Breaking The Day - Chapter 108

Su Yuehan went outside to see the field filled with beautiful blooming flowers and lush green leaves. The multicoloured flowers were especially bright, withstanding against the cold early winter chills. 

Su Yuehan turned to look at Li Chengfeng with a complex expression. When he moved, she immediately snapped awake and patted Li Chengfeng, yelling, “Young Master! Young Master!” 

He crawled up drowsily, confused, but suddenly snapped awake and shot up. He looked outside, then quizzically at Su Yuehan. 

She gave him a solid nod, looking excited. He immediately turned to look outside and saw the patch of lively flowers, blooming like absolute beautifies. 

Ecstatic, he leapt up. “Wow! So it works!” 

Li Chengfeng shot out of the house and ran in circles around the flowers. He touched a flower, then another, feeling as if these were the best flowers he had ever seen. 

“Yuehan, come here!” He waved at her and she hurried over in tiny steps, puzzled. 
He reached out to pinch her cheek hard, elongating her face instantly. She swatted his hand away and yelled, “OUCH! Let go! Let go! What are you doing?!” 

He laughed. “It hurts? So it’s not a dream!” 

She clutched her cheek and yelled, “What’s the use of pinching me? You’re supposed to pinch yourself!” 

In an extremely good mood, he leaned his face over. “Why don’t you pinch me?” 

Su Yuehan had an idea. She reached out to pinch his cheek and gritted her teeth as if she was using all her might. He paused. “Harder!” 

She clenched her teeth, her cheeks puffing up.” I’m pinching hard already!” 

Li Chengfeng did not feel any pain at all. His heart sank. “No way, I don’t feel any pain at all!” He looked at Su Yuehan, and saw the green vein popping out of her forehead. “No way, I’m dreaming, aren’t I…?” 

Su Yuehan let go, panting and panicked, “Young Master, I really tried! You really felt nothing?” 

His face fell. He pinched his cheek with all his strength, terrified that it was really a dream. However, he did not just pinch, he twisted his flesh too. With the martial practitioner’s strength, he almost pinched a chunk of flesh out of his own face and yelled in pain. 

Su Yuehan laughed until she could not stand, clapping, “See if you’ll bully me again!” 

In a rage, he pounced at her. She dodged and laughed, “Young Master, you’d better harvest the flowers! We’re going to get into trouble if other people see this!” 

He glared at her. “I’ll make you pay after this. But for now, hurry!” 

Su Yuehan suppressed her laughter and maintained a metre’s distance between them like a rabbit ready to run at any moment. She followed vigilantly as they entered the field. 

When she saw him pinching a flower, she said hurriedly, “Young Master, it’s best we uproot them. I heard the roots of many flowering plants can be used as herbs.” 

He slapped his forehead. “Makes sense! I must be too happy to think straight.” 

As if they were pulling up carrots, they uprooted all the plants. After a while, when she wasn’t paying attention, he slapped her when she was bent over to pull another plant. 

She squealed, glaring at Li Chengfeng. 

He laughed. “I always get my revenge! How dare you trick me!” 

She stomped her foot. “You do this alone then! I’m not helping you!” Then, she walked away. 

Li Chengfeng placed his hands on his hips. “Hey, you’re getting arrogant, you can’t threaten me like that! Come back!” 

Su Yuehan was furious at what he did, although it did not hurt much. 

She looked adorable with her red face. It was very mesmerising. 

Li Chengfeng’s heart skipped a beat and quickly looked away. He coughed drily. “Alright, I won’t bully you anymore. Come help me quickly. If we get caught and I get into trouble, you’re not going to end up well either.” 

Su Yuehan looked at him cautiously. “Really?” 

“If you don’t hurry, the sun is going to be up soon!” 

She eyed him suspiciously and pouted her lips. After fifteen minutes of hard work, they finished uprooting two hundred Senna flower plants, all piled up in a dusty heap within the house. 

He looked at the pile and said, “I wonder how much this plant costs?” 

“I don’t think it’s cheap. If not the seeds would not be this expensive.” 

He rubbed his palms together. “That’s great news. Our expenditure at Spiritual Mountain Sect will depend on them then.” 

She smiled. “You know enough immortal spells for all these seeds to bloom in one night. This is basically turning pebbles into gold, do you ever have to worry about money again?” 

It was as if lightning struck him, for he suddenly lit up with excitement and clapped, swooping in to lift Su Yuehan up high and spun in circles. “You’re right! I’m rich!” 

Su Yuehan blushed and yelled, “Put me down!” 

His gaze fell on a patch not far away. 

A patch of stubborn green grass had turned brown. He put her down, then walked over. To his astonishment, the entire healthy patch had withered overnight! 

He thought hard. Perhaps his technique was actually ‘tearing down the east wall to mend the west wall’? Perhaps he had sucked the life force from these plants to be injected into the Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers? Was this considered an immortal spell? This is a vicious spell indeed! 

If this spell was used on a human… what would happen? 

It would be disastrous! 

Su Yuehan watched him quietly, seeing his tightly furrowed brows and concern. “Young Master, plants wither from time to time. Even if it didn’t wilt last night, it will wilt soon. You did what you had to do.” 

He shook his head without a word, still looking worried. “This won’t do, clear this patch of wilted grass immediately! Quick! I don’t want them to suspect anything.” 

Su Yuehan could make the connection too. Other people might think they were using black magic. That was hugely illegal and a crime that would lead to more than being kicked off the sect. 

She bent over to pull them out but he stopped her. He looked at her with an odd expression. “You’re going to pull them out?” 

Confused, she asked, “Isn’t that what you said?” 

He did not know to laugh or cry. “Are you dumb? That would take forever!” 

“What do we do then?” 

He pushed her head. “Is your brain in your butt? We’ll burn them!” 

She clutched her head and made a face. After he started a fire at a patch of dry grass, the flames spread quickly across the entire patch. 

Far away, Qiu Chuqiu and An Tong were heading towards Li Chengfeng’s house when they saw light from the fire and thick smoke. 

An Tong said, “Aiyo, I knew he’d leave! But I didn’t expect him to burn his house down too?” 

Qiu Chuqiu smiled. “Senior Brother Qin’s idea was impressive! This newcomer wouldn’t be able to outsmart him! He finally packed his bags and left!” 

An Tong smiled. “So we can go back and report this to them now?” 

“We should go check the place out, just in case anything is off?” 

In a flash, they disappeared and reappeared in front of Chengfeng’s house. They squinted and then saw two figures standing at the door of the rundown house with nowhere to hide from the smoke, coughing vigorously. They were Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan. 

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