After Transformation, Mine and Her Wild Fantasy - Chapter 122, Vol. 2 (Part 2)


Tyre and the others have already left. With the jungle as a coverage, even Waltz would not be able to see them, but this advantage disappeared the moment Team A and Team B reached the end of the jungle.

The two teams hesitated. If they go out, they are at risk of being exposed to Waltz’s view, but if they remain where they are, the Eight-colored Enchantment could get them easily as it scans through every corner of the jungle and blow them up. On the bad side, it is merely the difference between an early or a late death.

On the good side though, perhaps they can use this opportunity to hide into another larger jungle, which Waltz would find difficult to catch them in a short amount of time. 

However, this is still a major decision. 

What they lack right now is a leader. 

There is no one to lead. 

Everyone was still hesitating. Maybe some of them do want to take the chance, but no one is willing to be the first to do so.

“Claude, what should we do? What if we take Tyre and leave first?” Constantine asked. 

Claude’s face fell as he starts to think.

At this very moment, a purple light shot up into the sky, forming a purple light pillar at the part of the jungle that was targeted by Waltz. The voice of the system rang, 

“The first Guardian of Class 9 is now dead.”

The Guardian of Crystal died?!

“Which idiot ran to the back? At this point they are just offering themselves to be killed.”

“Maybe he thought that the place that was went through by the enchantment light would be safe.”

“That’s so naive. A genius like Waltz won’t let this go unnoticed.”

Different voices erupted from the crowd as the students shared their opinions on the matter. 
Signs of teamwork are weakening and it would not take long for them to fall apart. Even Tyre could sense this.

The same moment, the golden-haired boy stepped forward.

“Everyone, silence!”

Facing Claude’s strong aura, almost everyone closed their mouths and fell silent. The boy before them was the top genius of the Northern Empire, and is more than eligible to speak. 

Yet his expression was down and heavy, sweat beading from his forehead.

Looking at everyone, he said in a low voice, 

“Do you all wish to run naked? Do you guys really wish to wear those embarrassing outfits? With the enormous threat downing on us, is this the limit to where our dignity lies? I do not know how to speak big words, yet to students like us, these morally-centered words are those that cages our youth. Thus, I will only say, lend me your strength! Every single ounce of it! Let us work together and get through this obstacle! In front of us is the base camp of Class 6! You all know the elemental barriers they laid down, as long as we destroy it, we’ll have a chance to fight!”

Claude declared with absolute clarity and determination, clenching his fists, his strong voice coursing through the heavy atmosphere. Using his previous leadership experience as a military commander, such motivation methods are nothing new to him. Yet every single member in the crowd before him are rare geniuses, hence his encouragement not being as effective as before, but still, at desperate times like this, he is left with no choice!


Following another purple light pillar reaching towards the sky, the voice of the system spoke,

“The second Guardian of Class 9 is now dead.”

The hearts of the four or five hundred members present sank as soon as they heard the news. All Guardians who were spread out are dead, and the remaining three are hidden among them right now. If they were to charge out, Waltz would only destroy all of them in one go, and with the power he has, destroying the crystal was simply a matter of time. 

So this made it tougher for everyone to come to a conclusion. 

“Give this responsibility to me! Throw all your doubts and worries at me! Let me bear it all for you!”

While everyone was silent, Claude’s voice rang up once again.

“You now need to hear my voice and my voice only, I, Claude will lead you all to the right path! It will lead us to victory!”

Everyone fell silent.

Yet this time, more fell into their thoughts.

They were shaken by Claude’s words, their eyes now full of judgment as they cast glances at him. 

Is it worth it if they bet everything they have on this man? Countless people have thoughts like these, most of them even whispering among themselves - Claude’s expression fell slowly at the scene.

So, this is as far as we can go.

We’re still geniuses as individuals, yet nothing as a team.

Perhaps, in the end, everything will still lie on his fists……

“I’ll follow you!”

The first person has spoken from the crowd. Everyone’s eyes gathered towards him, only to find that it is indeed Tyre. Tyre smiled, his energy affecting the people around him. Bayun Xiaoqi and Constantine who stood beside Claude spoke up next,

“Naturally, we’ll follow your orders.”

“Good luck, captain.”

And then it is Sand Sword, Roselle Butterfly, Ghost Slayer, Elena, Noah who spoke. Claude looked at them, feeling slightly touched. Not long after, a girl said weakly,

“I’ll, I’ll follow you too.”

“Me too!”

“Count me in!”

It was as if the voices were a drop of ink that fell into a pool of clear water, every particle affecting and coloring each other. One person’s voice brought up another’s, ten people’s voice brought up another ten.

As soon as the atmosphere was lifted, everyone felt the same energy coursing through their veins - this was what it meant to be a team that they can rely on. As each of their voices were heard, Claude clenched his fists tighter and said to everyone,

“Then, let’s do it. For victory.”