Poor Niluka just stood in the battle arena for half a class, was defeated by another student at last. That innocent look was kind of pitiful. By the time Teacher Kitty held her head high and was about to leave, Teacher Three came in.

“Sir Yong Ye, do you still remember how did it go?” 

Teacher Three asked Yong Ye respectfully, Teacher Kitty scratched her own leg, was a little annoyed as she answered, 

“What else to do? Manage it on your own, stop nagging me all the time.”

He was speechless.

“Fine, fine. I’ll check it out in a few days time, okay? Youngsters nowadays don’t even know a single thing about respecting the elderly… Won’t even leave the felines out of this. Sigh.” Yong Ye left the classroom a little irritated and Teacher Three watched as he left, then marched in big steps towards the podium in front of the classroom.

 “The interclass competition held once every half a month will be held tomorrow. I’ll break the rules and safety regulations down for everyone. If there’s any doubt, please raise your hand to question immediately, time is limited after all.” 

Everyone nodded slightly, with a serious look on each of their faces. After all, they’ve been hearing about the interclass competition more or less in the past few days. Now that Teacher Three was going to explain the rules, they were definitely going to be serious. 

“Interclass competition, as the title suggests, setting class as a unit, the war between 2000 people and 2000 people in the virtual world is going to take place. It is worth reminding all of you that there will be a lot of indigenous natives in the small world, all of them are not protected by the empire’s law. Therefore, it doesn’t affect a thing even if they were killed. On the contrary, if you perform well, related personal points will be added. The winner of the interclass competition will get to extract thirty percent out from the loser’s total class points. All of you can probably tell how lethal it would be to have thirty percent extracted. And as the end of the semester gets nearer, the thirty percent weighs heavier. For example, the total class points for this month is one hundred thousand, which means thirty percent of it would be thirty thousand only. However, at the end of the semester, the total class points might accumulate to a total of five hundred thousand. The thirty percent extracted by then will not be comparable to the previous amount. Plus, if such a great amount is being extracted from the total points at the end of the semester, it basically means you’re in the losing team.” Teacher Three paused, took a glimpse at the students who were present, then followed up by saying, 

“That’s all for collecting points. Next, about the battle... Our prior aim is to ensure the safety of our groups. As all of you know, I’m in charge of Group A and Group B here. Once the match starts, Group A will approach Group B to form a group…” 

Darmiala raised her right hand out of a sudden when Teacher Three reached that point. Teacher Three nodded slightly. 

“Darmiala, what’s the matter?” 

“Teacher, since it’s an interclass competition, 200 people should just form a team, why do we have to separate into groups?”

The speech almost seemed like it was expected by Teacher Three already, she then answered without any hesitation, 

“2000 geniuses altogether, who is going to lead this bunch of arrogant students? I don’t expect all of you to help one another in the beginning, as long as nobody work alone on purpose. I’m also extremely worried about the bonding among class groups. In hopes for all of you to blend in with the whole class, and to accept other people’s opinion, I’m afraid that it’s unachievable at this point, at least more than half of the students present here have no such intention.” 

This is a fact, Lunaria reflected and thought, if she were instructed to work this and that by someone else, she’d be better off alone. Leaving Lunaria out of the picture, the elites like Claude and DiZi were definitely not going to obey orders given by others. 

“Teacher, why don’t we have a team leader for each group, and let he or she lead?” Constantine voiced out at this moment. This opinion did make everyone nod a little. Indeed, if there was a team leader selected from each group, the team operation would be much more organized. At least everyone voted for the team leader, they would obey the leader’s orders, more or less. 

Teacher Three obviously thought about it already, replied immediately, 

“About picking a team leader, it’s still too early, I don’t see any eligible leader at the very least. If you guys were to vote, I’m afraid that absurd situations like everyone voting for themselves might happen.” 

  Ugh. Constantine had a disgusted look on his face. If everybody voted for themselves, how vain would these people be? If there was a vote, he’d give it to Claude anyway. 

Anyone who knew Claude would vote for him too, even Dizi our Tyre would do the same.

Sadly, Teacher Three had no intention of doing so. Albeit having a reason behind it, there was some confusion still. Claude should just be assigned as the team leader now. 

“So, all of you have to pay attention to the various rules of the interclass competition by then. Once the competition begins, 2000 of you guys will be gathered. If everything goes as planned, 80 percent of the 2000 people will spread out, the remainders might choose to stick together wisely, but it is going to be useless by then. However, in the correspondent, the opposite class will undergo a similar situation. Therefore, we have to partner up and attack as a class group, there’s no need for you all to work together, as long as we defeat the opponent in numbers will do.”

This speech of Teacher Three caused mixed feelings among some sensible people, their unity must have been such a disappointment for Teacher Three to let out a speech like that.

“Also, for those who feel like they’re a part of small groups can try working together. But be careful, don’t move away from your class group, since it’s hard to tell if the opposing class group is going to be the next group you meet. Alright, next up, it’s related to some earned rewards since the start of the match. For example, there are different types of ways to earn personal points according to the landscape. As long as you trigger the corresponding conditions, the system will remind you about the right way to earn the points. In addition regarding the individuals who wish to hunt the opponents, once you enter the virtual reality, a number will appear above your head. The number is an indication of the total amount of opponents you’ve defeated. For example, if Tyre killed an opponent, the number above his head would appear to be 1. If Tyre was defeated by someone else, the number of opponents he defeated previously will be added fully to the person who defeated him.” 

“Teacher!” Niluka raised her hand up in a sudden, asked energetically,

“A fight among 2000 people, is there any victory condition? It can’t possibly be when a team is fully wiped out, right?” 

“Of course not. I’ll explain the game mechanics on winning and losing next. One only has to kill the designated student selected by the system from the opposing side, then shatter the crystal at the base camp finally.”