Breaking The Day - Chapter 112

When the tiger saw Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan, it changed its target. Two skinny prey were easier to kill than this gigantic beast! 


The tiger let out a roar and charged right at Li Chengfeng. 

Even from far away, Li Chengfeng could smell its rancid breath. His face fell, pulled Su Yuehan instinctively, then his years of martial arts training kicked in. 

When he first arrived in this world, although Li Chengfeng was genuinely interested in martial arts, he had to endure a lot of hardship during training. If Madam Xie had not forced him to practise while standing next to him with a wooden stick, he might not have made it through. 

However, the foundation built during young slowly turned into a habit for him. A hardy seed was planted, and in addition to his stubborn personality, this seed germinated and bloomed. Martial arts ended up saving his life many times. 

He pulled Su Yuehan down, then bent backwards at a right-angle. He supported his upper body with his arms on the ground, then activated his core muscles to flick his legs up. At the exact moment the tiger pounced, he kicked the tiger in its abdomen with all the strength in his thighs, causing the tiger to fly almost ten metres backwards. 

Then, he used his core muscles again to flip himself up, his legs kicking back, and then leapt up on his feet. 

Every sect had their own similar moves but Li Chengfeng had done this completely out of instinct. Interestingly, he had kicked the tiger so far it landed right before the bull! 

When the giant bull saw the tiger flying at it, it lowered its head and headbutted its horns right into its abdomen. With a squelch, its horn pierced through the tiger. 


A deafening roar echoed across the forest. The tiger was severely injured, flaring up in a rage. Pushing with its front legs, it forced itself off the bull’s horn, and flicked its tail audibly on the bull’s nose. 


The bull’s skin was tough, even knives and axes would not be able to penetrate it. However, its weakest point was its nose. Instantly, the bull wailed in agony, fresh blood flowing from its now. It lifted its giant body, kicking its front limbs in the air, and then prepared to stomp on the tiger! 

The tiger dodged by hurling itself towards the bull’s abdomen, hysterically scratching with its claws. After a few scratches, the bull’s abdomen was bleeding! 

The bull wailed in agony once again, its weak spots exposed and injured. It tried to retaliate but the tiger had sneakily chosen to pin it down on the ground by its limbs, now savagely biting its stomach. 

The giant bull struggled for a while and then finally collapsed dead, shaking the ground. 

The tiger was covered in blood, unclear if the blood was the bull’s or from its own wounds. 

Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan watched in astonishment. This ferocious tiger had a huge puncture wound at its abdomen and was bleeding profusely.

He clutched his bone spear and gave Su Yuehan a look for her to hide. He crept stealthily towards the bull, then pounced at the tiger, who was breathing heavily. 

When the tiger saw Chengfeng, it immediately scrambled up and roared furiously. 

In this world, while a tiger was not the king of beasts, its abilities should not be underestimated. Although this roar was not as powerful as before, Li Chengfeng doubled over. His eardrums stung as if someone had hit him in both ears. There was a sharp ringing in its head, his vision quickly blurring. 

Chengfeng knew that this was not a good sign. Based on the tiger’s previous position, he hurled his bone spear hard in that direction, then quickly somersaulted to the side. 

He had just moved when he heard a whoosh next to him and felt an air current sweeping by his forehead. And then, a loud thud at a nearby tree. 

Li Chengfeng leapt up immediately, seeing that a giant tree had been snapped in half by one flick of the tiger’s tail! 

The tiger had not been able to dodge his bone spear, hence it was currently pinned to the ground. It was still alive, struggling hard but ripping its wound larger by the second. Soon, its movement slowed, breathing shallow and soon, it took its last breath. 

Li Chengfeng finally relaxed and wiped his forehead, realising that it stung. His hand was covered in blood! 

The tiger’s flick of its tail had torn the skin on his forehead! 

If he had been hit, his head might have been torn off! 

Traumatised, he was about to speak to Su Yuehan when she gasped, “Be careful!” 

He felt a gust of wind and leapt forward, rolling to the side. He leapt up and squinted. It was a smaller tiger glaring at him. 

“Oh, I just fought a big one, now there’s a smaller guy?” Li Chengfeng grinned. He’d just killed the big one, this small tiger would not be a problem. However, he had not gained anything from the fight between the two beasts like he hoped. 

Now, an opportunity had just knocked on his door! 

His eyes brightened as he rubbed his palms! 

Obviously, this smaller tiger cub was An Tong. 

To make Li Chengfeng let down his guard, they released another tiger and orchestrated the entire show with the plot resembling the saying: ‘the mantis catches the cicada while the oriole watches’. 

If this tiger, which was starved to insanity, decided to eat Li Chegnfeng, then their problem would be solved. If not, An Tong would be up next. 

Hmmph, at this point, the idiot would definitely want the tiger cub as his magical pet. That would be their chance1 

An Tong bared his teeth and growled at Li Chengfeng, delighted with himself. 

Li Chengfeng pounced on An Tong, who privately laughed to himself, ‘You think you can catch me this easily? You’re too naive!’ 

An Tong dodged but felt his tail getting caught in something so he could not move. He turned in shock and anger to see Su Yuehan holding his tail in her fist! 

Hey, what’s going on? 

An Tong almost cursed out loud! 

Li Chengfeng pounced on An Tong in the next second, then threw consecutive heavy punches until An Tong went dizzy. 

No, this wasn’t supposed to be in the script! 

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