Breaking The Day - Chapter 111

Li Chengfeng followed the group a distance away. Both him and Su Yuehan only stepped on the teleportation array when everyone had gotten on. Everything turned black and when in the next moment, they had arrived in Crescent Valley’s teleportation booth. 

He looked around to see that he was in a pouch-shaped valley. The mountains formed a shape that looked like a crescent. 

Both sides of the valley was a tall, steep cliff consisting of creeper-covered rocks. Large Peng birds cawed, their cries echoing across the valley. Behind them was a rock wall carved with four giant statues. They were the four sect masters who had made immense contributions to the Spiritual Mountain Sect. 

From right to left, the first statue was tall and thin, both hands holding a sword and eyes staring ahead with a regal expression; the second statue was a lady who held a kill order token and had a veil covering her face; the third was a man of average build, a swordbreaker in his right hand and a jagged ring in his left, radiating arrogance and murderous intent; the fourth was a weak and thin man holding a scroll and a brush, looking scholarly and harmless. 

However, everyone familiar with the sect knew that this last man was the sect master with the shortest term yet most powerful fighting abilities of the sect. He was nicknamed Hell King Zhang of the Underworld, Zhang Qianqiao! 

The Hell King sat at the depths of nine hells controlling the underworld and all spirits of the dead. He held the Token of Life and Death and Yin Yang Brush in his hands. These two magical items had come to this realm during an ancient war and coincidentally fell into Zhang Qianqiao’s hands. Owning one item was just the equivalent of owning a good magical item, not even the best. However, both items paired together made one invincible! 

The token and brush determined one’s fate after death. There was a saying: one would rather meet the Heavenly Emperor than Hell King Zhang! 

Due to Hell King Zhang being too powerful, he attracted many enemies. The Heavenly Emperor sent the Nine Great Golden Immortals to be reincarnated to kill Hell King Zhang. In the end, three perished and two were banished from the immortal realm, sealed into the nine hells forever. 

These two items in Zhang Qianqiao’s hands were enough to invoke fear across the lands.That was how Spiritual Mountain prospered and powerful enough to rival the Zhan family and Universe Religious Sect. 

Li Chengfeng admired the four statues in awe. Even he who did not care about fame also could not help but want to be like them. He wondered if any human would ever carve a statue of himself. Even after ascension to immortality, his life story would be passed down generations. 

Both people admired the tall statues, then turned to enter the valley. 

At the mouth of the valley, Li Chengfeng realised it was a vast space. The sparse dots of other disciples within the valley were gone now. Both of them perked up and cautiously ventured ahead. Li Chengfeng held the razor-sharp bone spear in his hand while Su Yuehan held a sword he bought. 

Two hundred metres into the valley, he began to notice changes in the scenery. The surrounding trees grew taller and denser. Initially, the trees were tens of metres apart but now, giant trees stood about ten metres apart. The bushes grew denser too as if this place had not felt the effects of winter yet. Their surroundings were a lush and humid green. 

“Young Master, what sort of magical being will we catch for a pet?” Su Yuehan asked in a low voice, looking around vigilantly as she trailed closely behind. 

He smiled bitterly. “Something I can tame, of course. We can’t aim for a beast like the Grim Stork, can we?” 

She chuckled. “You’d be very cool if you could tame the Grim Stork.” 

He smiled. “Yeah, you can fly around and look stupid on it!” 

“Fly around and what?” 

He laughed, about to change the topic when his ears perked up. He hurled his bone spear, and it landed as quick as lightning. A wild grey rabbit struck by the spear struggled, then stopped moving. 

Su Yuehan looked at it pitifully. “You’re killing little rabbits again!” 

He glared at her. “Don’t eat it then!” 

She immediately pointed in another direction. “There’s one more over there!” 

He broke out in laughter. “Your stomach rules your heart, huh?” 

“All you do is laugh at me.” 

As they joked around, the tension in the atmosphere eased. Even Li Chengfeng felt much more relaxed walking in this forest with a partner, enjoying the light fragrance wafting in the air and the birds chirping in the valley.

Grinning, he walked over to retrieve the rabbit, then passed the dead rabbit to a frowning Su Yuehan. When they continued forward, they heard a low growl. Li Chengfeng’s gaze locked as he pulled Su Yuehan behind a bush to hide. 

“Young Master, what was that…” She whispered but he cut her off. 

He put a finger to his lips, then peeked out of the bush. She did the same. 

They saw a three to four-metre tall bull walking slowly out of the forest. It was a gigantic bull, about five hundred kg so every step shook the ground. 

She whispered, “Young Master, what if we…” She gestured, asking if they should tame this beast. 

He glared and whispered, “Do you want me to die?” 

With this Grim Stork bone spear, he might be able to kill it. However, with his current ability, taming it would be just a dream. 

They watched as the bull walked to a spot in the forest and lowered its head to chew on some tender leaves. Just as they left, they heard a roar from an animal in the opposite direction. 

They turned to see a striped tiger of 1.3 metres shoulder height, three metres body length, stalking slowly out of the forest. This tiger looked very thin, its abdomen sunken on both sides like it had been starving for a long time. It glared at the bull, growling lowly. 

This tiger looked like it was going to attack this giant bull out of desperation. 

Li Chengfeng did not know that magical beasts like these should not appear in this region of Crescent valley. When he saw that two strong animals were about to fight each other, he perked up and whispered, “Great, a fight between two strong beasts will surely result in injury. We might be able to earn something from this!” 

Su Yuehan was excited too. “Young Master, if you can get this tiger as your mount, you’d look so cool!” 

Just as they spoke, the tiger roared, a sound wave exploded from another mighty roar, and with a dull buzz, it expanded in all directions. This sound wave hit every blade of grass in the area, exposing Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan’s silhouette immediately. 

Coincidentally, they were both right in between the bull and tiger. 

Both of them sat as still as wax statues, sweat trickling down their backs. 

Li Chengfeng was at a loss, his life flashing before his eyes. Oof, this one’s got SONAR abilities too?!

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