After the fight with Claude, and because my energy had not fully recovered, the school nurse suggested that I stayed in the ward for a day to check on my condition, but I am actually the one who is most aware of my own condition.

“ I can only use this one more time? ” I mumbled to myself. Mind’s Eye, a horrific forbidden technique which could be used to enhance a person’s five senses was used by me just to confront a strong opponent. 

However, it was a pity that such forbidden technique could not take any advantage of Claude. 

If, at that time, Claude fought with the determination of killing myself, I might not have the slightest chance to defeat him. 

Eh, is this what you called justice, Claude.  

I shook my head and sighed, and the sunlight after the rain outside the window shone down to my blanket. Suddenly, I felt a trace of warmth.  

The rain during summer comes and goes really fast.  

With the clear weather, there were plenty of students outside the ward, they were either playing around or watching the Magical Projection Stone walking. I lied on the bed and looked out of the window, the tip of my nose breathed in the fresh air and I suddenly felt bright. 

Maybe I really forced myself too much before, making me breathless.

If that’s the case, didn’t I treat Claude as a doormat?  

What an unlucky person.  

Suddenly, the door on my right side slowly pushed open, and Angel’s figure appeared at the door. 

She glanced at me blankly for a moment, before stepping in and closing the door. 

“ Good day to you, miss Angel. What can I do for you? ”

“ Here are a thousand Fighting Spirits Crystals. ” Angel placed one of her storage rings on my bed cabinet.The storage ring embedded with a blue crystal was extremely beautiful, not including the crystals inside, this ring alone was already expensive. 

What a rich lady.  

I shook my head slightly. Although this time I lost against the Heavenly Child tier, Vanas and was taught a lesson too, in the end I did fulfill my promise to block this genius. 

I thought that since I could fight against Dizi, then I could probably easily take on an ordinary Heavenly Child tier too. However, I would never expect that I would encounter a monster-level genius. 

Later on, Constantine told me that this Vanas was one of the geniuses in the golden age, which was currently in grade four in Avalon. I heard that during their first year, they had deterred the whole continent with their strength. Each one of them are geniuses among geniuses. And now during their fourth grade, they could easily take down any sixth grades and even the graduates. These were the real monsters. 

I was fortunate enough to survive when facing these kinds of monsters. Perhaps, they were also aware that they could not simply kill someone in the institute. 

“ Are you feeling better? ” Angel asked without showing any expression. Although her tone was dull, I usually liked to imagine, otherwise her sentences would come out as mocking to me. 

“ Much better now, how did you do at the end ? Has the Fire Dragon Core been snatched away ? ”

Angel shook her head at me. Luckily the core had not been snatched away, so the effort I made was not useless after all. In this way, I could accept that Fighting Spirits Crystals at ease. 

“ Tyre, I may have been making an arbitrary decision. ”

What Angel said confused me, before I could open my mouth, Angel continued. 

“ Your appearance is indeed coincidental, but using someone as a shield is actually my plan from the start. ”

Oh, I see. I’m just a scapegoat who coincidently rushed to Angel to help her. This is indeed a coincidence If this happened before in the past, I would be fuming with anger, but right now, I could only smile at her. 

Forget it, it’s just a small thing that happened in the past. What is the need to be angry about it?

“ So, what do you want to say after all? ” I tried to ask her the real intention of coming here. Angel said after a long silence. 

“Becareful of Old Lion? ”
“ Old Lion? ”

“ This is the only thing I will say to you. Tyre, this time I owe you a favor. ” Angel turned around and opened the door slightly, and that cold and beautiful face once again turned around and looked at me. 

“ I can do anything for you except death and self-harming. ”

“ Oh. ” Although I thought about many dirty things in my mind, in order to maintain my image, I ended up using a word to reply to her. What can I say except for that, you said you can do anything for me……  

Forget it, in short, this kind of empty cheque is the most reliable, it will be better if I pretend she never said anything like this before too. Or else, it will be awkward if I talk about it.  

 But, what is the Old Lion ? A weapon? An armor? A person? An organization?

This was intriguing. If other people said such inexplicable words, I would never pay more attention to it. But a woman like Angel would probably say this because she was serious about it, making me feel a little bit dangerous about this situation. Although I am still lying in bed, it made me want to check on this information. 

Angel, there was only one word to describe her, Cold. After that, came the impression of her being rich, and finally it seemed that I had an impression of her being a woman in the castle too, someone who used others for her plan. 

I could not help but smile, but I still got angry because of Angel’s word. 

That’s right, how can a person’s personality change so easily.  

I was still mad that Angel was using me. Although I could hold back the anger, I would still feel a little depressed. 

I looked up at the white ceiling helplessly, the polished ceiling reflected my bitter smile. 

“ How can I face myself? ”

I asked myself, but this was a question that may never be answered. 

Perhaps I can get an answer if I face me as Lunaria. Maybe………

Today was already the thirteenth. While everyone was going to school, I may be able to take this opportunity to meet myself as Lunaria. Although I had a thousand Fighting Spirits Crystals now, compared to Lunaria, I was still poor as hell. I shall take the opportunity now and make a deal with Lunaria.  

The more I thought about this plan, the more feasible it seemed. Finally, I lifted the blanket and got out of the bad, and sneaked out of the door.