Breaking The Day - Chapter 121

As Chengfeng and Grand Senior Brother stared into each other’s eyes, they noticed the strong fiery determination within both of them.

Grand Master Senior slowly nodded his head as he pointed to a chamber beside the hall. “Junior Brother Qin, bring Junior Brother Li along and retrieve two sets of Hidden Sword’s cultivation robes and his homework scripture.”

Qin Mieqin nodded and gestured towards Chengfeng, signalling him to follow along.

Before they left, Su Yuehan couldn’t help but exclaim, “Make it six sets!”

Qin Mieqin and the turned around to look at her. Yuehan smiled dryly, “We have three people, one person with two sets each so we can alternate them.”

Ouyang Nan angrily looked at Xiaobao and spoke, “He’s cultivating too? Isn’t he a magical pet?”

To which Yuehan replied, “So what if he’s a magical pet? Whoever said that magical pets can’t cultivate?”

Those who did not understand looked at Xiaobao, visibly confused.

Su Yuehan quietly nudged Xiaobao with her feet, hinting him to speak. He glanced at her, but she quickly glared back. A reluctant Xiaobao started to helplessly bark, “Woof woof woof! Woof woof, woof woof woof woof!”

Everyone stared in shock. However, Chengfeng almost failed to contain his laughter.

Ouyang Nan laughed angrily and asked, “What did he say?!”

Yuehan delightfully replied, “He said even a magical pet is a part of Hidden Sword Court! He can lend a helping hand!”

Chengfeng, who was trying his best to keep a straight face, glared at Yuehan. “Look at you! You’re even qualified as a translator!”

Yuehan giggled, then proceeded to pat Xiaobao on his head. Xiaobao was dumbfounded, but Yuehan nonchalantly explained to the other disciples, “Our family pet is a good boy, he can understand humans too! Look! Come, Xiaobao, give me your hand!”

Xiaobao stared daggers at Yuehan, whispering, “Enough…”

As soon as Yuehan glared back, he immediately gave in. “...Woof woof woof!” he barked.

The disciples who stood on the side were dumbfounded. They couldn’t even determine if they were stupefied by the humorous turn of events, or if they were stupefied by Yuehan’s beautiful smile.

Hidden Sword Court was full of men; it was a miracle that a woman had appeared before them. Not to mention one as beautiful as Yuehan. At that moment, most of the disciples of Hidden Sword Court couldn’t take their eyes off of her as they admired her every move.

Grand Senior Brother furrowed his brows as he looked at Qin Mieqin. Mieqin’s facial expression was somewhat awkward as he quietly whispered an explanation to Grand Brother Senior. With a loud grunt, Grand Senior Brother exclaimed, “Blasphemy! Brother Junior Qin, hurry up and revise this rule of the Spiritual Mountain Sect this instant! And inform the other courts of this revision as well. We cannot allow others to use this loophole for their advantage in the future!”

He was mindblown that Chengfeng could even think of taking in a human being like a magical pet! This was greatly unexpected because, during their decennial Daqi Cultivation Tournament, participants are allowed to bring their magical pets to their fight. If the magical pet was a human being, and this human being has a higher than average cultivation level, this would be extremely unfair to the other participants!

After all, even if a magical pet was strong, its mental capacity was still limited. That was why being paired up with a human would be far more advantageous compared to pairing up with an actual pet.

But Grand Senior Brother’s response was unexpected to Chengfeng. He was a man of strong principle and virtue. 

Grand Senior Brother nodded to Mieqin, “Give him six sets, give him however many sets he asks. If there is anything else that he needs, as long as Hidden Sword Court has it, give it to him!”

Mieqin nodded as he brought Chengfeng, Yuehan and Xiaobao to the side chamber of the hall.

When Chengfeng and the rest had left, Ouyang Nan urgently approached Grand Brother Senior with Qiu Chuqiu as they exclaimed in unison, “Grand Brother Senior! This man cannot be trusted!”

An Tong chimed in as well, “That’s right, he absolutely cannot be trusted! He’s definitely a traitor!”

Grand Brother Senior squinted his eyes at him. “How are you so sure? What proof do you have?”

An Tong was only purely trying to vent his personal grudge towards Chengfeng. So, of course, he had no evidence! But if they were to have him explain, he wouldn’t be able to speak about the humiliation that Chengfeng had put him through.

An Tong stuttered, “I-I-... It’s just an intuition!”

Grand Senior Brother proceeded to slide his hand into his sleeves as he asked, “Alright, guess how many fingers am I pointing right now?”

An Tong stared at his senior dumbfoundedly. “Grand Senior Master, I have yet to cultivate the magical eye… How would I know?”

Grand Senior Brother replied, “Weren’t you so sure of your intuition just a second ago? Why not give it a go?”

An Tong mumbled, “One… Two… Three… No, no! Four! No! Five fingers…”

Grand Senior Brother asked once again, “How many fingers!”

An Tong smiled bitterly, “Grand Senior Brother, stop messing with me… If I say the correct number and you change your answer, wouldn’t I be wrong either way?”

“Do you think I’m that kind of person?! How many fingers??!” screamed Grand Brother Senior in anger.

A frightened An Tong immediately croaked, “Two fingers!”

Grand Brother Senior reached out his arm and held out his entire palm, all of his fingers were extended. An Tong regretfully muttered as he rubbed the back of his head, “Aiya… I was right just now!”

Qiu Chuqiu sneered, “Nonsense, you guessed by counting one to five. How could you possibly guess it wrong?”

An Tong angrily whined, “Would you die if you stopped opposing me for once?”

“SHUT UP!” threatened Grand Senior Brother furiously.

The two of them immediately kept their mouths shut. Grand Senior Brother smirked, “Seems like your intuition wasn’t as accurate as you thought! You couldn’t even see through my sleeve, how could you possibly claim to be able to see through someone’s heart?”

Qiu Chuqiu immediately tagged along, “Grand Brother Senior is right, it is hard to fathom a person’s mind. Some people may say one thing but do another! However, this concerns the life and death of Hidden Sword Court! So please, Grand Senior Brother, we must be vigilant!”

Grand Senior Brother looked at Chuqiu and asked, “Well, do you have any better ideas?”

Chuqiu suddenly fell silent. Grand Senior Brother coldly grunted, “If you don’t, then keep your mouth shut! Hidden Sword Court has fallen into such a desperate state! This is our last resort!”

“But...but what if he really was a spy? What should we do then?” asked an unconvinced An Tong.

Grand Senior Brother fell silent for a while, then coldheartedly replied, “Then I will make sure that his Cleansing Moon Sect will fall with Hidden Sword Court!”


Chengfeng followed Mieqin to retrieve six sets of cultivation robes along with some accessories and books from the Hidden Sword Court. As the three of them carried their robes and books that piled up mountain-high, Chengfeng felt just like a freshman at school. 

However, this school was cruel and bloody. He must succeed in his training if not, the future that laid ahead of him would be unfathomable.

Grand Senior Brother stood by the door as he waited for them. When he witnessed them coming out from the chamber, he looked at Chengfeng and spoke, “Tomorrow at dawn, follow me to the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. You shall pick one of your own!”

As he finished his sentence, Grand Senior Brother immediately turned and left. Chengfeng anxiously shouted, “Hey! Wait! Where is this Valley of Ten Thousand Swords?”

Grand Senior Brother turned his head, looking at Qin Mieqin. Qin Mieqin helplessly answered, “It’s location is shown in the ‘Records of Spiritual Mountain’, just look for it yourselves.”

Chengfeng nodded, the three of them glanced at each other as they watched them leave one by one. When all of the others had left the premises, a huge grin began to appear on their faces.

Xiaobao excitedly spoke, “Young Master! Does this mean we’re officially cultivators?!”

Yuehan quickly retorted, “That’s not true, you’re just a magical pet!” As she finished her sentence, she leaned against Chengfeng, using his body to hold onto her robes as she began to pet Xiaobao on his head with her free hand once more.

Xiaobao angrily slapped her hand away. “That’s enough! I’m warning you!”

Yuehan let out a small yelp, she raised her now red hand to Chengfeng and complained, “Young Master! Look, your pet has hit me! You should discipline him!”

Chengfeng looked at Xiaobao as he replied, “Xiaobao, can’t you treat a lady gently? Just let her be!”

Xiaobao looked down as he sighed helplessly. “Young Master, if you ever become an emperor, you’ll definitely be a fatuous and self-indulgent one!”

Chengfeng let out a guffaw. “If I was ever crowned as the emperor, I definitely won’t mistreat you!”

Xiaobao smiled ear to ear as he heard Chengfeng’s claim. “That’s right, that’s right. I’ve loyally followed Young Master for so many years after all!”

Su Yuehan watched Xiaobao who looked helpless one second, and smiling the next whenever he was with Chengfeng, she couldn’t help but feel amazed by how nonchalant they were. It was as if even if the heavens had fallen, they wouldn’t even worry much about it. Yuehan chimed in their conversation, “Young Master, what position would you give to Xiaobao then?”

“I will definitely bestow him a position where he would only serve beneath one person and have the power to command the rest!” smiled Chengfeng.

Xiaobao had a smile so broad, it almost covered half of his face! “Wouldn’t that mean I would become the Prime Minister? I...I’m worried I’m be cut out for it!”

Yuehan smiled as she scolded him, “Ptui! It seems like your doggy imagination has gotten ahead of you! You’re speaking as you might actually become one!”

Xiaobao gave her a sharp glare as he retorted, “Say what you want! I’ve decided that I want to be the Prime Minister, how would you know that I can’t do it?!”

Chengfeng laughed, “Don’t be so full of yourself! You? The Prime Minister? Don’t go around scourging our kingdom and its subjects!”

He then proceeded to point at Xiaobao, with a look of righteousness painted over his face and exclaimed, “If I was ever crowned as the emperor, I’ll make you the crown prince!”

“Wow! The crown prince!!” Xiaobao replied in excitement. He held his robes and books in one arm and danced, “Then that means I could be the Em-... Wait! That’s not right! Young Master! How could you do this to me!”

“AHHAHAHAHA!” Su Yuehan couldn’t control her laughter any longer, the robes and books within her arms had all fallen to the ground. She was too busy holding her stomach from laughing so hard.

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