Claude looked at the sky, Waltz didn’t take any action. 

He could tell his opponent was smart. 

<i> Waltz is not only outstandingly powerful, but he also has a brilliant mind too… 

Tough game, too tough. </i> 

This was a war among three forces, yet it was only them who were going to perish along with the Nitans, leaving Waltz to claim the victory all by himself! 

Pitifully, Nitans weren’t smart enough to tell they were a different force, or else things might end up differently…

<i> Is this the end of us… </i> 


Suddenly, a shadow figure stood before Claude, his entire body was glowing in purple light, striking his shining blade with great power at the same time! 

King Nitan lifted its axe immediately to block the hit, although no injury was induced, it was stunned by the hit for pushing it away for about ten metres!

This terrifying power didn’t impress the Nitans solely, even students from Class 9 looked at the figure in front of Claude with popping eyes.

“Instead of thinking about overcoming future obstacles, why not solve the issues laid in front of you first? What do you think? Perhaps, all will fall into place naturally.” 

Tyre drew his long sword, Tyrant out and it whistled through the air as he finally landed it slightly on his shoulder and turned around to look at Claude who was in shock.

“Heads up, captain.” 

Claude’s expression changed, a lightbulb went off in his head abruptly, the line of dark thoughts he had before was gone in a second, he was left with Tyre’s words only. 

Tyre let out a brief smile, while Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi strode out by both Claude’s sides, patting him lightly on his shoulders,

“In conclusion, first things first, fight like a man.” 

“Claude, you think too much, you’re not acting like before,” Constantine and Bayun Xiaoqi threw the same smile at Claude, following Tyre towards the battlefield.

More people appeared from behind afterwards, each of them was either strong, hesitant or afraid. 

Yet, none of them flinched.

They were geniuses, they had to own their dignity even when not holding the upper hand! 

A hundred people, two hundred people, at last, all students sprinted towards the Nita army with tens of thousands soldiers! 

The war started tensing up in an instant!! 
Claude was the only one who stood on the grass, his mind distracted. 

Albeit the army he led was spreading out, the presence of unity was stronger than ever. As he watched the students fight side by side, Claude couldn’t help but pressed on his chest lightly with his right hand. 

He was not a general who gave out commands on the battlefield now.

But a student fighting alongside them. 

To win this battle, to retain their dignity, to stay at Avalon Institute.

Lastly, to become stronger.

The war they had was different from deceitful like the other countries. 

They simply wanted to achieve their own goals, solely for themselves.

That was how students act! 

To achieve a higher goal, they didn’t have to be ready to sacrifice their lives anytime like hardcore soldiers, they could compete learn from each other instead.

If so, what was left to worry? 

Claude couldn’t help but smile bitterly. 

<i> Yeah, I definitely think too much. A true fighter should always face the opponent standing in front directly instead of acting cowardly. 
If so, what’s left to say? </i> 

“I’ve really lost to you all.” 

Claude’s right hand which was placed on his chest slowly reached out and grasped, countless elemental power started converging immediately. 

A long sword glowing in white was instantly held in his hand. 

He lashed it towards the ground with strength, along with howling wind, all of the elemental powers were suddenly contained. 

"Then, let's fight." 

Yexi's speed was rather quick but Scarlet's eyesight was far more terrifying than she thought it would be, and his combat skills have already evolved to its initial form, every punch and every kick seemed to done leisurely yet strongest. 

Yexi fought three rounds with the opponent, she was nearly crushed when her weakness was almost exposed, especially when Yexi used explosive skills on him, Scarlet could always seize the perfect timing to dodge while throwing a punch at the same time.

Luckily, Yexi possessed space magic and her short-distance flicker made Scarlet's attack ineffective every time.

Lunaria was focused on observing aside, in fact, these moves were all done within four seconds, both sides used unbelievably fast tactics.

"This albino lady is pretty good huh, you have sharp reflexes, a scout material indeed, seems like you have been under a good mentor since young." Scarlet's evil laugh remained as he evaluated her. However, these comments seemed to be pertinent about Yexi. She squinted both her eyes slightly, unpleasant to have her life story deduced, even by a single bit, especially by this pervert.

"Distance, thirty." 


The sky trembled for a bit, by the time he zoned back in, Yexi was already in front of Scarlet as if she was about to bite off his neck right away. But, even under this intimidating situation where Dizi would be shocked, Scarlet was even happier. 



The speed of Scarlet's punch increased tremendously, Yexi thought her short blade would be quicker than Scarlet by a little at this moment, and victory would be settled in one fell swoop, but this evil-grinning man let out another attack more terrifying than before. 

Yexi's pupils contracted, death enshadowed her. Without a second word, she teleported and appeared next to Lunaria and the others the next moment. 

Scarlet punched towards thin air, yet the terrifying punch exploded on the place Yexi was standing, the powerful punch hit the ground like a cannon and the land immediately cracked, turning into a chasm next. In the end, every crack became abyss, tens of metres high.

At this very moment, the sound of the final explosions channelled from the ground.

Followed up by an earthquake!!

Trembling and rumbling, starting from a few kilometres, other students were shocked by this punch, the savvy person at the front was more stunned,

"This lunatic! The enchantment is about to be destroyed by himself!"  

Lunaria and the others took a few steps backwards as they stared blankly at Scarlet,  realising that he never showed his true powers before. Yexi's last shot was probably too threatening which pushed him to give his all.

Although the power was terrifyingly abnormal, Scarlet was short in speed! 

Lunaria gazed as Scarlet came striding with big steps, his speed was neither quick or slow, yet he was coming at them.

A strong force rushed towards them next, along with those sensitive perceptions!

Lunaria felt as if she was facing Claude in the past, and now she finally understood why this man who was on the train dared to fight Claude, the greatest genius in the northern empire.