After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy - Chapter 120, Vol. 2 (Part 2)

In the middle of the right forest, there was a majestic fortress built inside, surrounded by Nitan soldiers who were proud to be on duty with solemn faces on each and every one of them. The fortress was surrounded by tribes of different sizes, who were delighted and proud to know warriors from respective tribes and were propelled under the guidance of the grandmaster.

Absolutely! Here, lay the stronghold led by a very few King Nitans. 

The Wemberk Tribe! 

By the time Kabu reached the periphery of the fortress, a few Nitan soldiers who noticed him afar looked at him with respect. 

Kabu nodded slightly at the Nitan soldiers who were standing sentry and said, 

“Thank you for your service.” 

“It’s nothing. For Wemberk!” Both of them replied in sync, which lifted Kabu’s spirit too. He nodded and responded, 

“For Wemberk!”

The baby in his arms seemed to sense it too, started squealing which made Kabu shake his head wryly. 

“Is the doctor in the tower?” Kabu asked helplessly, one of the Nitan soldiers answered instantly, 

“Yes! Ricamas, Cobu, Agy, and the other doctors are all in the tower.” 


Kabu’s eyes softened, couldn’t help it and speak to the other Nitan soldier,

“Get this orphaned baby under Agy’s care, and I’ll be back as soon as I’m done meeting the Majesty.”

“Yes, sir!” The Nitan soldier carried the baby in Kabu’s arms over, with both its hands and heart trembling. They sympathized with the pitiful baby who lost its parents at such a young age, it was heartbreaking news. They even wished to adopt this poor baby if Sir Kabu gave them the green card. 

The baby left Kabu’s arms but its warmth stayed, which left him feeling empty. He nodded slightly once again at the soldiers, then entered a field within the walls, outside the fortress. 

The fortress was big enough, to begin with, yet even the field outside the fortress was abnormally huge. It would have taken Kabu a few minutes to run even if he used all of his strength. 

There were a lot of Nitans practicing on the field, each Nitan soldier paired with many small Nitans for training, this put a smile on Kabu who was speed-walking. 

“Listen up, everybody! If you want to become a powerful Nitan soldier, first, you’ll need strength and determination! Without either one of those, you better return to your mommies!” 

After hearing such exhortation from a Nitan instructor, Kabu couldn’t help but reminisce about the days he went through to get by when he was younger. Those enervating days almost shattered him multiple times. Yet, they all seemed to be childish and hilarious now. He shook his head as he walked past the instructor. The mighty instructor, feeling a sublime power around, looked back and saluted immediately, speaking loudly with a tensed body, 

“Sir Nitan Warrior! You have worked hard!” 

After those small Nitans realized the nervousness within their demonic instructor, they couldn't help but look at Kabu with worshipping eyes. Each of them hoped to achieve his status someday.

Kabu nodded briefly. 

“Same goes to you, carry on.” 

“Yes, sir!” 

Kabu finally arrived before the fortress after passing by all kinds of training grounds. The fortress was made of purple crystal, indestructible and spotless, it was like a piece of artwork that left people in awe. 

A few elite Nitan soldiers stood before the fortress. They had sharp eyes with sophisticated armor all over them, looking awesome with a spear in each of their hands. 

“I thank you all for your service.” 

Kabu greeted them first, all of these Nitan warriors straightened up, 

“For Wemberk!” 

“For Wemberk!” 

“Sir Kabu, which Nitan warrior are you looking for this time?” One of the elite soldiers asked Kabu briskly, Kabu shook his head lightly, 

“I’m here to meet the Majesty, please pass the word.” 

“The Majesty…? Since it’s Sir Kabu asking, there shouldn’t be a problem. Alright, I’ll ask.”

“Thank you.”

“Most welcome.” The elite soldier slow-jogged inside the fortress immediately then came out not long after. 

“The Majesty has granted your meeting request. The Majesty is at the dining hall, you’re wanted there.” 

“Alright, thank you.” 

“Just doing my job.” Kabu walked into the crystal fortress after the Nitan soldier finished speaking. His reflection appeared on the smooth ground. Although he was completely worn out due to his revival, he wasn’t half-dead, he could still stand on his feet and carry on as long as he tried. 

Right when he was about to enter the dining hall, a beautiful Nitan warrior walked out. Her name was Leann, the only female Nitan warrior, she was also the President of the Nita Women’s Association.

“Oh, isn’t that Kabu! According to the soldiers, you’re here to meet the Majesty?”

“Yes, I have some big news to discuss with the Majesty.”

“Big news?!” 


“Don’t mind if I join in, then.” 

“Sure, or I should say, more people should know for the better.” 

After speaking to Leann, Kabu walked into the dining hall. The first person he saw was the humongous figure of the King of Wemberk. Although it was twice as large as a Nitan soldier, all of the body muscles were sending a strong message to everyone, that he was not merely a fat swine which did nothing other than lie around.

There were axes glowing in green at his sides. Kabu knew those were clearly the legendary axes that could only be used by the King of Nitan, the Storm Hammers.

King Nitan was over the moon when he saw Kabu walking in. 

“Oh, my dear child, you’re back! How was it? Did you find it rewarding after traveling the other tribes for about three months?” King Nitan was just half-way through when he suddenly realized something was off about Kabu’s body, and couldn’t help but frown,

“You revived?! That’s forbidden magic that consumes lifespan!” Kabu waited for King Nitan to censure a little before he interrupted, 

“Majesty, I’ll talk about it later. Actually, there’s something extremely urgent we need to attend to right now.” Kabu kept a straight face on, along with a serious tone that made King Nitan who had lived for countless years put away his relaxed state of mind right away. With a serious look, he asked, 

“Glorious warrior Kabu, what’s the urgent matter?”

The female warrior, Leann walked in right about then, looking at Kabu with her face as serious.

“I was attacked by outsiders not long ago.” 



Both of them were in shock abruptly. Wemberk calmed down immediately after, squinting his eyes as he spoke to Kabu, 

“Tell me everything you saw today in detail, including their appearances, apparels, powers, weapons, headcount, and theories of your own.” 

Kabu felt nervous all of a sudden after such a detailed inquiry. He felt the unprecedented pressure on King Nitan. 

Thus, this Nitan warrior nodded with unwavering eyes and answered,