After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy - Chapter 120, Vol. 2 (Part 1)

“Lunaria, why are you still standing over there? Come down.” 

Niluka, who was fully naked, turned to Lunaria boldly. Lunaria was so shocked by her massive bosom that she took mindlessly two steps back, yet couldn’t take her eyes off her, as if she was attracted by a creepy force. 

Gui Dong Ri who was beside Niluka looked at Lunaria timidly. Although hers weren’t as massive as Niluka’s, it was well-suited for her image as a petite lady, plus the shy look on her face made it complete. Many men would fall for her. 

“Lunaria can’t possibly be like someone, who is flat-chested and unwilling to reveal, right?”

Darmiala’s words attracted Lunaria’s attention immediately, she wasn't paying attention before until she realized…


Myyyyyyyy…This, this…

Voluptuous, curvaceous, bosomy. Lunaria who had limited vocabulary in her brain picked a few adjectives she thought best described them. The last time she saw them, it was surreal due to the hot vapor, but it wasn’t like that this time around. How is it possible to look so skinny, and be busty at the same time? How did humans evolve into a figure like Darmiala? Long Tu who was provoked by Darmiala spoke for herself promptly, “Who are you referring to, mother cow?” 

“You, you monkey.” 

“How dare you!” While they were quarreling, Lunaria couldn’t help it and started checking Long Tu out, reminiscing the days when she was Tyre who frequently checked her legs out during their mercenary mission together. Now that she was naked, her skin was just like a baby’s. I wonder how it feels like… 

It was pretty surprising to know that Long Tu wasn’t flat-chested. It was visible to the naked eye that she was well-built despite being small. 

Yup. Visible to the naked eye only. 

Yexi who was at a corner really gave Lunaria a shock. She wasn’t playing around like the others. She was standing attentively in the water, staring at the river flow with her head down, as if she was waiting for fish to come. 

However, the morbidly fair skin of hers was indeed very attractive to Lunaria. Even Long Tu’s skin color was no match for hers, it was enviable. Unfortunately, this was a symptom of albinism, so it was pointless to be jealous.

Leah smiled as she walked towards Lunaria. She had seen Sister Leah numerous times and although she wouldn’t say she had gotten used to it yet, there was always repulsion between them…

How...However, it was pretty impressive of me to still have the mood to comment under such terrifying circumstances!!! 

“Lunaria, what’s going on with you? Your face is red, and you’re breathing rapidly.”

“This...this is an illness, you guys should know.”

Lunaria hurried to explain, albeit her eyes weren’t staring anymore, the moments before were still flashing across her mind. Lunaria was better off looking away. Now that she had turned around, she saw Angel leisurely stepping into the water, looking so quiet and breathtaking. This was like releasing a drop of dew into a full container, causing it to overflow!  

“Eh? Brother, why are you looking at us with such red eyes?” Over here, Tyre was questioned by the fellow male students surrounding him. Even so, Tyre couldn’t control himself, his breathing quickened, his face turning red.

Another person was having goosebumps from Tyre’s stare. 

“Bro, Brother. If you’re just going to keep staring, we will accuse you of thinking something dirty.” 

“Such as?” 

“Such as…” The student had not finished his sentence when a gush of blood came out from Tyre’s nose out of a sudden. This action made the men around fall into panic. Each of them ran as they shouted, “Brother, you can’t be that desperate.” 

“Brother, who do you have eyes on? We’ll send him over to you.”

“Ew, I didn’t realize Tyre was actually into guys. I saw him as a low-profile handsome guy.” The girls around started whispering into each other's ear.

“No way! How was it possible to get a nosebleed by staring at a bunch of guys! This, this is definitely big news.” 

“If so, my prince charming, Claude, must be in danger!”

“Stop fangirling! Claude belongs to everyone.” 

Just like that, rumors about Tyre circulated. First, it was about him getting a nosebleed all of a sudden while being stared at by men. Then, it started spreading like wildfire and was twisted into him getting a nose bleed because he couldn’t stand men watching him. The final version was exaggerated, stating Tyre was gangbanged by men from both Team A and B. 

Tyre was already burnt out by the time the final version of the rumor came around to his ears. His mind was blank. On the other hand, his other self, Lunaria didn’t know how she managed to finish bathing. By the time she zoned in, she was already dressed and was waiting for the grilled fish by the fire. 

Whereas, Di Zi went for a bath in the river, happily naked. 

“Alright, dig in!” Long Tu passed some grilled fish over to Niluka. Niluka received it immediately and started munching even before she fully grasped the fish.

“Oh!! Delicious! Long Tu, you’re the best.”

“I know, right? Haha.” Long Tu laughed happily for a bit, then continued passing grilled fish to others.

“In the Holy Dragon ruled by the Heavenly Empire where I come from, grilling fish is a skill every Dragonite should be equipped with. It’s something like a common practice, even the wealthy ones and God’s heirs get looked down on if they don’t master the skill of grilling fish. Back in my place, chefs who grill fish have a high-end occupation.” Long Tu ate as she spoke, her elaboration was unbelievable to the others. This...Grilling fish is considered a career? 

“Why do the people of the Holy Dragon ruled by the Heavenly Empire have such a weird tradition?” Niluka seemed to have a hazy notion of the empire, but the question wasn’t way off track. 

Long Tu thought about it for a moment and said, “This goes back to a long time ago, I’m not sure about the correct version. All of the unofficial histories sounded like defamation, so let’s not talk about this.”

Her words dispelled the curiosity of the others, yet Lunaria who was slightly studious asked, “Do you remember a guy named Waltz whom we should be worried about from Class 6? He’s from the Holy Dragon ruled by the Heavenly Empire as well.”

“That brat has got some skills. Don’t be tricked by his title of being the Top-8 of Holy Dragon ruled by the Heavenly Empire’s Junior Group. He’s full of bad ideas, and he was never serious in combat, now that he’s furthering his studies here in Avalon, he will only get better. If we really do encounter him, we better run as we fight, or else he might seize any opportunity and crush us in a blink of an eye.” 

An opponent who Long Tu spoke so highly of, his powers must be really intimidating. Lunaria and the others felt pressured abruptly. Only Di Zi who was far away by the river let out a smile. 

Top-8 of the Holy Dragon ruled by the Heavenly Empire? He actually wanted to get a taste of the true powers owned by this empire.