15th July, Thursday.

The inter-class competition has finally come. 

When the assembly started, Teacher Three wasn’t nagging like how he normally would, took a glimpse at everyone quietly and said, 

“Just one phrase will do the trick, win this! Do you hear me?!” 

“Yes, we do!!” All students promised loudly in response to the sudden pep talk Teacher Three gave. Their deafening voice roamed through the entire building, inspiring the other teams to do so. The teams followed up by roaring in confidence one after one.

“Alright! The first match of Team B from Class 9. I have only one wish: that’s having nobody coming out dead!! There’s 97 of you, and everybody will get punished if any one of you dies. 
This is the warning from me to all of you. Bear in mind, don’t you dare give up!” 


“Okay, dismissed!” The assembly was over after Teacher Three spoke. He then continued,

“Everyone, follow me to the battle arena.” 

The battle arena was completely different from the random arenas which were usually seen located by the streets. After all, it was a grand battle of 2000 people up against 2000 people, thus the Mageprint Arena was grandly prepared. Teacher Three was leading about 200 people from Team A and Team B towards the huge field in front of Yu Sheng Tower, where all teams gathered. The first person in line was a strong demigod from the Amaterasu Mercenaries, Rachel. She was also the supreme handler of Class 9.

She observed as students gathered around leisurely and she could not help but keep a stern face.

“Inter-class competition. Moreover, it’s the first match of this semester, it is a crucial match for me. I don’t wish for anything from all of you here. But I would like you to know the punishments.” 
Rachel took a glance at everyone and then carried on,

“If we lose this match, all guys will run nakedly around Avalon for one round; all girls will dress in bunny costumes for a week!” 

Everyone was stunned by those words, and the team mentors and teachers were surprised as well. Only Yong Ye’s uncontrolled laughter echoed across the field. 

Half a minute passed before everyone burst into tears and howls.


Oh gosh!!

“Isn’t it insane to run around the entire Avalon naked?!” 

“I don’t want to wear anything embarrassing as such!!” 

“Shit, shit. If I were to run naked for one round, the others better not be shell shocked by that gigantic thing of mine.” 

There was a moment of silence. 

At this very moment, Constantine patted Bayun Xiaoqi on the shoulder in the crowd.

“Would you rather join the naked run like a man, or would you rather be mistaken for a woman as you already are and don the bunny girl costume?” Constantine’s frivolous eyes looked extremely annoying as he spoke.  

Bayun Xiaoqi never thought about it. He only patted Constantine firmly on the shoulder and said,

“But we just have to win this fight!” 

That’s right, we only have to win this!

Everyone came to the same conclusion as he did and their eyes sparkled with determination. The atmosphere changed in a blink, and just like warriors on the battlefield, the crowd was beaming with morale.

Victory! No matter what!

“We have to win no matter what!” Tyre mumbled, his eyes more determined than anyone else. The truth is if they lose the battle, he will not only bear the embarrassment of running nakedly, he will also get to see his female self dressed up in a bunny costume. He would rather die than to take on such embarrassment.

Therefore, in this match, death would be a better choice than defeat!
Rachel sensed ample fighting spirit from her students, and with her hands on her hips, she spoke,

“Let’s go then!”


The inter-class competition had a total of 59 freshmen classes participating. 36 teams among them experienced a brief walkthrough of it: no class points were deducted, but no points were added too. This scenario was yet to be determined as good or bad for them.

At the battle arena, 2000 people from Class 9 were led straight into the Mageprint Hall by the ushers. And there was a large magic screen hanging above the Mageprint Hall, everyone could be seen everywhere. 

The seniors also started streaming with their Magical Projection Stone out of interest. 

But as there were 59 classes, it was hard to keep an eye out for anyone specific.

There was anticipation for Claude and Orno Prince Nonoka from Class 9; their opponents Waltz who obtained Top-8 Honours in the Teen category of Holy Dragon ruled Heavenly Empire; Scarlet, who was the fighting champion in the Army Breaker tier of the west side. Waltz and Scarlet also came from Class 6, the class full of elites!

The rivalry between these 2 classes might have been the most anticipated match in this inter-class competition, they were wondering how devastating this war could get. 

Tyre waited for the others to enter the Mageprint Hall. Not long after, a robotic voice came out of a sudden.

“Entering the minuscule world, Nita, now. All students please get ready.”

Everyone’s heart fell. The war was about to start with their dignity on the line!

2000 people vanished from the Mageprint Hall in an instant.


By the time she regained her vision, Lunaria was already in the world of Nita. The humid air and space covered in forests made every breath suffocating by a little.

The environment here is terrible!

It was not polluted, but rather the oxygen composition in this atmosphere was very low for them to do strenuous activities. If they started breathing rapidly, there was a chance that they might suffocate to death.

Lunaria looked around. 2000 people from the team started splitting up into smaller groups like ants. Just as Teacher Three expected, these people were selfish and were not the type to collaborate with others. 

Lunaria turned around and saw 3 humongous crystals about 30 to 40 metres tall, buzzing and glowing in purple. These should be the crystals Teacher Three mentioned earlier. Everything will be put to an end if I destroy these.

However, the Guardian of Crystal has to be eliminated before this.

Lunaria was just thinking about it when the system’s emotionless voice channelled again. 

“Now the Guardians of Crystal from both teams will be revealed. 5 guardians each from both teams. Destroy the crystals only after all targets have been eliminated. Once all 3 of your crystals have been destroyed, that’s the indication of victory for the opposing team.” 

As the system’s voice disappeared, five beams of purple light projected from the sky, the lights were magically breathtaking. Lunaria was stunned the very moment she took a glance.

Because one beam of light fell right upon Tyre.

What… What are the chances?! To be the chosen five among 2000 people?!”

Oh wait, it should be the chosen five among a thousand people.  

Nevertheless, 5 of the Guardians of Crystal were under the protection of the students. They were tucked right in the middle of their teammates’ ranks, who were fearful of getting these people harmed.

Fuck, how am I supposed to attack Tyre… I mean, myself!

If that was the case...

Lunaria gently stroked the long sword she carried on her.

I can only rely on myself right now!! I did not squander my time living as Lunaria and ever since I've improved my powers tremendously long time ago, I no longer fear anyone whose skills are on par as myself!