Breaking The Day - Chapter 115

TL Note: 

I will be changing the court names to reflect their meanings:

Cangjin Court > Hidden Brocade Court

Cangxiu Court > Hidden Beauty Court

Cangjian Court > Hidden Sword Court

Cangqing Court > Hidden Modesty Court

I realised pinyin made it rly confusing in English, might as well change it now

this does the actual name justice & you'll know what they represent at first glance. (btw I've got a glossary here)

Su Yuehan’s snicker was the greatest act of insult to Qiu Chuqiu and the rest. 

Qiu Chuqiu almost leapt in anger. “How dare you insult your seniors’ intelligence? Such manners!” 

Li Chengfeng looked terrified. “I would never! Why would you say that?” 

Qiu Chuqiu roared, his spit flying everywhere, “How could you call a whole person your pet? Such a ridiculous lie! You did not just insult your seniors, you have just insulted the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect!” 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai next to them quickly echoed, “That’s right! Senior Brother Qin, you agree too, right?” 

They looked at Qin Mieqin and saw his eye twitch, and his expression solemn. Their expressions froze, hearts sinking. 

Li Chengfeng was also secretly observing Qin Mieqin’s expression. He knew that the time he spent memorising Spiritual Mountain Sect and Hidden Sword Court’s rules were not wasted. At such a critical moment, he could force his way through a loophole! 

Li Chengfeng squeezed a smile that made everyone hate his guts. “May I ask which clause in the precept book bans cultivators from accepting… humans as magical pets?” 

“I…” Qiu Chuqiu was stunned. He turned to Qin Mieqin for help only to see Qin Mieqin’s face darkened. He raged, “This… this is absolutely inappropriate!” 

Chengfeng agreed, “Right, it is inappropriate. How could a human be a pet? But, which rule in the book states that I cannot take a human as a pet just because it is inappropriate?” He bowed at Qin Mieqin. “May I ask, Senior Brother, if there is a rule stopping me from doing so?” 

Qin Mieqin’s face was green. “There is no such rule.” 

Li Chengfeng clapped and grinned mischievously. “Great!


Qiu Chuqiu could not help but blurt in rage when he saw how delighted Li Chengfeng was with himself, “Wait, if he’s a magical pet, he must have magical powers! And can you ride him?” 

Li Chengfeng then asked Qin Mieqin carefully, “Senior Brother Qin, may I ask, is there a rule stating that a magical pet must have magical powers and be a mount?” 

Qin Mieqin’s face turned a few shades darker. “There is no such rule.” 

Li Chengfeng clapped again. “Great!” 

Qiu Chuqiu did not want to admit defeat. “Then what type of beast is your pet? Can you answer that question?” 

Li Chengfeng thought for a moment, then looked at the stunned Zhao Xiaobao. “Senior Brother Qiu, haven’t you figured that out already?” 

Qiu Chuqiu roared, “Nonsense, I obviously don’t know what that is!” 

As if talking to a particularly slow child, Li Chengfeng sighed. “Senior Brother Qiu, thinking about it. He risked his life coming to me, that’s loyalty! That’s a dog!” 

Huh? Can you even say that? 

Qiu Chuqiu almost fainted. “That’s a human, how can you say he’s a dog? No no no, even so, he cannot be considered a pet either way! No, I mean…” 

Li Chengfeng cut him off. “Senior Brother Qiu, I know what you mean but this pet of mine just looks more human than dog. Much better looking than other people’s pets too!” 

As he spoke, he secretly poked Zhao Xiaobao, who understood. 

Although extremely unwilling, they had both grown up together and could communicate with just one look. 

Zhao Xiaobao quickly squatted like a dog, panting with his tongue out. Li Chengfeng patted his head and extended a hand. “Left hand.” Zhao Xiaobao obediently extended his left hand and placed it in Li Chengfeng’s palm. Li Chengfeng then said, “Right hand.” Zhao Xiaobao then placed his right hand in Li Chengfeng’s palm. 

Satisfied, Li Chengfeng ruffled his hair and smiled at the tongue-tied Qiu Chuqiu. “Senior Brother Qiu, see? He’s a very obedient dog-pet! He’s as intelligent as a human!” 

Su Yuehan could not hold it in any longer. She turned around, biting her hand as her shoulders trembled. She was terrified of actually laughing out loud. 

Such antics! 

If you spent too much time with a guy like Li Chengfeng, you’d either die of anger or laughter! 

Qiu Chuqiu was completely stunned, about to explode. This person was obviously insulting him but he struggled to gain the upperhand in this battle! 

“You… you!” Qiu Chuqiu’s face turned purple as he roared, “YOU’RE…” 

Qu Tongqiu quickly helped, “Your pet is so disrespectful!” 

Qiu Chuqiu, who had lost all logic, instinctively said, “Yeah!” 

Li Chengfeng looked panicked as he patted Zhao Xiaobao. “How could you hurt their feelings? Quick, apologise to my seniors!” 

Zhao Xiaobao looked at him pitifully, then, exasperated, turned to the group. “Woof, woof woof, woof woof woof woof!” 

Su Yuehan could not hold it in any longer. A snicker turned into laughter, though she realised that it was inappropriate and quickly covered her mouth with both hands. She squatted down, trembling. 

As if he did not hear the laughter, Li Chengfeng said solemnly to Qiu Chuqiu and Qu Tongqiu, “My Senior Brothers, my dog just apologised to you, will you accept it?” 

Qiu Chuqiu was about to explode when Qin Mieqin cut him off. “ENOUGH!” 

Qiu Chuqiu gritted his teeth, swallowing his words. He glared at Li Chengfeng and stood behind Qin Mieqin without another word. 

However, Qin Mieqin was glaring at Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai in fury. To him, this entire situation was entirely these two idiots’ faults! They were the reason why he was humiliated like that! 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai shuddered, knowing that they were in trouble. Leaving a bad impression with Sad-eyes Qin Mieqin only meant their future days would be filled with hardship! 

Zhao Yibai’s mind raced. He suddenly noticed the ‘large cat’ next to Li Chengfeng. Delighted, he said, “Wait!” 

Qin Mieqin and the rest, who were leaving, turned to glare at him. Qiu Chuqiu yelled, “Spit it out!” 

Zhao Yibai pointed at the ‘large cat’ grinningly. “Disciples of the Hidden Sword Court are only allowed one servant and one pet! So if you say your pet is the… dog, what’s this tiger then?” 

Qu Tongqiu’s eyes lit up. “Yeah, you’re still breaking the rules! Right, Senior Brother?” They looked at Qin Mieqin but saw that his face darkened even more. Even Qiu Chuqiu did not speak. 

Have the seniors forgotten already? 

Nope! Of course they remembered An Tong. However, they were completely enraged by Li Chengfeng’s insults. Since kicking him out was not an option, they must kill him! 

And the best way to do that is to get An Tong to kill him! That was why they deliberately ‘forgot’ to mention him! 

However, these two stupid idiots just became the most unhelpful teammates ever, delighted with themselves as they pointed out this flaw. 

Qiu Chuqiu almost kicked them to death. However, he had no choice but to carry on so he glared at Li Chengfeng. “What do you have to say for yourself?” 

“Huh? This?” Li Chengfeng looked at An Tong, who put on a confused tiger expression, and sighed. Although this intelligent cub is a rare find, my brother’s life is more important. 

Li Chengfeng sincerely picked the ‘large cat’ up and said, “To be honest, Senior Brothers, this is not my pet. It’s food.” 

“Huh?” Not just Zhao Yibai and Qu Tongqiu, even Qin Mieqin and Qiu Chuqiu were stunned. 

An Tong cursed profusely in his heart. Oh my goodness, what now? What happened to sticking to the script?! 

Zhao Yibai would not back down. “Are you sure you’re willing to eat this tiger? You’re lying! Eat it then! Prove it!” 

An Tong silently raged. SHUT UP, FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE!

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