By noon, someone from the team began to howl with hunger, a noise that was especially horrifying as they trekked through the jungle. It was, however, soon muffled by the sound of beating. 

“Ah~. Sis Mia, how could you throw your magic book at such a hungry little girl?” Niluka said, covering her head. It was obvious that she had received a scolding from Darmiala. 

“You’re being too loud. Do you want to alert the rival team to our whereabouts? In this place where we don’t have a clear view of our surroundings, we’ll be doomed if they notice us first and ambush us.” 

Darmiala’s right, if the rival team came close to them while no one on the team was alert, they really would be defeated. Although with people like Long Tu, DiZi, and Yexi on the team, Lunaria couldn’t imagine what kind of strength would be powerful enough to defeat them in one go—even if it was the strongest Dragonite Waltz from Class Six, it would still be impossible.

“Though just like what Niluka said, I do feel a bit hungry. I wonder if there’s anything to fill our stomachs here.” Long Tu, on the other hand, agreed with Niluka’s complaints. They had been walking in the jungle for the whole morning after all, and now was the time for lunch, so hunger was inevitable. Although at this level they could survive quite a few days without eating, no one would enjoy being starved.

“Oh? So according to what you said previously, Long Tu, if we’re going to be stuck in here for a month, does that mean that our stomachs would be emptied and we’ll die?”

Lunaria’s question left Darmiala and the others speechless. In the end, Gui Dong Ri who was beside her said weakly,

“Uh, Lunaria, we only have two days of competition. I think starvation is the reason they restricted the time limit…”

Well~. Lunaria met the eyes of her teammates. Why is everyone looking at me with so much pity? Is it true that I’m the only one who didn’t think of this? Does that mean I’m the stupidest out of the team?

This title should’ve been Niluka’s.

“Still, what do you guys think? Three people can be on guard duty, the others will be in charge of hunting, and then we’ll have a barbeque!” Everyone’s attention was drawn by Long Tu’s casual words. No one expected a little girl like her to spout such rough and straightforward words from her mouth—this was something you didn’t see every day. Long Tu’s large eyes shone brightly with eagerness.

There were no objections and Long Tu’s suggestion was taken by the others since no one here had done barbeque in the wild before. Now that Long Tu mentioned it, it was hard to say that they weren’t curious about the activity.

Beasts were everywhere in the jungle. DiZi left for a while only to return with a wild boar. Long Tu almost punched it into pieces, yet was quickly stopped by Lunaria, who asked her,

“What, what are you doing?”

“Cutting the meat out into portions,” Long Tu said, righteousness in her voice, “This is too large to roast.” Everyone was at loss for words. If she were to punch the boar, its flesh and blood would definitely explode into the air.

Taking out her normal sword, Lunaria said,

“Let me do it.”

Fearing that Long Tu might swing her punch at the boar without thinking twice again, Lunaria pulled out her sword immediately and sliced up the boar. The boar soon turned into pieces of meat without a single drop of blood dripping out.

“Amazing sword skills,” DiZi said in awe. Even if he was the kind who was generous with the power he put into his skills, he was quite interested in kendo and would learn other types of sword skills—not only Light Sword—to use with his own as well; if not, he would not be giving people the sense that he was becoming stronger each day.

Leah cut some branches and put them in a pile on the ground, then went to find some hay. Unfortunately, the fire could not be lit that easily due to the humid air, so Leah used some Level Two Magic and made a self-burning fire that could burn for a long time. Although the fire wasn’t strong, it could still be used as a source of light and heat for food. 

Just like that, with Long Tu’s and Niluka’s urging, the barbeque in the wild was done.

Yet at this very moment, the mechanical voice of the system reached their ears, 

“Cooking in the wild in a team of more than three has occurred for the first time. The teamwork is applaudable and deserves a prize. Everyone’s individual scores shall increase by 100 points.”

Long Tu and the others were just going to put the freshly roasted pork into their mouths and were slightly stunned by the sudden noise. Niluka said to herself,

“Eating a barbeque could get us points……”

“What the system meant is that we should carry out more activities that strengthen our bond as a team,” Lunaria said, instead of retaining her goddess persona and being quiet like before, this time actively trying to express her intelligence.

“True. They added a lot of points to our individual scores, 100 points per person. It’s obvious that the academy emphasizes the friendship of us students, even going as far as using a prize system to encourage it,” DiZi said, agreeing with Lunaria.

“Won’t it backfire though? With us strengthening our bonds just to get the points?”

“This comes down to how individuals will interact with each other. As long as there are disputes, you’ll still mind a lot, and when any small arguments occur, you could explode in an instant,” said Long Tu. She had a deep perspective towards such things as if she had had a similar experience before. Just like that small incident with the baby in which there were disagreements—if Long Tu did not stop in time, this could have planted an unforgiving seed in both of their hearts and could result in their relationship falling apart. Anything could have happened then.

“Ah~. It Doesn’t matter, let’s eat……”

“Yup, let’s eat first!”

Niluka happily started with her piece of meat after hearing Long Tu’s words. Yet as soon as she finished speaking, Long Tu stood up abruptly from beside the fire, looking at the direction which they came from with a serious expression. Sharing the same expression was Yexi who pulled out her blade, emitting a stronger aura.

The overboard and sudden actions made everyone freeze. They came to the realization instantly and made a move—even if any of them were mediocre—getting into the formation of three-two-three-one. DiZi, Long Tu, and Yexi stood in front, with Darmiala and Leah in the middle and then Gui Dong Ri, Niluka, and Angel behind them, while poor Lunaria was well-protected behind these “walls”.

What is the meaning of this? Although I’m the strongest magician with healing arts here, there’s no need to completely block me…it’s almost as if I’ll die from a glare.

As she was engrossed in her thoughts, the ground started shaking like during an earthquake. Yexi and the others stared ahead—trees began falling here and there until a built figure carrying an infant on its back appeared in everyone’s view.

Its eyes were bloodshot, showing no signs of exhaustion from the long and tiring journey. This strong Nitan soldier glared at them who were of a different clan, eyes filled with hatred—memories of the massacre of its tribe played in its mind.

“All of you will die!!”