Black Iron's Glory - Chapter 563

"Our scouts report that the Shiksan corps Clyde and Jeska are working together with the nobles, local garrison forces and officials of the coastal prefectures of Bengla and Fedkans. They are currently evacuating everyone there to the western prefecture of Kelwok." Borkal drew a red line on the map to mark the evacuation route.

"How many men do they have in total?" Avitelli I asked.

Borkal glanced at the folder in his hand. "The two corps have 136 thousand men and the local forces are four lines of 20 thousand strong. The families of the nobles and officials that are evacuating and others accompanying them number around 20 thousand. We believe they're heading for the northwestern highland prefectures. That area is the territory of Duke Pillag Xi Feriot of the northern lands."


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