It’s close! Yexi’s eyes contracted, while the power of elements were gathering in a distance. This obviously meant that the Enchantment was working as Yexi could feel the unusual atmosphere around her. She lowered her body even more than usual when running, this was her attacking posture if something happened. Not to mention about Angel, her affinity with the water elements was more than 70%, naturally she would too notice the changes ahead.

Just like that, the three did not communicate, but their posture were changed instantly and their eyes glinted with excitement

Although their speed was not as fast as thunder and lightning, they were extremely fast too, and the distance between the Enchantment and them was getting shorter and shorter.

Without any plans and preparations, Yexi and the other two had already sneaked up to where the Enchantment was. 

Such an unexpected ambush surprised the students who were setting up and guarding the Enchantment. It was difficult to imagine how there would be enemies in their home nest. Suddenly, the space under Yexi’s feet was distorted and the next moment,  her body disappeared. Her speed was so fast that it exceeded what naked eyes could see. 

Angel had already casted her level four magic, Shield of Frost before Yexi disappeared. A huge ice shield suddenly appeared and instantly separated the students on one side. Lunaria was shocked, she did not expect that Angel was a Grand Magician who could perform a level four magic. 

Although Lunaria was shocked, she still pulled out the Stillwater and splashed five times towards the students who were attacking them. 

Level three magic, Hearthfire.

As Lunaria finished singing, five crimson flames suddenly appeared in the space. The terrifying temperature alone had already scared most of the students and some of them even screamed. 

“ It’s the strongest burning magic in the level three’s spells, don’t get closer to it! ”

Get closer?  

Lunaria frowned slightly, I have no intention of letting you attack.  

As the thoughts were flying, the Stillwater in her hand was already in place. With Yexi’s explosive damage towards the Enchantment behind her, Lunaria slashed with her sword at the same time. 

Heaven Sword Ensemble, Slash. 

A huge white gas of the sword suddenly released, at the same time it swirled with the Hearthfire floating in space. With Lunaria’s control, the Hearthfire combined with the white gas and it turned from white to a red gas. Lunaria took the opportunity and slashed her sword towards the enemies! 

“ We can't defend it! Retreat! ”

There were obviously some smart people in the crowd, because they had shouted to retreat before even distinguished the power of Lunaria’s slash. This was obviously a way to minimum the damage taken. However, there were always some fools in a group that wanted to be the hero. Although the sound of the smart one was loud enough for everyone to hear, it still made a small number of people quite disdainful and thought, We obviously outnumber them, why would I be afraid of a pretty woman’s slash ?  

Ridiculous !  

This group of people invariably blasted out their strongest weapon. Although they believed that having more people equals more power, they were still not arrogant enough to cut corners. One by one, they exerted all of their energy to block this slash. 

It was a pity though, their ideas were good and having teamwork and unity did have an effect, but the people they were facing right now were not ordinary people. 

They were only able to block the red Sword Qi for a while before it broke free. In an instant, it was like a wild horse without a rein, and it slammed onto the students. One scream after another, they were all hit by the double blow of Hearthfire and the Sword Qi, their bodies evaporated into thin air in an instant. 

“ Idiots!” The smart one could not help but scold, Lunaria saw the opportunity and was about to chase all of them down. But suddenly, a muffled noise not far away from her attracted her attention. When she turned around and looked, she found Yexi was actually blocked by someone. 

As she focused on the scene, Lunaria’s eyes contracted. 

The scene in front of her shocked her to the most !

A man with a wicked smile was using one hand to hold onto Yexi’s dagger. 

This move shocked Lunaria and surprised Yexi. 

Yexi’s natural instinct of being a scout made her understand that if you could not attack him, you had to retreat. So, Yexi withdrew her dagger and retreated instantly. The wicked man did not pursue Yexi, but shifted his eyes to Angel and finally looked at Lunaria. 

“ My my, what a coincidence, Miss Lunaria. We meet again. ”

Lunaria’s face was getting darker, and she slowly spit out a word. 
“ Scarlett. ” 

“ Oh, it feels great getting called by Miss Lunaria. ” Scarlett shutted his eyes and raised his head intoxicated, that strange look made Lunaria sick. 

“ However, Miss Lunaria brings another two rare people here this time. ”

Scarlett glanced at Yexi and Angel, while the abused Thunder Elf stood behind Scarlett silently, she looked like those type who did not care even the sky was falling apart. 

As Scarlett was speaking, the students around him were slowly approaching them. This made the three’s hearts sank. Scarlett continued to smile, but made a cold voice, 

“ I’m in a good mood right now, so why don’t you idiots go away. ”

This was not just shocking, but it carried with a heavy sneer. The students who were in the same class with him did not dare to oppose him even if they were angry. One by one, they obediently obey him and slowly back away. This made Lunaria feel a bit strange, thinking about how these people were also geniuses, but still allowed Scarlett to insult them and could only swallow their anger. This unusual scene creeped the three out. 

Scarlet was unfazed by Lunaria and the others’ reactions, and then said, 

“ If I’m not wrong, this must be the rare albino patient in the world. ” Scarlet looked at Yexi. 

“ I heard that this kind of person is born with mastering both magic and martial arts, and their skin is extremely fair. It doesn't feel as great as seeing this myself. Hehehe. I’m looking for this type of sex slave after all, I wonder how it looks like under this school uniform. ”

What Scarlett said made Yexi’s brow furrowed with anger and her dagger shivered in her hand. She finally controlled her anger because losing control just because she was provoked by the enemy was not a way a scout would do. 

The next moment, Scarlett turned to look at Angel. 

“ No emotions, I see. I heard that a warrior who cultivates merciless martial arts would cut off all their emotions and desires, nothing will affect them in their hearts. Although you’re a magician, your performance is almost the same. This is interesting, really interesting. If I can somehow make this face show other expressions, how exciting it will be ! I’m so looking forward to it. ”

“ Miss Lunaria, it seems like today is our destiny to meet after all. Although we’re all in our virtual bodies, we can still practice here right now for the promise I made in the future. So… ”

“ What do you think ? ”