Black Iron's Glory - Chapter 189

In the coming few days, Claude recovered rather quickly. Perunt was quite the competent herbalist and had amazing skills. Claude's injuries turned for the better day by day according to his predictions. On the fifth day, Perunt inspected Claude's body one last time and said that he could get out of bed and move about, but it would still take a while before he was fully recovered.

Claude was quite curious about that assessment, as Perunt had said in the beginning that it wouldn't take more than five to six days for him to be more or less fine. Yet, now he had to rest for a little while more? Bell, however, nudged him on the waist and chided him. "Are you a fool? Friend, why would you leave the infirmary now? Do you want to march around with the new recruits? Staying here is far better than being out on the fields. Trust me, the longer you're here, the better it'll be."


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