After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy - Chapter 119, Vol. 2 (Part 2)

As Lunaria and the others arrived at the riverside, the clear water made everyone's eyes brighten. Yexi squatted down and gently scooped a bit of water in her hand, then she took a sniff and licked it with her tongue. 

“It’s okay, this is normal water.”

“That’s good.”

“Well, because of that Nitan warrior just now, we didn't manage to finish our barbeque. Aren't you guys hungry?” Niluka shouted as her stomach grumbled. This sound made everyone aware of how hungry they were, and they all agreed. 

“It’s a pity that the animals are all in the mountains. It’s too much of a risk to go there right now.” Darmiala analyzed while Long Tu said, “We can catch some fish. Although the Nitan world has a really poor environment, I'm sure there’s still some raw ingredients here. ”

“Oh! Grilled fish! I like this idea!” Niluka’s excited scream made Lunaria say, “You can only eat the fish that you can catch on your own, understand? ”

“Ah- ” Niluka suddenly became unhappy when she heard that. Although she liked to eat grilled fish, how could she catch one on her own? If she really had to catch one by herself, it would be better to just boil the whole river and eat all the fishes along the way. 

Niluka was quite embarrassed with her ideas. But from just her expression, everyone knew what she was thinking, and it made Lunaria facepalm. 

“It’s all your fault, Darmiala. Look how you spoiled this kid. ”

“How can you blame this on me? This is Long Tu’s fault. ”

“Haha, kids are a bit naughty after all. But Yexi is actually the one who spoiled her. ”

As Long Tu threw the blame towards Yexi, she pointed her finger at herself and wondered why she was the one to be blamed right now. Niluka was like a magic ball who was finally kicked towards Yexi.

Niluka also flew towards Yexi and rubbed her face with hers and said, “I don't care. If this is Yexi’s fault, then Yexi has to catch fish for me to eat.”

“Okay okay okay,” Yexi, at first, was stunned but finally agreed. She had never met a person like Niluka ever since she was young. A person who liked to eat so much but was lazy at the same time, unreasonable and liked to talk and gossip a lot. However, she has a good temper and was quite cute, and her most important quality was her ability to make conversations. In a place where all geniuses gathered, she even managed to become good friends with most of them. This was a rare talent. 

Lunaria had experiences in dealing with Niluka’s clinginess and she knew how to first throw the knife to others. Darmiala, who stepped on the knife, was sharp enough to know how creepy it would get with Niluka’s clinginess and threw the knife towards Long Tu. As for Long Tu, he only laughed it off and finally smoothly slid the knife towards Yexi. The knife directly stabbed Yexi and because of her slow reaction, she was the person who was going to bear the fate of catching fish for Niluka. 

The others looked at each other and smiled, they were rather helpless at their naughty behavior. 

Suddenly, Darmiala coughed and said to everyone, “Actually, I have to apologize for my judgment earlier. We really should have killed the baby.”

Leah also stood up and shook her head, “Although I don’t agree with the idea of killing it, I'm not a kind person, either. It’s just stubbornness from being a knight, I hope everyone can understand. ”

Gui Dong Ri kept her silence too. Lunaria glanced at Gui Dong Ri before saying to Leah, “Leah, this is only a small matter, don’t take it to heart. Just like what Long Tu said, we can’t destroy the entire team’s teamwork because of this.” 

Lunaria thought that to be honest, she looked down on those who were quite hypocritical. Although she knew that Leah was not such a person, since she had already killed the whole village, there was no need to leave the baby alive. Even if there was only a 1 in 10,000 possibility that this reason would be the cause of her death in the near future.'

The world was quite extraordinary. When a strong one destroyed the family of others and left the children alive, the children left alive would one day become the one to kill the strong one. So, Lunaria’s point of view was that either you don’t do it, or you do it properly and cleanly.  

After hearing Lunaria’s consolation, Leah and Darmiala felt much better. The others also knew the importance of having teamwork and realized that internal conflicts would send all of them to death. Arguing would bring nothing other than regrets. 

“Because of Dizi’s slap, he covered all of our bodies in weird liquid…” said Long Tu while patting her body. Even she would quickly retreat after smashing the head of an ogre, not to mention the girls who probably were clean freaks. But it did not seem like there was one in their group. 

“So, what you mean is……” Lunaria suddenly had a bad feeling, and Niluka clapped her hands and realized. 

“There’s a river here, let’s take a shower here then.”

This, this is inappropriate. 

This is really inappropriate………

This is really inappropriate!!! 

“This is inappropriate!” Tyre’s voice attracted a few confused eyes from the boys who were staring at him. 

“What is there to be inappropriate about? Tell us.”

Everyone knew how Tyre recently defeated Hansen and it raised him to 40 stars without any losses, that was why they were quite respectful, and acknowledged Tyre’s strength. 

Tyre laughed bitterly. 

“You guys wouldn't stand it. How would you react if seven gorgeous women were to be naked in front of you.”

“Fuck……This is indeed inappropriate.” A fellow man thought about the scene and shook his head as he had a very intoxicated look on his face. 

But the others looked at Tyre weirdly. 

“Bro, it’s just us few men right here. Where do you get this inappropriateness from?”

Before Tyre could answer, another person replied, “Who cares about gender anyway? If it’s someone like Xiaoqi, I wouldn't mind even if he’s a boy.”


“That’s right.”


“Just a few differences here and there from the women, but it’s still the same at the end. ”

Are these people who have just been released from prison? Tyre could not help but think. 

Bayun Xiaoqi, who was far away from the crowd, suddenly shivered, and hurriedly looked left and right to make sure that no one was staring at him. 

On the other side, Lunaria was facing the embarrassment that Tyre had mentioned. 

Dizi had been ordered to secure the perimeter in a distance, while Long Tu had moved a ten-meter high stone to the riverside, blocking the line of sight from the front and back to the left and right to prevent others from peeping. Although Dizi was not that kind of person, it would still be better if there was a precautionary measure. 

“Alright, let’s take off our clothes. The water is very clear, we can catch a few fish along the way.  Killing two birds with one stone,” Darmiala seemed to take the lead and looked at Lunaria from time to time. This made Lunaria, who had not taken her clothes off, a bit scared.  

This is inappropriate.