Stillwater. Lunaria nodded slightly. That’s a decent name. It’s probably a sword from Vermilion Kingdom. I can’t tell if there’s an underlying meaning behind that name.  

“Now, let us try this purple crystal engraved sword.” 

“Alright.” Lunaria drew Stillwater out without another word. The sword swayed with the wind before it struck the ground. 

The ground cracked instantly, just like a piece of tofu sliced apart. A huge crevice of 100 meters long formed, shocking everyone, including Lunaria herself who was holding the sword. 

Long Tu shook her head with admiration.

“Based on my calculation, within this world, the power of this sword was expected to cause a twenty-metre chasm. Yet it turned out to be a hundred-metre one, 4 times greater than my expectation…” Everyone was shocked immediately. Even DiZi had the thought of getting one from the Nitan soldiers.

But Long Tu wasn’t finished, 

“Sadly, we’re just spiritual bodies here. Although we get to interact with substantial objects in this small world, we can’t bring them back. Once we return to the Avalon Institute, every equipped item of ours will return. Thus, Stillwater may have this purple crystal engraved on it now, it’ll return to its initial form when we get back. Not a single thing from this world belongs to us.” 

Darmiala saw this coming, but she didn’t speak up. Now that temptation had been insinuated among the majority, Long Tu had to make it stop.

Lunaria was a little disappointed, which means this sword will remain in Long Tu’s storage ring once they return. 

It was impossible for Long Tu to not read Lunaria’s mind. She had disappointment written all over her face every time she got upset. 

“Don’t worry, this sword remains gifted to you even till then. None of you shall take it from her!” This made Lunaria regain hope in her eyes, her admiration for Long Tu had grown deeper as well. In both Tyre and Lunaria’s eyes, Long Tu had become a senior they respected.

“Okay, let’s get moving then.” Darmiala broke the silence at this moment. It’s not safe to just stay here with such a thick bloody smell: It might attract some creatures.  

Although there are many beasts here, none of them were monsters that bore any hostility towards them. Even if there was any, Lunaria’s team would’ve taken them down like little chicks.


It was noon by the time Lunaria and team left. The tribe which quieted down previously now had a muscular Nitan standing there. Even though it is not as huge as a Nitan soldier, it had well-built muscles and even the common bellies the tribesmen had were replaced by its defined abs. It marched into the village, looking at the fallen Nitan soldiers, their hands still holding onto their weapons as they fought to theri deaths. His lips trembled and its face was puffed red with anger.

It was probably due to lunch hour, the Nitan baby in the hut cried with hunger. The brawny Nitan’s eyes flinched, and it raced towards the direction of the sound. He hopped into the hut, carrying the baby out from the bed. The baby was still crying, its pitiful look made the Nitan frown as his heart ached. He looked around quickly, finding a piece of juicy meat from the food storage and gently placed it in the baby’s palms. Nitan infants were born with teeth, meaning there was no need for them to ingest liquid for nutrition. The baby started gobbling the chunk down like its favorite food.

The Nitan heart wrenched tighter as it looked at the baby. From now on, this baby is an orphan… just like myself.

The baby reached out for the muscular Nitan’s palm, and in response he resting it on the baby’s head, who then closed its eyes in peace.

Scenes started flashing one by one in the Nitan's mind. Its breathing accelerated and ended with a deep howl.

“Ahh!! Outsiders!!” [Spoken in Nitan language]


The hut fell apart abruptly, the Nitan sped its way out, carrying the baby in its arms with both its raging eyes in red. It took a moment to distinguish the scent, locking down on Lunaria and co. It then wrapped the baby on its back using vines, tightening it while the baby was still enjoying its scrumptious meat, completely at ease despite the Nitan’s growl.

“I, Kabu bet my honor!! All of you outsiders must die!!” 

As soon as Kabu was done, it pulled out both of his bizarre dual blades hanging around its waist; rushed out the next second with an unbelievable pace, cutting all the trees in its way with one quick swipe. The ground shook and cracked with every one of his step.

He was out for blood…


“Hey, Claude, what should we do?” Constantine looked at Claude beside him with soulless eyes. Although the blonde teen was just as helpless, he shrugged and said,

“Since Tyre is the Guardian of Crystal, we are obliged to protect him as a team.” 

“But…” Constantine looked around. 

“We’re being surrounded entirely by these people. How are we supposed to protect Tyre? Plus, does he even need our protection?”

Constantine and his team were now being protected by Team A and B’s students, with the addition of people from the other teams. There 5 Guardians of Crystals in total: 2 ran away; the other 3 were stuck here. The male students have been staring and watching Tyre intensely since the beginning as if they were going to eat him alive. This made Tyre sweat nervously, clenching his buttcheeks as he was thinking. Don’t you guys ever get tired? Why won’t the girls take over? I’m a handsome man after all.

As if they could sense his dirty thoughts, only men took over the shifts no matter when.

Tyre was starting to feel disgusted after a long afternoon. 

In the Nitan world, the afternoon wasn’t as hot as expected, but the air was more humid, making it a little difficult to walk and one might even trip if he was not cautious. There was a careless student who fell earlier while dragging the person in front down as well. Thus, a chain effect occurred where everyone fell as well. The scene was majestic to Tyre’s eyes, Isn’t that the smartass who broke a window by opening it on a speeding train?!  

This mindless student stood up quietly, dusting the mud off the body and spoke shyly,

“Um...I only wanted to walk quicker.”

There was a moment of silence.

“You bastard! My Magical Projection Stone is dirty now!”

“Ah! My spectacles!” 

“Who seized the time to pull my skirt?!” 

“Damn it, you bastard! You’re going to get it from me today!”

Tyre witnessed a chaotic scene of slaughter as everybody ganked on that boy.