Hello everyone.

Prince here, editor at large for Heimarian Odyssey (HO).  As many of you probably know, this is a new project for the Ryogawa-Prince duo since BIG has come to a standstill due to the author's absence.  In response, we've shifted over to this new project.  Things are finally off the ground and getting going, but there are a few admin things to get out of the way.

In this post, I'd like to talk to you guys a little about our posting schedule.  Our usual rate of release is one chapter a day, every day, all year round but things will be a little different for HO.  We will be working on a slipscale where our number of releases will be based on the support we have on Patreon.  We will release one chapter per week for every roughly 140 dollars of support we have on Patreon up to 1k.  From there on up we will be releasing at our usual rate of 1 chapter a day, every day.  Right now we have enough support for 6 chapters a day, so starting next week we will be releasing on Monday through Saturday and skipping Sunday.  If we have to go to five chapters a week we will release Monday through Friday and skip the weekends.  Any lower than that and we will space things out across the entire week.

We hope you will enjoy reading HO as much as we are enjoying translating it, and look forward to seeing you in the comment sections of either Patreon or Veratales on the regular.


Ryogawa and Prince