Breaking The Day - Chapter 113

Li Chengfeng was still traumatised by the tiger from before. Although this tiger cub was not as dangerous as the grown tiger, it was still a tiger! 

What if he didn’t knock it out enough and it hurt him? 

No matter what, he must beat it up first! 

When Su Yuehan saw him throwing a rain of punches at An Tong, who was crying in agony, she said hurriedly, “Stop hitting it, it’s going to die!” 

Li Chengfeng finally stopped and saw that the ‘large cat’ was already bleeding, lying on the ground crying. 

He pressed a palm on An Tong and then shook his other fist, saying to the cub, “Do you see my fist? Are you scared now?” 

Both of them were delighted when the ‘large cat’ actually nodded its head. 

Su Yuehan smiled. “The little tiger can understand humans too? It’s so intelligent!” 

An Tong was furious. Nonsense, of course I do! 

Li Chengfeng shook his fist again. “Are you going to listen to me then?” 

While An Tong had many abilities, he could not use any of them right now. Should he turn back into human form and kill this idiot now? If An Tong had the ability to kill Chengfeng, why did he have to suffer like this? Well, it was all to create a convincing story! 

An Tong was absolutely humiliated but still afraid of taking another beating so he nodded his head. Li Chengfeng laughed. “So it really understands humans! Hey there, I want you as my pet, are you alright with that?” 

Nonsense, you could have asked me that early on! Why did you have to beat me up first?! 

An Tong could not wait to kill this idiot. He nodded again. 

Li Chengfeng slowly lifted the palm pressing on the ‘large cat’. It continued lying on the ground submissively, not daring to move. 

Chengfeng was ecstatic. “Well, that was easy!” 

“Young Master, does this mean we’re done here?” 

“Well, we’ve got our magical pet now. We’ll take good care of it!” 

Su Yuehan said worriedly, “Will it bite us?” 

An Tong was startled, quickly pretending to look pitiful and cried. Su Yuehan quickly threw the thought to the back of her mind and patted An Tong’s head. “Be good or we won’t give you any meat!” 

An Tong quickly nodded. 

Li Chengfeng finally calmed down and grinned at Su Yuehan. “You were very brave just now! I can’t believe you just grabbed its tail!” 

Su Yuehan stuck out her tongue, though the fear had just hit her. “It was just in the heat of the moment. I don’t think I can do it now if you asked me to.” 

“Not bad, it’s great you came with me today.” Chengfeng took out the rope prepared for his magical pet, tied it around An Tong’s neck, then led it away while Su Yuehan walked behind as a lookout. 

An Tong scratched the rope at his neck with a paw, about to explode in anger. I’m so going to rip your throat out tonight! 

Just as he gritted his teeth, Chengfeng suddenly turned and scolded him sternly. “Stop scratching or I’ll hit you!” 

An Tong quickly put down his paw, getting increasingly angrier. 

Both of them brought this ‘large cat’ back to the teleportation array through the same route. Their vision turned dark, and in a moment, they were back in Hidden Sword Court’s teleportation array. 

On their way back to their quarters, they suddenly heard crying and begging from the forest nearby. 

Su Yuehan and Li Chengfeng looked at each other. She whispered, “Young Master, we should avoid trouble.” 

Chengfeng was the type to kick every pebble on the sidewalk, inviting all sorts of trouble. He was the guy who had to fight a rude pimp mistreating a girl at Falling Blossom Residence, how could he not be tempted this time? 

However, he was now entangled in many problems and under too much stress. For the first time in his life, he hesitated. He thought for a moment, then sighed and turned to walk away. 

After a few steps, he halted and whispered. “Don’t you think the voice sounds familiar?” 

Su Yuehan was puzzled. “Familiar?” 

“I’ll go check it out!” 

Su Yuehan watched in exasperation as Li Chengfeng led the extremely unwilling ‘cat’ into the forest towards the sounds. They had trekked tens of metres when they saw two Hidden Sword disciples pointing at a young man with their swords, yelling, “Tell me! Who sent you? Is it Hidden Brocade Court?” 

These two were the swindler pair who faked injury: Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai. 

The young man was clutching his head. Although his head was lowered and Chengfeng could not see his face, he recognised the young man immediately. 


In shock, Li Chengfeng yelled cautiously. 

The young man looked up in shock. His face was filthy and covered in green and purple. It was indeed Zhao Xiaobao! Chengfeng was both furious and overjoyed to see him. 

“Young MAster?” Zhao Xiaobao craned his neck, his eyes locked on Chengfeng as if afraid Chengfeng would disappear in the next moment! 

Both Zhao Yibai and Qu Tongqiu were so startled they quickly kept their swords, privately cursing: why is this misfortune magnet literally everywhere?! 

“Young Master!” Zhao Xiaobao ran up to Li Chengfeng and fell to his knees, bursting to tears as he hugged Li Chengfeng’s legs. “I have been looking for you everywhere!” 

“How did you come here?” Li Chengfeng was overjoyed, pulling him up and glaring daggers at the stunned Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai. 

The shorter guy, Zhao Yibai, sulked and his eyes darted at the taller Qu Tongqiu as if to ask, hey, what now? 

Qu Tongqiu glared back as if to say, how the hell would I know? 

An Tong’s eyes lit up, almost turning back to human form to catch Li Chengfeng red-handed. According to the Hidden Sword Court rules, anyone caught fraternising with an outsider would have their meridians cut and kicked out of the sect! 

An Tong kept casting glances at Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai, trying to tell them, but all the two men thought in unison, ‘Damn, what an arrogant pet! How dare it bare its teeth at us?” 

When the two men glared back, An Tong’s temper flared and shouted out loud in hopes to remind Qiu Chuqiu and Qin Mieqin, who were definitely nearby. 

But before he could shout any longer, Li Chengfeng kicked him. 

Chengfeng glared, “Shut up!” 

An Tong raged, the enmity between them deepening. He scratched his claw in the soil viciously, creating several deep gashes. 

Li Chengfeng helped Zhao Xiaobao up. He had countless questions to ask Zhao Xiaobao. Where did he go after leaving their house? How did he come in?

He looked at Qiu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai, then greeted them with the court greeting with a fake smile. “My senior brothers… may I ask, what wrong did my servant do?” 

Both of them almost peed themselves as they wrung their hands. “Nothing, nothing!” 

An Tong was so angry. What a bunch of idiots! Hidden Sword Court is absolutely embarrassing! Although you’re both known trash, you’re still his senior brother! How could you be bullied by a newcomer? This is ridiculous! 

Both of their faces turned green, then red. Suddenly, they heard a voice. “What's going on?” 

Everyone turned to see two figures approaching. They were Sad-eyes Qin Mieqin and Qiu Chuqiu. 


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