Dear readers,

the translation of Heimarian Odyssey will cease as of this chapter. It has been a long four hundred-odd chapters, and it was fun along the way, but at some point, this project has become a burden that we can no longer afford to carry. Regarding chapters that are still Patreon exclusive, they will gradually be released until all of them have been made available to public.

There are two main reasons that influenced our decision to continue the project. Without sugarcoating it, the first main one is due to lack of financial support. Many manhours go into translating and editing every single chapter of the novel, and since a few months back the support we have seen on Patreon had dropped to below sustainable levels. As such, it is only responsible to us and those that depend on us to drop this project to focus on other more productive efforts.

Secondly, our passion for the project has dwindled as the story in the raws developed. While strong passion and love for the work could have sustained us longer despite the financial setbacks, the radically different genre of Heimarian Odyssey compared to what we consider our staples (Black Iron's Glory and Tales of the Reincarnated Lord) has resulted in the loss of our interest in the story. Should there be anyone that wishes to continue work on Heimarian Odyssey on their own, they have our blessing and are free to reach out to us at for a basic glossary.

That aside, it is not to say that we are leaving the webnovel translation scene entirely. Ryogawa, the translator, is currently part of the team that translates Beastmaster of the Ancients at Wuxiaworld.

We also have plans to scout out another project that we can begin fresh on, but that is a story for another day. After learning the importance of picking the right project the hard way, we assure you that our next project will be selected with huge emphasis on the quality and development of the plot. Currently, we have no exact plans or timeframes regarding upcoming projects, but if you wish to stay updated on what we are doing, feel free to join our discord server here:

All in all, it has been a great run across five years and four different projects Tales of the Reincarnated Lord, Black Iron's Glory, The Sword and the Shadow [available on Wuxiaworld], and Heimarian Odyssey [dropped]), three of which we've translated to completion, which adds up to a whopping 2280+ chapters! To those who have stuck to us for so long, you have our heartfelt gratitude. We hope that one day, we will be able to bring you another fresh new tale to spark your imaginations!

Best regards
Ryogawa and Prince