Breaking The Day - Chapter 12

The crowds may not understand what was going on but Li Chengfeng’s eyes widened. He liked listening to storytellers, and every time the storyteller man talked about the Champion Marquis’ glorious battles during the early periods of the empire, he would feel his heart race. Just listening to the name was the equivalent to deafening thunder! 

The Champion Marquis’ clan was situated in the northwest of Daqu, they were a force to be reckoned with. At the same time, they were in charge of monitoring Devil King of Heaven’s Corner, Sun Heluo, who was sealed at the edge of the world. He was the most powerful, both authority and military power-wise. Hence he was also named the Crownless King, King of the Northwest. 

When the ancestors founded the empire, they gave him this staff and declared, ‘Anyone with this staff need not bow to the lords!’ 

The black-robed leader held the staff up high with a sneer. “Prefecture Chief Zhang, do you recognise this?” 

Zhang Junheng’s expression turned ugly. He said coldly, “You’re too far away, I can’t see it clearly!” 

The leader held it out. “Then look at it closer!” 

Qiu Liansheng looked at Zhang Junheng, who gave him a look. Qiu Liansheng walked over and took the order staff cautiously, then offered it to Zhang Junheng with both hands. 

Zhang Junheng’s face fell. Although the staff wasn’t the main one from history, it was one of the 4 sub-staffs still belonging to the Champion Marquis. No matter what, it was still an order token from the Zhan family! 

The black-robed man smirked. “So do you still question my word, Prefecture Chief?” 

Zhang Junheng forced himself to remain calm. He knew that although he was chief, but… the Zhan family of the northwest held unimaginable power. It was something he would not be able to stand against! 

But if they take his beloved mistress away like this in front of everyone, wouldn’t he lose face? Plus if they decided he had committed a crime for harbouring a demon, would he lose his title? 

Zhang Junheng was in pain, in turmoil, angry and humiliated! 

At this moment, the courtyard was silent. Shaking, he turned to Su Zhixian with shaking voice, “What he said, is it true?” 

The crowd was silent, now staring at him with disdain. 

Su Zhixian begged him tearfully, “My Lord, I am innocent and I know that I may never be able to prove it! But I have heard that the blood of magical beasts is green, golden for immortals, blue for demons and purple for the magical race! Only human blood is… red! Well then today, I will prove to you what colour my blood is, my lord!” 

As she spoke, she lowered her head and slammed herself into one of the soldier’s spear. 

Everyone was shocked by the sudden movement, while Li Chengfeng smirked on the roof. Who is she trying to fool with a trick like that? 

Zhang Junheng’s eyes were reddened, looking at her with the deepest pain. His eyes were filled with an internal struggle. As she hurled herself at the spear, the soldier quickly pointed his spearhead upwards so she missed. 

When she missed, she turned to Zhang Junheng and had a sudden look of resolute. She pounced on another soldier wielding a sharp knife. Just as she almost touched the blade, the soldier quickly retracted his blade to point it downwards. Yet, there was a sudden white flash slashing down on Su Zhixian. 

Her head then flew up into the sky while her body hurled forward from the previous momentum, gushing with blood at the neck. It was as if it was raining blood, everyone around her yelled in shock. The body soon staggered and collapsed, convulsing occasionally. 

The head fell on the ground and rolled in circles. The eyes were coincidentally facing Li Chengfeng, and they had a permanent look of dissatisfaction. 

Li Chengfeng’s jaw dropped! 

What the heck just happened?! 

Everyone was stunned! 

Everyone looked at Qiu Liansheng, who was standing in the centre of it all. His longsword was dripping with blood, forming droplets on the ground that slowly flowed into the cracks of the stone tiles. 

“The… the blood is red!” Someone from the crowd yelled. 

“Sigh, they killed the wrong person!” The crowd erupted in discussion. 

The leader’s face paled. He muttered, “That’s, that’s impossible! Impossible! How could her blood be red!” 

Zhang Junheng’s blood shot eyes turned to Qiu Liansheng in fury. He roared, “You must die!” 

Qiu Liansheng was shaking, his sword dropped with a clang as he said stupidly, “I saw her pounce towards you, sir, I was afraid she was going to harm you so…” 

Zhang Junheng was in a rage. He boomed, “Take him away!” 

His guards dragged Qiu Liansheng away and all everyone heard was Qiu Liansheng’s cries for mercy that became softer as he was taken far away. Now the black-robed leader was left standing with a horrible expression on his face. 

The leader was very clear that he was supposed to catch Cheng Qianfang alive! 

Now that she was beheaded in front of a crowd, and her obviously red blood even spattered on several people, she was practically declared innocent! 

Her blood was red, so how could she be a demon? 

Now Zhang Junheng was also cleansed of suspicion. The black-robed leader had caused more trouble for himself! 

He had cornered the chief’s wife into death. He was in deep trouble! 

Li Chengfeng’s jaw dropped, unable to respond to the sudden changes. Since he stepped into Zhixi’s place, strange things had happened consecutively. Before he had time to process any of it, the next thing happened. He had witnessed the death of two beautiful ladies today! 

He felt like there was something wrong. It looked like an intricate conspiracy but he still couldn’t see the truth. It was a horrible feeling. 

But the worse thing was… he would get into deep trouble soon with the prefecture chief. 

Although no one outed him out today, they were going to come look for him sooner or later by tracing back the events. Did the prefecture chief need any evidence if he wanted to seek revenge on the person who got with his mistress? 

What’s done was done. Although he couldn’t catch her alive, the black-robed leader still had to hold his anger in. His chest rose and fell heavily as he kept his staff. He then forced the following words through clenched teeth, “My apologies for today! I’ll visit again next time! Farewell!” He then waved and all the black-robed men kept their crossbows at the same time. 

Zhang Junheng was furious but also did not want to cross a boundary to offend the other party. He stared at them coldly. “Hmmph, I’ll be waiting for the Champion Marquis to offer an explanation! If not, I will not hesitate to take this to the palace, I will not let you get away with it! Hmmph!” He then waved and all his guards opened up a path. The black-robed men left quickly. 

Zhang Junheng turned and silently watched them leave, his face solemn.

As the commotion ended, everyone whispered amongst themselves. No one noticed that the blood flowing from Su Zhixian’s neck had a hidden blue glow. The blue glow flowed quietly through the cracks in the tiles, into the ground, then followed the cracked back into the bedroom into Liu Zhixi’s body under the bed. 

Zhang Junheng turned around and yelled, “Search the place! Find out who was in the room!” 

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