After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy - Chapter 119, Vol. 2 (Part 1)

“He escaped…” Yexi shook her head, this was the first time she failed to capture her target and it made her tone a little bit down. 

Darmiala furrowed her eyebrow, This Nitan warrior has extremely high intelligence, he will definitely bring more reinforcement now that he successfully escaped. If we want to defeat them, I’m afraid it will be harder next time.  

King Nitan!  

Darmiala was not the only one who thought of this, the others too naturally expected it, which gave them a thought of escaping here as soon as possible. But before that, they still had one more student they had to take care of. 

“Well, it looks like we’re the one who outnumbers you right now.”

Dizi purposely avoided attacking the blue-haired man, but the terrified student could not help but sneer. 

“Hahaha, idiot. What can you do to me in this virtual world! What can even happen to me if you kill me here? Trust me on this, I’ll forever remember your face, so better don’t let me spot you in real life. My father is the chief commander of Lupin Kingdom and one command from him can send millions of people to their death. Once I make a background check on you, hehe, your family, relatives and servants will all die! By that time, I’ll make you regret making this stupid decision today!”


Dizi slapped the head of the blue-haired man, and suddenly, a force of light exploded from his body and finally splitting him into a pile of meat sauce while his blood scattered to the bark of the tree. 

Only Dizi was spotless, and he quietly turned back and faced Lunaria and the others. 

“Let’s go, now is not the time for chit-chatting.”


Although Dizi’s violent behaviour scared the hell out of Gui Dong Ri, Niluka and the others, they agreed with the fact that this was not a suitable place to stay any longer. After all, what Dizi did just now could probably be seen from far away. Even if there were no students coming, the existence of King Nitan was still an invisible threat to them. 

The group continued to travel through the woods, and it did not take too long for them to reach the mountain with the help of their magic. 

“There’s a water source nearby.”

Darmiala said as she could sense the water elements getting even active in the air. Angel, as a water element mage naturally would be the first one to sense the water elements but instead, she did not speak anything and just nodded her head. Well, to be more precise, she did not speak anything from the start, this girl was even colder than Yexi. 

The time when Yexi would talk was the time when she was in a serious situation. Angel’s face, however, was paralyzed by magic and along with her usual quiet type, she always looked like the rejected one in the group. 

“Let’s take a break by the river, even if they want to chase us down, they can’t ambush us easily as we’re out of the forest and have higher ground.” Long Tu said after a while, the others were not against it either because other than Darmiala, Long Tu and Dizi were the main players in the group. Although Lunaria’s strength and skill were also impressive, her beauty would only make others around her feel pity and wanted to protect her instead of relying on her. 

If Lunaria knew about this, no one could guess what impact it would do to her heart. 

“Ah---” Constantine followed the big troops with a dull voice. He could not help but look at Claude.

“Suddenly recalled about Dizi and the others who were left behind?”

“Yeah, and I was wondering how Lunaria, Leah and the others were doing right now.” Claude nodded worriedly, which made Constantine’s eyes glint as he hit Claude’s shoulder lightly. 

“Why? One is not enough for you?”

“What do you mean by that?” Claude could already guess what he was talking about from the glint in his eyes, but he still did not want to admit it, which made Constantine hit him again.  

“Look at you. Handsome, talented, outstanding, calm, polite and smart, so many advantages in one person, along with that charming leadership. Wow, I don’t think I have ever served anyone else in my whole life, especially after I witnessed the battle between you and Tyre. I am so fascinated with you that I can feel my heart beating fast, ears gone red whenever I see you……”

“Speak English.” Claude blandly replied. 

“Oh.” Constantine scratched his head and smiled.

“Well, three or four women who are doing great things are not considered as things. If Claude has enough stamina, even Xiao Qi can be taken as a harem too. ”

“Hey, why am I involved!” On the other side of Constantine, Bayun Xiaoqi was unhappy. They were talking about women just now, why was he suddenly brought into the conversation? Everyone would be unhappy. 

“It was a mistake.” Constantine was fiercely poked on the back, and he smacked his mouth and apologised. 

“Look at all those kings of the kingdom, duke of the county and even the nobles. Which one of them did not have a palace of concubine and women to play around. If our Claude here continues to be like this, you’re going to deal with a massive problem in the future.”

“Massive problem?”

“Well, there are things that you need to understand by yourself. If I tell you now, and when something bad happens, you guys will surely pin this on me. That’s why my boy, be braver! And settle that Darmiala too.” Constantine patted Claude’s shoulder, which made the blonde knight frown. 

“You seem to have a misunderstanding with Darmiala.”

“How could I? She’s the next generation’s leader of the Evildoers, someone that can take after the authority of the Mobius family after finish studying in the Avalon Institute. I don’t dare to have any negative emotions against her, even the feelings of resistance are not allowed to have too. Claude, you are framing me right now! ” Constantine’s half-joking look made Claude sigh slightly. 

“Just tell us if you have something to say. But I believe that you don’t have any grudge in Darmiala, that's why I won't ask any further. But….” Claude showed his smile and looked at the sky. 

“Toleration will still collapse one day. Tyre is the best example.”

“Hahaha, you’re so lame, Claude. I’m talking about you right now, and what did you do? You suddenly give me a teaching lesson! But no worries though, someone like me doesn’t have anything to hide.”
“That's good.” Claude stopped talking and finally sighed. After all, he and Constantine could not be called as the closest friends and there would always be gaps between people. Other than that, there were things that knowing them did not result in understanding them. Maybe he would get his doubts answered in the future.  

And right now, Tyre was getting stared at fiercely by the males around him. Claude was thinking of helping him but he figured that he could not do anything in such situations. Well, wouldn’t hurt to sacrifice a little of Tyre’s reputation, right?  

The big troop was advancing towards the forest slowly, afraid that another war would break out soon.