As Lunaria approached the other Nitan soldier, she did not rush to attack him as the other Nitan soldier was nearby. If there was only one target, Lunaria could easily crush him. However, the threat of facing two Nitan soldiers at the same time was higher than only fighting one. Of course, the threat could be only described as an upgrade from dust to pebbles. 

Suddenly, Lunaria stopped, giving one of the Nitan soldiers a chance to slam down his wooden stick while he roared loudly. Such a large impact could easily break a huge boulder apart, but Lunaria did not panic, she shifted her body slightly to the left and easily dodged the heavy attack. As the other Nitan soldier launched an attack at Lunaria, she had already expected it and continued to dodge sideways. Lunaria changed her elements, and a whip of flame unfolded instantly from her hand. 

Second level magic, Flame Whip. 

“Whip, whip” two large noises emanated from the Nitan soldier’s belly. The Flame Whip struck a flesh visible scar on it as blood spurted out like a fountain. Before the Nitan soldiers had a chance to fight back, Lunaria had already slashed forward with her sword. 

Lunaria’s sudden attack caught the two by surprise, as they could not block the attack with their wooden sticks, mainly because of the pain they were suffering. After all, how could Lunaria let go of such a good opportunity to finish them off? Finally, the two Nitan soldiers died under the blade of Lunaria’s sword. 

“Phew.” Lunaria breathed out while flicking the sword in her hand, and all of the blood sticking to the sword flew to the ground. 

Leah was watching Lunaria’s action from afar, she could not help but feel slightly fascinated by her. This was the same cowardly Lunaria from before, but now, she seemed to change into a new person. Lunaria from that time would always show a helpless and terrified face, but she was more confident and strong now…… Her butt also seemed to be rounder than before. 

“I’m done.” Lunaria turned around and walked towards Di Zi and the others, Long Tu answered her by nodding her head. 

“Great job. How does it feel?”

“Hm…….  What do you guys think as a bystander?” Instead of rushing to answer that question, Lunaria asked for their opinions first.

Niluka was positive indeed as she answered Lunaria’s question, “Lunaria, your butt is rounder and your chest is bigger too. ”

“If no one answers, I’ll share my opinion first.” Lunaria blankly said as she ignored Niluka’s words. 

“The Nitan soldiers are giving me an impression of an ogre, that kind of slow-moving monster. Their power and physical defence are particularly high and if you underestimate them, I’m afraid that you’ll easily get the short end of the stick. However, their magic defence is on a weaker level, even my second level magic can easily penetrate their bodies. That’s why I figure they have no way to defend against such magic attacks.”

“Right…. I’m more worried about the weapon they were holding, you were parried by it just now.” Long Tu held her chin thoughtfully. All of them gradually walked around the bodies of dead Nitan soldiers as Long Tu squatted down to examine the wooden stick carefully. 

“This… doesn't seem to be made of wood.” Long Tu knocked the stick twice and finally muttered to herself. 

“There’s something inside.”

As he finished saying, Long Tu raised her fist and smashed the stick, making the bark covering around the stick shattered, and it shocked everyone who was watching. 

“Let’s take a look.” Long Tu smashed and smashed again like a sledgehammer that it felt like the earth was shaking at the time. 

The corner of Lunaria’s mouth twitched slightly. Long Tu always had a habit of doing so before explaining, which made Lunaria suspect that this habit of hers had already developed into an incurable illness. 

Suddenly, the wooden stick was completely shattered, and a tiny purple crystal appeared in it. 

“This is……”

“I have no idea either, it looks like the purple dragon crystal. But it’s probably not, based on the colour shade.” Niluka shook her head, Long Tu raised her eyebrows slightly and took the purple crystal out from the wooden stick. 

At the same time the purple crystal was taken out, the wooden stick instantly withered, and finally turned into a piece of deadwood. What happened to the stick made everyone glanced at each other, unconsciously forming an answer in their mind. 

The purple crystal has a strengthening effect.

Otherwise, how would an ordinary wooden stick like this even block and parry Lunaria’s attack? This crystal must be tested.  

“Does anyone here know how to forge a weapon? We must do an experiment and embed this crystal into a weapon.” Long Tu glanced at everyone before Yexi nodded slightly, “I know a little about forgery.”

“Then you must be an expert in forgery already, why didn’t Yexi tell us about this?” As her roommate, Niluka was puzzled and was a bit mad that Yexi never mentioned anything about her knowing how to forge. 

Yexi’s face suddenly stiffened as Niluka asked such a question, she waited for a long time before answering. 

“I didn’t think such a skill is worth mentioning.” 

“What do you mean by not worth mentioning, this is an amazing skill!” Niluka happily took out her huge wand with a clap. 

“My army-grade Destroyer is forged by the well-known Lukelan workstation in Xigely Empire. I always hope that someone can forge a tailor-made magic wand for me, that’s why I have a lot of respect for blacksmiths. 

Niluka glanced at the dagger strapped to the thigh of Yexi and asked, “Don’t tell me that the dagger of yours is forged by you too?”

Yexi took out the dagger from her thigh and nodded, “That’s right, I made this dagger myself.”

“Wow! This is an army-grade weapon right. Yexi, you are too powerful. I want to hug your thigh!” As Niluka finished speaking, she indeed hugged Yexi's fair slender thigh. 

The white-haired girl blinked a few times before saying, “Why the thigh?”

“According to the Magical Projection Stone, you have to hug the person’s thigh if you want to follow her forever. And now, I want to follow Yexi forever. So, please forge me an army-grade weapon!'' Long Tu came over and pulled Niluka’s back collar, like a person dragging a kitten to the other side as Niluka finished talking. 

“Embedding a crystal won't be too difficult for you right?” Long Tu asked Yexi as she nodded her head in response. 

“I can do it, but I probably need half an hour.”

“No worries, take your time. I have a sword here, you can try embedding the crystal on it.” Long Tu pulled out a sword from her storage ring. As Lunaria saw the sword, there seemed to have stars in her eyes. 

This gradient, this quality, and the large jewel embedded on the scabbard of the sword. This is indeed a top grade sword. I wonder how beautiful it will sound if the sword is unsheathed. After all, this sword is almost the same with the one that Claude gifted yesterday.  
But, why is he using such a good sword to be a test subject, and what is he doing with a sword anyway? This was what on everyone’s thought, but when the straightforward Niluka asked this out loud,  Long Tu suddenly got quiet and folded her arm while muttering on her own. 

“If it wasn’t because of that stupid ass who placed the sword today..” 

Because she was speaking in a really soft tone, no one heard what Long Tu was saying as she was muttering with herself there for a while.