Lunaria and the others darted across the jungle. Perhaps it is because of Waltz’s threat, many villages and houses were left empty as no one resided in them anymore. 

The sky darkened and soon reached night time. The team of nine reduced their speed as they breezed through the jungle due to the darkness, and also for the sake of the magicians’ powers and their own stamina.

“We’re near.” 

Long Tu’s voice was calm yet clear enough to be heard by the others even as they were rushing through the jungle. And by Long Tu saying this meant that they have already entered the enemy’s attack range.

They might meet the enormous barrier if they went forward a little more.

“Here, let’s spread out.” Long Tu said, “According to the terms of strength, I’ll separate us into the following teams - Gui Dongri, Darmiala and I; Tyre, Leah and Niluka; Yexi, Lunaria and Angel. Is it alright?”

Although Leah wanted to be with Lunaria, expressing this would only make it seem like she is too reliant towards the latter instead of her wanting to look after Lunaria, thus she swallowed back her words as soon as they reached her lips.

Naturally, the others would nod and agree, not having any objections.

Without hesitation, Long Tu continued, 

“In the end, our goal is to enter their range. Maybe it’s really that group of students who went to build the elemental barrier; this way the number of people they have left in the jungle won’t be a lot. This is our chance to sneak attack them!”

A sneak attack!

The new term sent a course of excitement and concern through their veins, yet not one of them showed any signs of timidity. Carefully observing the changes in their expressions, Long Tu nodded,

“What’s the main goal of a sneak attack? Obviously to tear down their barriers. We should know that even if we somehow survived, as long as most of the main team dies, nothing will change for us. So I had an idea after coming here; as the enemy team didn’t expect us to find their base camp, we can use this to our advantage - since being able to reach here is already a surprise. Still, nine is way too many, so we’re going to split into teams of three and attack from three sides, left, middle and right. …… Also, we have to use all our strength to destroy the barrier, although being killed may be a little painful, but this is the price we have to pay to avoid that damn bunny costume. Let’s see this as a sacrifice we have to make for the greater good.”

As easy as Long Tu made it sound, the pain of dying in the virtual world is modified to fully resemble the real world, so those with a weak mental may not recover from it, and will have a phobia towards the virtual world from then on.

Still, their main goal is to avoid Teacher Rachel’s punishment, especially Lunaria who wanted nothing more than to win this competition. On the other hand, the main team led by Claude will be taking action soon, and if they do not act quickly, Waltz will have noticed them.

It is now a race with time. The tempo of this battle was not that quick at first, yet everything changed as soon as Waltz released this attack of his - the whole of the Nitan world was caught by a storm in an instant!

“Since no one has any objections, let’s do it then. Use every single method you can, as long as someone among us can completely destroy the barrier, our mission will be accomplished. Afterwards it’s up to each team to decide whether to charge head-on or run away.”

Everyone agreed silently. Long Tu nodded lightly,

“Now, split up!”


The nine of them immediately split into teams of three. Yexi, Lunaria and Angel ran towards the right side at full speed.

Surprisingly, the air of the night jungle did not have the heavy humidity from the day. Lunaria breathed in the fresh and dry air. Yexi, who was in front of them said,

“I’ll be the main attacker, both of you can assist with magic.”

Yexi is indeed the one whose attacks have the most explosive force - both Lunaria and Angel are still lacking in that sense if compared to her despite them being strong enough, so Yexi was the best choice for the main attacker. Even if Long Tu were in the same team as Yexi, the latter will still take up that role.

Thinking about it, Lunaria called out to Yexi, confused,




“Ah, y-yes?”

<i>She zoned out……</i> Lunaria felt a bit speechless by it, why would Yexi zone out at this time? Yet she did not ask further and instead continued with what she originally wanted to ask,

“Yexi, you’re a dual cultivator, right?”

“Well……. Yes.” Yexi said after hesitating. It seemed like she felt awkward for zoning out just now. Lunaria paid no attention to that and said,

“So your magic is based on the Air Element?”

“You can tell?”

“Of course, judging from your explosive attacks and movements, I assume you’ve added some self-created magic technique to your steps, right?” Lunaria said.

Yexi’s eyes shone at her answer, “That’s right.”

“Yexi, you don’t find me annoying, right? Because you look a bit……” Lunaria said, her voice trailing off. Yexi has always had this cold expression, so she was worried that Yexi might have been finding her annoying. Naturally, it would be difficult for her to continue asking her questions.

Yexi shook her head and said, “No, you’re right. My posture and movements did include magic from the Air element and some martial art skills, so it has great explosive power…… But you should have seen some disadvantages to it in Teacher Yong Ye’s class before, that is the limitations in narrow spaces.”

Lunaria blinked, when has she ever heard Yexi sprout so many words at once? Fazed by the long explanation from Yexi, it took her a while to snap back and said weakly,

“That, um, Yexi, I’m not trying to investigate you or anything by asking, it’s just that we’ll be working together later on, so it is much more convenient to know about your basic skills.”

Yexi nodded at this. Angel, who was beside Yexi was much colder compared to her, not even saying anything from the start - her distant aura cutting off all of Lunaria’s urge to start a conversation with her.

But then for the sake of their cooperation, she, who somehow has the most things to say and is the extrovert of the group should still take up the role of asking them about the details regarding their cooperation later on. 

About Angel, Lunaria’s conversation with her is basically going back and forth with questions and replies - as if both of them are reading lines from a script, no other interaction whatsoever. To Lunaria who did not even want to communicate with her in the first place, this was not any different from having phlegm in her throat - there is a lot to say to her, yet nothing reaches the tongue.

<i>It was still difficult to talk to Angel even when I was in Tyre’s form,</i> Lunaria thought, <i>and maybe because Tyre is a boy, Angel would even sprout out mean words despite keeping a calm expression. At least she’s being polite now.</i>