Another new concept. It made all the present students confused. Teacher Three spared them the suspense as well, continued immediately, 

“Once the match starts, three crystals will appear at your camp base. These crystals will then be the objects you have to protect. On the contrary, you will have to launch an attack on the opponent’s crystals as well. But, under one condition, that is to kill the Guardian of Crystal selected by the system. If the Guardian of Crystal is not killed while the crystal is being destroyed, the attack will be forfeited.” 

“How many of the Guardian of Crystal are there?” 

“According to the system’s analysis, definitely not less than ten.” 

“Do the Guardian of Crystal have any characteristics when they appear?” 

“Their whole body will glow in purple, the numbers above their heads will appear in purple too. Any other questions?” Teacher Three took a glance at everyone, noticed none of them spoke, then pressed gently on the Mageprint located on the platform,  a map appeared on the large screen behind.

“This is the inter-class competition’s venue — Nita world which is considered more active among the small worlds. Many aborigines live there. Although their power is not strong, it is sufficient to make them your threat. Bear in mind, once the match starts, all of you better not be staring at the opposing class only. Third parties such as the Nitans might show up according to the situation.” 

Teacher Three tapped on the Mageprint again, the scene changed, a naked body with only a few leaves covering the sensitive body parts popped up. This resulted in a few whimpers from some girls, they turned their head to look away, girls like Gui Dong Ri were shy enough to cover their faces with both hands already.

Witnessing the students reaction, Teacher Three couldn’t help but smirk. 

“Nothing’s great about this. I’m telling all of you in advance, Nitans are only considered aborigines due to their low civilisation. Perhaps mollycoddled female students have never seen an outfit as such. However, in fact, more Nitans appear to be stark-naked and born with above-average physical strength. Therefore, don’t die because of this.” 

The last warning shocked the girls. 

Among the choices of having their eyes stained and death, they’ve chosen to face these ugly creatures. 

The Nitans were big-eyed. They had a round belly on a skeletal body with sex organ so huge that even the leaves couldn’t cover it all. However, once the students got used to it, nobody felt awkward anymore. 

“Lunaria, don’t you feel bad?” Darmiala spoke to Lunaria who was gazing intently. Although she felt a little awkward at the beginning, Lunaria seemed to be at peace throughout the whole briefing, with the gaze of a master as if she has already encountered countless people. Looking at Yexi who was beside, she had to look away to avoid showing the awkward look on her face. Darmiala started questioning Lunaria’s sexuality.

In response to Darmiala’s question, Lunaria shrugged. 

“Just don’t see them as humans. Take the animals you raise at home as an example, Darmiala wouldn’t be shy by looking at their naked bodies right?”

<i> Um, what an analogy…? But, it did make a little sense after thinking about it thoroughly. With just a change of perspective to not regard it as a matter, the form of the opponent will no longer matter. </i> 

“There is a hierarchy among the Nitans as well, and it can be observed clearly from their appearance.” Teacher Three cut to the next slide subtlely. 

“First and foremost, the most common Nitans are the Nitan soldiers. They have great strength, as well as intellectual the same as any normal person.” Strong men armed with stonewares appeared on the screen, body size larger than the Titans in multiples, fury in both eyes as if they were going to crush the anticipated enemy.

Teacher Three pressed the Mageprint again, a bigger Nitan appeared this time, wearing armour made from vines all over, holding a purple crystal weapon in hand, looking superb. 

“This is a Nitan warrior. Beware if you encounter them, with the strength of all present students here, I’m afraid nobody can take a Nitan warrior down in a one on one combat. Therefore, turn around and run when you’re left alone for the better.” 

Teacher Three ignored the students who were discussing in private and continued. The very moment the Mageprint was pressed, a humongous shadow took up the whole screen. Students stopped their chatter, each of them staring at the devilish humongous creature shown in the screen with a serious look. Its entire body was covered in purple-black crystals, a pair of lively eyes, holding an axe larger than itself with both hands, looking like a pearless demigod. Terrifying coercion fell upon just by watching at it.

“This is the greatest force of the Nitan world, King Nitan. Rare, yet powerful. They are fully covered in obsidian crystal, even a hit from a heavenly warrior won’t do any harm to it. Thus, if you ever come across one, escape as many as you can in different directions.”

King Nitan! A daunting presence as such in a small world like this. The students felt pressured. This is why we were asked to see the Nitans as the third force. The Nitan warriors are more than enough to cause great damages. If the King Nitan were to show up as well, the situation will fall into chaos.

“The area of this small world is only about proportional to a third-class country, approximately two million population. The battle area is the whole of this small world, two days duration. If there’s no winner by the end of two days, then the team greater in numbers of survivors will be taken as the winning team.”

Teacher Three had successfully pressured the students once again. There was complete silence abruptly, however, Teacher Three smiled and voiced out at this very moment, 

“I believe that all of you will become strong, independent elites in the near future. Therefore, cut that look out, your journey has just begun.” 

The voice echoed in the entire classroom, which made many students raise their heads up. Despite having an immensely tough match lying ahead of them, there was hope as long as they did not give up. Because each and every one of them is a genius, a star of tomorrow. If this level of stress could drag them down, what would be the differences between normal students and them? 

Noticing more and more students regaining hope and spirit, Teacher Three closed the book, with a smile as usual. 

“Class dismissed.” 


“King Nitan was sure intimidating. We’ll form a team for sure by then, right?” On the way to the cafeteria, Constantine couldn’t help but nag about the briefing by Teacher Three. Claude first nodded slightly.

“We’re definitely going to form a team together, but for a creature like King Nitan, I’m afraid that we can only think of an escape plan.”

“Why should we escape? Don’t Tyre and you have a scary backup plan?”

This made Tyre sneer, then answered,

“As all of you saw, it was a forbidden spell that I cast. Half my life could be gone, it’s just not worth a match.” 

Claude spoke after Tyre,

“My power is limited as well, I can’t use it whenever I wish.” 

Word after word, they carried on. Suddenly, Constantine was speechless. He scratched his head and said, 

“Then, let’s just think of ways to escape. I have a kingdom-graded extinct weapon named Hollow Shield. It is a type of weapon which allows people to fly temporarily. According to what we have from Teacher Three, these aboriginals can’t fly. If I was in the sky, they would be helpless.” 

“As for me, I should be able to get away by using my bodily movements.” Tyre contemplated for a while, but in fact, the judgement was pointless since he hasn’t witnessed the greatness of King Nitan. 

At this very moment, someone with a sweet voice came from afar towards Tyre. 

“Brother Claude~”

“Wow~” Tyre couldn’t help but groan. Isn’t this the figure of Her Highness Princess Snow-Lily whom I haven’t seen in a half a month? The meticulous person standing behind her is the emperor’s guard, I think he’s named… Rufas? I think it’s Rufas. Tyre murmured in uncertainty while Claude stunned and watched as Snow-Lily ran towards him.  

“Her Highness Princess Snow-Lily, this is…”

“Hahaha, are you surprised? Brother Claude, it took some hard effort for me to get a half-day leave from Zone Zero.” Snow-Lily wrapped her hands around Claude’s right arm, rubbed her small face relatively intimate to him, looking like a lovable kitten from a distance. Tyre knew her true colours. Thankfully, Lunaria wasn’t getting along with them, or else something bad would happen.

“Zone Zero?” They only knew about Zone One and Zone Twenty-two, but they have never heard of Zone Zero. Claude noticed Claude being confused, explained happily right away,

“Zone Zero is under Zone Eleven, all royal children above the realm must study Imperialism for a year first to be out. But, I miss Brother Claude too much, so I eagerly requested for many times to get this half-day leave approved. Ah, Brother Claude, I’ve missed you so much, how I wish I can store Brother Claude into this depository ring and summon you out whenever I feel like seeing you.” 

This speech of Snow Lily’s made the three friends behind Claude sweat all over. After all, only the deceased are stored in depository rings. Her Highness’s speech was horrifying.

“Ah~ Isn’t she Princess Snow-Lily?” Out of a sudden, a noble voice came from Snow-Lily’s direction. The crowd looked over and saw a teenage girl with long black hair in a red royal outfit, and there was an unremarkable soldier standing behind her. 

Snow-Lily saw her and her face suddenly darkened.

“Shu Yunsheng, what are you doing here?”

“You, Her Highness Princess Snow-Lily as an emperor have an attitude which can hardly be complimented.”  Shu Yunsheng couldn't help but shake her head, looking almost as if she was feeling sorry for Snow-Lily’s elders. This made Snow-Lily who had been spoiled since being a toddler unhappy. Just when she was about to fire back, Claude took a step ahead. 

“Your Highness, who is she?”

“This person? This is Li Ergou, the Lord Saint of Vermillion Kingdom, also a renowned demigod there.”

“Oof!” The few of them from behind including Tyre were blushing, trying to hold their laughter.