dream came true. Having sold all his property, he bought one session of connection to the game, and his consciousness was transferred to the game world.


However, something went wrong: instead of appearing in a starting city, he was in the middle of a huge forest. He had no clothes, no food, absolutely nothing with him. All feelings, even pain, weren’t different from real ones. “Log out” command didn’t work, and neither could he get in contact with the game’s developers team.


He had no choice but to survive alone in the new world, relying only on himself.



Action, Adult, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy



Beast Companions, Calm Protagonist, Caring Protagonist, Character Growth, Clever Protagonist, Death, Death of Loved Ones, Evolution, Fantasy World, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Grinding, Loyal Subordinates, Male Protagonist, Race Change, Second Chance, Slow Growth at Start, Souls, Subtle Romance, Survival, Torture, Transformation Ability, Transported into a Game World


Author: Skopetskiy

Original language: Russian


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