Breaking The Day - Chapter 105

When Yuehan saw that Chengfeng was so distraught, she couldn’t help but console him. “Master, look at the view! We could write a poem about it!”

Chengfeng was incensed at her comment, “This place is in ruins! There is no door, no windows; only broken rooms, broken gates. How do you expect me to be in the mood to write a poem?”

Yuehan clapped her hands together and said, “That sounds good!” She continued, “ ‘There is no door, no windows; only broken rooms, broken gates. The sun, moon, and stars are above my head; my heart is home.’ What do you think of my lines?”

Chengfeng cocked his head and smiled at Yuehan, “Hey, that’s not bad! It has a nice ring to it. Nice!”

Yuehan raised her head to meet Chengfeng and smiled eagerly, waiting for more compliments.

Chengfeng pat Yuehan’s head and said, “Alright! Since you’re so good at this, I’ll leave this mess to you!”

“Huh?!” Yuehan was taken by surprise.

Li Chengfeng said with his hands on his hips, “Let’s start by pulling out the weeds. Just the sight of it annoys me!”

Yuehan’s eyes grew wide. She thought, ‘No, no. Even if you won’t protect dainty girls like me, you don’t have to be so ruthless about it, do you?’

Needless to say, to use their hands to uproot a large field of weeds would be a backbreaking task.

Yuehan continued to stare at Chengfeng, who responded with a blase look, “What are you waiting for? You want me to set the tools ready for you?”

Yuehan gritted her teeth. She had to refrain from beating Chengfeng to a pulp for his ignorance.

She’ll have to settle being the better person, so she’ll put up with him and his bossy attitude. She thought to herself, ‘Just wait ‘til he starts his training, I’ll drain his soul until he dies!’

Yuehan flew into the fields with fury. Using her hands, she ripped the grass up with a murderous intent, sending loose soil and dirt flying into the air.

“Hey, what the h*ll? Are you trying to kill someone?!” Chengfeng dodged the soil as Yuehan continued her lawn work.

Yuehan rolled her eyes in annoyance and shot back, “Why don’t you come and do it if you’re gonna complain so much?”

Chengfeng guffawed, “I’m a man of equality! Since we’ve already agreed to split the chores, then we shall tend to our respective chores. I’ll be sleeping over there, let me know once you’re done. Do hurry up though, the sun is setting! And after you’re done, we’ll have to figure out what to have for dinner,”

Chengfeng then walked towards the side of the shanty house, and lied on the ground. While hugging his luggage, he proceeded to sleep.

Yuehan glared at him before going back to work, and she thought to herself, ‘Fine! If he’s going to treat me like a maid, so be it!’

As Yuehan toiled, she noticed that Chengfeng was already snoring. He must have been exhausted since they spent the whole day walking. Hence, it didn’t take long for him to doze off.

Yuehan brought her hands up and quickly conjured several hand seals. She then closed her eyes, as if to concentrate. Suddenly, blue rays of light emerged from her soles, which then seeped into the ground beneath her. The blue light instantaneously dispersed into smaller dots of light, which then travelled in all sorts of directions away from Yuehan. As quickly as they left, the dots returned to the bottom of Yuehan’s feet, accumulating once more. Yuehan finally opened her eyes and whispered to herself, “This area is safe.”

The spell she had casted allows her to split her consciousness into an infinite amount of microscopic dots, which are used to seek out other humans or beings in the vicinity of the caster. Once a dot detects the presence of another being, it immediately returns to the caster. Not only does it notify the caster about the being’s presence, it also reveals the being’s exact location and distance from the caster. This is Yuehan’s special spell: the Split Spirit Detection Spell.

She looked over to Chengfeng, and then viciously conjured another set of hand seals. This spell increased her speed ten times over. Yuehan's movements blurred as she swiftly cleared the field.

Upon finishing the task, she clapped her hands together, pleased with herself. She conjured another seal and pointed towards Chengfeng’s direction. A gust of wind blew in the direction of the wall, causing it to crack even further. Chengfeng fell over as the crack separated the section of the wall he was leaning on.

“Who’s there?” Chengfeng blurted as he abruptly jumped, jolted from his sleep. He brandished his bone spear and frantically turned in a circle, scanning for enemies. When he noticed that there was nobody, Yuehan roared with laughter, amused with Chengfeng’s reaction.

“You brat, are you looking for trouble?!” Chengfeng marched towards Yuehan while rolling his sleeves.

But as he came closer, he noticed he was standing in the middle of an empty field. He also noticed the two large sacks of weeds and grass.

“You did all of this?” Chengfeng was surprised.

“You slept for quite a while!” Yuehan remarked with amusement.

“How long was I asleep?” Chengfeng asked while looking at the sunset.

Yuehan dusted her hands and replied, “My work is done, now’s your turn,”

Chengfeng nodded, “This isn’t urgent for now, I don’t have the seeds with me anyways. Hey, tidy up the house so we’ll have a place to sleep tonight,”

“Then what are you gonna do to help out?!’

Chengfeng thought about it, and then said, with a degree of caution, “How about I give you some words of encouragement on the side? I’m pretty good at hyping people up, you know,”

“What does that even mean? All you do is bully me! If I leave you, who’s gonna look out for you?”

Chengfeng lazily stretched and yawned, “In the plain wilderness where there’s nobody else, if I’m not the one to bully you, who else would? If you can get Xiaobao to be here with us, then the both of us can take advantage of him,”

Suddenly, upon saying Xiaobao’s name, Chengfeng’s eyes grew wide with excitement. “Hey, I wonder what’s up with him!”

Funnily enough, Yuehan kinda agreed with Chengfeng. If Xiaobao was here with her, she wouldn’t have to suffer alone. “Master, I’m kinda hungry. What are we gonna eat?’

Chengfeng thought for a while, and then picked up the bone. “Come, let’s go hunting.”

Yuehan was taken aback. “For real?”

Chengfeng rolled his eyes. “How else are we gonna have dinner? Do you think we grow something in an instant? If we don’t eat anytime soon we might just starve to death,”

“But I’m so hungry that I don’t even have the energy to move,”

Chengfeng packed his bag and then scanned the environment. He waved his hand to Yuehan and walked towards the forest. “Once I’ve hunted something, we can pretty much eat immediately. If you’re not joining me, that’s your loss,”

Yuehan’s stomach loudly rumbled and groaned. She quickly ran up to Chengfeng while yelling, “Master, wait up!”

As a thousand-faced demon gradually recovering her powers, Yuehan was gradually adjusting to her new body. But there was a side effect to it: she possessed a massive appetite, one that outmatched even Chengfeng’s!

The duo trekked into the forest. The snow had yet to melt, thus revealing a trail of rabbit footprints. Chengfeng raised his hand to silence Yuehan as they followed the trail. Sure enough, it led them to a large, grey rabbit who was also foraging for food.

The rabbit was so fluffy and cute, Yuehan instantly loved it. Her eyes suddenly grew wide, realizing the situation. She turned to Chengfeng and whispered urgently, “How could we eat this rabbit? It’s so cute and innocent!”

Chengfeng hissed in response, “That’s our dinner! Fresh rabbit meat! I don’t care if you don’t want to be a part of this, don’t screw it up for me!”

Yuehan’s heart was torn between dinner and the rabbit. But she suddenly noticed that the rabbit was already running away from them. “Master, hurry! It’s running away!”


Although the road to cultivation was long and arduous, one’s primal need for food was undeniable. Caring for fluffy animals? To hell with that.

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