Breaking The Day - Chapter 114

When Li Chengfeng saw the two men approaching, he immediately pulled Zhao Xiaobao behind him and stared cautiously. He had a bad feeling. 

Su Yuehan stood next to Zhao Xiaobao, taking out a silk handkerchief and handed it to him to wipe his face. 

As he wiped the filth off his face, Su Yuehan whispered, “Are you injured?” 

Zhao Xiaobao lowered and shook his head, watching it all timidly. He knew he had just caused his master trouble again. 

Li Chengfeng greeted Qin Mieqin and Qiu Chuqiu. “Senior Brother Qin, Senior Brother Qiu!” 

An Tong was delighted, his grin so wide even his molars were visible. He looked at Li Chengfeng maliciously. Today is your unlucky day! Now that Senior Brother Qin is here, you’re dead! Once he kicks you out of the sect, you won’t be protected! Then I’ll beat you up! 

Qin Mieqin furrowed his brows, scanning the group. His eyes darted at Zhao Xiaobao, then turned to yell at Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai. “Who’s this? Have you two been slacking off? How could you let an outsider enter?”

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai could barely react, both of them looking at each other. 

Qiu Chuqiu privately called them two idiots, then stepped forward to yell, “Outsiders are banned from entering the Hidden Sword Court. Anyone who breaks this rule will have their legs broken, meridians cut and kicked off Spiritual Mountain!” 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai looked at each other and quickly agreed, “Yeah, that’s right, that’s right!” 

Zhao Xiaobao paled, his lips quivering but he dared not speak. 

Li Chengfeng’s eyes darted at Zhao Xiaobao, then at Qin Mieqin and Qiu Chuqiu. He realised that while this could be a coincidence… it was obvious that they had been targeting him all along, trying to kick him out. And just to achieve this goal, perhaps they had been watching and following him all along. Maybe that tiger he encountered at Crescent Valley was a ‘coincidence’ orchestrated by them too. 

However, their turf, their rules. He took a deep breath, the anger on his face instantly turning into a smile. “Senior Brothers, you have mistaken. This is… a servant of mine.” 

Qin Mieqin’s eye twitched while Qiu Chuqiu was delighted. We were just waiting for you to say that! 

Qiu Chuqiu said impatiently, “Hmmph, I didn’t know you’ve already passed your evaluation test and solidified your cultivation base?” 

Li Chengfeng forced a grin. “You’re joking, Senior Brother Qiu. I’ve just entered the sect, I haven’t even figured out my specialisation yet so how could I have solidified my cultivation base?” 

Qiu Chuqiu smirked. “Alright. Hidden Sword Court rules state that newcomers are only allowed one servant! You’re blatantly breaking the rules!” He looked at Qin Mieqin with delight in his eyes. 

Qin Mieqin pretended as if it broke his heart, yet he must do his job, when he said, “According to Clause 5, Line 3 of the Hidden Sword Court precept handbook, anyone who breaks the rules will be kicked out.” 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai were instantly excited. “That’s right! Kick him out of Hidden Sword Court!” 

Zhao Xiaobao’s face paled. How could he have known this would happen? Wiping his tears, he sobbed, “Young Master, I’m troubling you again. I.. I… I’ll go now, I won’t trouble you anymore.” 

Li Chengfeng knew that there must be an important reason why Zhao Xiaobao was here. Second, although they were master and servant, they were practically brothers. When he watched Zhao Xiaobao cry pathetically, he could not bear to chide him either. He was also sure of one final thing: if Zhao Xiaobao leaves Spiritual Mountain Sect, he would meet a terrible end! Looking at his current condition, Xiaobao must be here only because he had no other place to go. 

Would Li Chengfeng ever push someone to their death like that? And this was Xiaobao! 

“Hey, wait!” Li Chengfeng stopped him. 

Qiu Chuqiu frowned. “Li Chengfeng, are you planning to challenge our court rules?” 

Qu Tongqiu said excitedly, “Anyone who challenges the court’s judgement shall be killed!” 

Qin Mieqin said flatly, “The Hidden Sword Court only prospered due to strict discipline and rules. We have a few hundred disciples, all working together as one. This concentration of power is the reason why we have lasted to this day. Although you’re a disciple with the golden invitation and ranked first in two tests, rules are rules. We cannot bend them just for you.” 

Qiu Chuqiu grinned. “You hear that? Anything else you want to say?” 

Li Chengfeng’s mind raced. He looked at Zhao Xiaobao, at Su Yuehan, then at the grinning ‘large cat’ and suddenly had an idea. “I am also very impressed by the strict discipline in Hidden Sword Court. I also understand that rules must be followed.” 

Qiu Chuqiu hurriedly interjected, “So that means you admit to having two servants then?” 

Li Chengfeng looked surprised. “When did I ever say that?” 

Qiu Chuqiu snarled, “Alright, who’s that then?” He pointed at Su Yuehan. 

Su Yuehan paled, staring straight at Li Chengfeng and terrified that he might chase her out. In the depths of her heart, she was sure of it. How could she compare to another servant who had grown up with Li Chengfeng. 

She clenched her fist, frustrated with it all. Looks like she cannot rely on a man in her life! 

Li Chengfeng looked at Su Yuehan. Although they met not long ago, many memories came to mind. Both of them had endured many hardships together. 

He grinned. “She’s my servant, of course!” 

Qiu Chuqiu clapped. “Alright! You’ve admitted to the crime!” 

He gasped. “What crime? I don’t understand?” 

“You idiot! Didn’t you just admit that she’s your servant?” 

“Yeah, she is!” 

Qiu Chuqiu then pointed at Zhao Xiaobao. “What about him?” 

Li Chengfeng explained slowly. “Oh.. he’s my former servant.” 

Zhao Xiaobao’s face paled, lips quivering. Qiu Chuqiu asked, “What about now?” 

Li Chengfeng grinned mischievously. “Him? He’s now my magical pet.” 


Li Chengfeng’s answer caused Qin Mieqin to widen his eyes. Everyone’s eyeballs almost fell out. 

“W-w-what did you say?” 

Even An Tong, the ‘large cat’, had his mouth wide open. 

Zhao Xiaobao’s eyes widened too, not sure how to react. Su Yuehan quickly lowered her head as she burst into laughter. 

What’s going on? Can you point at a human and say they’re your pet? Is that even appropriate? You’re shameless, aren’t you? 

But Li Chengfeng knew that there were times one had to throw away their dignity for such things. 

He grinned. I love it when all of you try to kick me out but keep failing! 

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