Breaking The Day - Chapter 125

After Zhao Xiaobao had thrown away the Zimu Lightning Sword from his grasp, he suddenly noticed that the sword took a round trip in mid-air and landed right back in front of him!

Xiaobao’s jaw dropped to the ground as he angrily shouted, “I want to change my sword! I don’t want to use a sword that was made for women!”

Chengfeng and Yuehan snickered in delight as they watched Xiaobao suffer.

The voice of Grand Senior Brother echoed from below, “Swords do not differentiate between gender, only those who wield it. This Zimu Lightning Sword has chosen you because it believes that you’re suitable to wield it, you should accept the sword! Back in the day, this sword was nicknamed ‘The Fulminant Thunder’ by Jiang Lingbo! Not to mention, it used to rank forth within the Hidden Sword Court. You should know how incredibly strong this sword is!”

Half-believing the statement Grand Senior Brother just made, Xiaobao sceptically wielded the sword once again. As he scrutinised the sword, he noticed that the handle was situated in the middle of its blades. The sword had blades that slightly curved on both sides, making the entire sword seem like a curved blade. He also realised that the handle of the blade was split vertically into three sections, the middle section was obviously for one-handed wielding.

Xiaobao proceeded to grasp the two outer sections of the handles, suddenly the sword made a ‘click’ sound and immediately split into two. Among the two swords, one was an indigo sword, and the other was in the shade of jade green, perfect to hold for each hand. However, this sword was already of medium length to begin with, so having it split in half just made it shorter. Xiaobao felt like he was holding two daggers instead of a sword.

As he flipped the swords over, he noticed that near the base of each sword was carved with the word ‘Thunder’ and ‘Lightning’ respectively. 

Chengfeng and Yuehan curiously approached Xiaobao, trying to get a good look. “Seems like this ‘Thunder’ sword is the mother* sword, and the ‘Lighting’ sword is the son,” said Yuehan.

 [*T/L note: The ‘Zimu’(子母) in Zimu Lightning Sword (子母闪电剑) means mother(mu母) and son(zi子)in Chinese]

“Let me see!” said Chengfeng with a smile.

Xiaobao immediately hugged the sword to his chest like his life depended on it and said, “No way! This is my sword of fate!”

Chengfeng laughed as he scolded Xiaobao, “Alright, I won’t take your sword from you! I wonder who was the one trying to throw it away just a few moments ago!”

Xiaobao giggled, “I wasn’t thinking straight before, and now I have realised its true potential! Sigh, Young Master, hurry up and pick one out for yourself! I wonder what kind of sword would choose you.”

Chengfeng too, was filled with curiosity, he felt that this method of choosing a sword was not only interesting but exciting as well. Su Yuehan who was beside him smiled, “That’s right, I’m curious too! Young Master, hurry up and pick a sword!”

Chengfeng walked towards the highest point, waiting for the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords to float towards him from the bottom. As the Dragon floated upwards once more, Chengfeng held his breath as he waited for it to float towards him.

While they were waiting, Chengfeng noticed that Yuehan was staring at the infinite amount of treasured swords in envy. He felt his heart soften as he smiled, “How about we choose it together?”

Yuehan was pleasantly surprised. “Can we?!” she asked. 

As Chengfeng gestured for her to come over, she immediately flew beside him and stood beside each other. Under the gaze of twinkling starlight, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords started to descend from a higher point. The two of them coincidentally glanced at each other and smiled in unison. 

As they smiled, the boy looked heroic yet unruly while the girl was elegant and beautiful. They were both stunned.

Su Yuehan lowered her head bashfully. When she lifted her blushed face, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords was already approaching them, a deafening and loud buzzing noise could be heard as it was nearing them.

Chengfeng and Yuehan extended their hands towards the sword. Just as their hands touched it, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords suddenly trembled and immediately halted in mid-air.

Chengfeng was dumbfounded as he looked at the sword, he looked left and right yet he noticed there was no other sword flying towards him. Confused, Chengfeng asked, “What is going on?”

Xiaobao giggled as he replied, “Young Master, it must be because your hand is too smelly! It’s so stinky that...”

Before he could finish, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords started to slowly take a round trip, all of the tips of its swords began to point towards Chengfeng. The swords started to accumulate nonstop whilst mid-air, as the swords went from a ‘gigantic dragon’ that flew past Chengfeng and his entourage into a ‘gigantic dragon’ that was aiming straight towards Chengfenf ready to attack.

The Grand Brother Senior was stunned as well, he had never once seen anything like this!

The countless flying swords had formed into a dragon’s head that seemed ready to attack at any second. It began to slowly back up as if to conserve energy, its slow movement made those in the premises feel a sense of oppression and fear of its explosive power. None of them questioned the power it had if it were to charge at them at any second!

“Quick!! Quickly! Hurry!!” screamed Grand Senior Brother, the look in his eyes changed immediately.

Chengfeng was tightly staring at the countless swords that were pointed at him. He immediately pulled Yuehan to his side and glanced towards Xiaobao as the three of them slowly backed off, their movements as subtle as they could conjure. They were terrified that any wrong move could cause these tens of thousands of swords to react.

While they were busy backing off, Chengfeng asked his Grand Brother Senior loudly, “Hurry? Hurry for what?”

The Grand Brother Senior’s voice cracked from the fear as he shouted, “HURRY UP AND RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!”

Just as he finished his sentence, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords’ body suddenly retracted back. Chengfeng immediately felt goosebumps all over his body. Without giving a second thought, he quickly swooped Yuehan up in his arms as he shouted towards Xiaobao, “HURRY! RUN!”

In a flash, both of them were running towards the bottom of the valley, bolting all the way down. 

Behind them, the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords let out a piercing roar that sent thousands of swords flying. The countless sharp swords started targeting Chengfeng’s silhouette.

Chengfeng used all of the energy he could muster to increase his speed as he ran. Suddenly, he felt a gust of wind behind him, and a few sharp swords had pierced through the ground just inches behind his feet, making sharp noises as he ran. 

The Grand Senior Brother disappeared in a flash and reappeared by the entrance of the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords. With his left hand placed on the mechanism by the wall while the other grasped his sword tightly, he yelled, “HURRY UP!” 

Chengfeng ran with all his might, he even ran as fast as Xiaobao despite carrying someone in his arms. If this were in the usual setting, he would’ve boasted in delight. However, in a dire situation like this, there was no room for him to even breathe, let alone talk!

He only heard the sounds of swords clinking and thudding behind him, yet these sounds were getting nearer by the minute. Thankfully, he was nearing the entrance as well. 

Su Yuehan was still trying to process what was going on. All Yuehan knew was that she had to hold onto Chengfeng as tightly as she could so that it would make his run easier. 

The three of them bolted towards the entrance for a few hundred metres. Seeing that the swords were about to catch up and engulf them, the Grand Senior Brother immediately conjured up a fulu seal and threw it towards Chengfeng. Just as the seal was about to reach them, it combusted in mid-air, leaving a fulu pattern imprinted in the air.

As Chengfeng and the others rushed in front of the floating fulu pattern, it lit up. A giant black hole suddenly appeared in front of them. At the same time, a black hole appeared beside the Grand Senior Brother as well.

The Grand Senior Brother reached into the black hole. In an instant, his hand appeared in front of Chengfeng via the black hole as he quickly grabbed onto Chengfeng. Immediately, Chengfeng turned around and grabbed Xiaobao’s hand as well.

The Grand Senior Brother used all his might to pull them in. As Chengfeng and the gang entered the black hole, they soon flew out the other end, falling on the ground as they landed.

The black hole that the Grand Senior Brother had summoned in front of Li Chengfeng had vanished in an instance. One of the sharp swords that had charged towards them followed suit, however, the black hole had already closed off as it entered, resulting in the sword to be cut in half in an instant. As it dropped onto the floor, it stopped moving. Its spiritual power was lost.

Chengfeng looked dishevelled as he carried Su Yuehan with one hand, while the other was interlocked within Xiaobao’s. When the three of them flew out the black hole, they all tumbled a few times onto the ground.

The tumbling had actually saved their lives. Seconds after they landed, a few swords that had gone through the black hole flew out from the other end. Their halved blades pierced itself into the ground where their heads would have been, landing just inches away from them.

Noticing that the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords was still trying to attack them as it charged towards the Ten Thousand Sword Valley, Grand Brother Senior immediately activated the switch, closing the entrance of the valley. A stone gate immediately fell upon the entrance, it was a few meters thick and weighed at least hundreds of kilograms. Yet even with the sturdy gate, one could hear the swords charging towards it as sounds that resembled a raging thunderstorm echoed behind it. The stone gate shook viciously as if it would break at any second from the impact.

Grand Brother Senior quickly slapped his hand on the stone gate, a white light appeared as it rapidly grew in every direction on the outer part of it. The stone gate that had been violently shaking was suddenly as still as a statue, the sounds of thunder subsequently resided as well.

Before Chengfeng could even feel relieved from escaping in one piece, Grand Brother Senior suddenly charged towards him and proceeded to grab him by the collar. His face was furious as he screamed, “Who on earth are you! SPEAK!”


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