Breaking The Day - Chapter 126

Chengfeng was stunned for a second. As he looked into the Grand Senior Brother’s eyes, he smirked, “Grand Senior Brother, if you felt like I’m suspicious, even if I were drinking and eating like normal, you would still find me suspicious; if you didn’t think that I was suspicious, then even if I burnt down the entire Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, you would still find an excuse for me.”

“Enough smooth talk! You’re here to sabotage the Heaven Splitting Array within the Spiritual Moon Sect aren’t you?!” replied Grand Senior Brother as he gritted his teeth.

Chengfeng chuckled, “Grand Senior Brother, please think carefully. If I really were trying to sabotage the Heaven Splitting Array, why would I present myself so vulnerably in front of you? Even risking my life? Not to mention, if this heavenly array was so powerful, how could I possibly break it with just one touch?”

Grand Senior Brother’s glare slowly resided, but he had yet let his guard down as he asked, “Then who in the world are you? Why did the Dragon of Ten Thousand Swords show such a violent response after just one touch from you?! We had never seen such a thing occur in the hundreds of years that the valley was formed!”

Chengfeng freed his collar from the Grand Senior Brother’s hands, responding in anger, “Grand Senior Brother, the one who almost lost their life just now was ME! Yet your Ten Thousand Sword Heaven Splitting Array is still in perfect condition. Just by looking at this point, shouldn’t I be the one to question you? Could it be that you were the one who had purposely lured me in here to kill me?”

Grand Senior Brother was furious. Just as he was about to reply, Chengfeng immediately continued, “But I know that you do not harbour such intentions, because if you really did want to kill us, you wouldn’t have tried to save our lives. You would have just stood there and watched as we perished within the blades. That’s why I wouldn’t think that.”

“Including myself, we only have around ten people give or take within Hidden Sword Court. If we were to have a scuffle among ourselves, then our court would perish for sure!” said Chengfeng sincerely. Upon hearing this, Grand Senior Brother’s anger slowly faded.

Grand Senior Brother continued to stare at Chengfeng. As the two stared into each other’s eyes, Xiaobao and Yuehan who stood beside them felt as if the air had solidified. After some time, the Grand Senior Brother finally spoke, “Alright. Tomorrow morning you shall go on a drill with your brother disciples, and I will be there to personally train all of you. If you were to be late or fall behind the group, then the earlier you leave our court the better. And stop trying to talk your way out of things! You should know that if you rely on your mouth, you won’t be able to talk your opponents to death!”

As Grand Senior Brother finished his sentence, he turned around to face Xiaobao and studied him. It seemed as if he was hesitating. Chengfeng who was beside him quickly asked, “Grand Senior Brother, how do you use this Zimu Lightning Sword? We wish for you to guide us with your wisdom.”

Grand Senior Brother chuckled, “Even if I told you the methods of wielding it, what can you do? Only when you reach a certain level of cultivation that you can use this magical weapon. Only when you succeed in cultivating the Invincible Golden Body that you can use this magical weapon in its full potential. It’s not that I look down on you, it’s just that the time you have left… is not enough.”

Chengfeng persistently replied, “But Grand Senior Brother, even if you just point a direction, we would at least know where we should head to in the future! What if we were able to withstand the hard challenges?”

Grand Senior Brother laughed light-heartedly, “Then let’s talk after you withstood them!”

Chengfeng was annoyed, “But… we haven’t chosen our sword yet?”

“This means that you are not fated with these swords. It could be… that you might have to find a sword on your own,” replied Grand Senior Brother. As he focused on Chengfeng, he noticed that Chengfeng had his hands behind his back and his eyes closed, not uttering a word more.

Chengfeng felt helpless. He could only look at Xiaobao and Yuehan, and the three of them followed the road they came from as they returned to their quarters.

As they reached their quarters, Xiaobao started to fiddle with the Zimu Lightning Sword in his hands. He wielded it and made a slash with his double swords, noticing that the design of this sword was too unique, and it was hard for him to wield it smoothly. However, he did not want to give up and continued to practice as much as he could.

Yuehan, on the other hand, started to tidy up and repair bits and pieces of the old and beat up house. Chengfeng went back to his room and began to think about what had just happened earlier.

During today’s journey, other than Xiaobao having luckily picked up a treasure and himself having his horizons broadened, it seems like this journey had been for nought. If their other journeys continued on like this, it would be a bummer.

Chengfeng laid against the stiff and hard bed that was made last minute. His arms pillowed his head while he muttered to himself, ‘How should I make myself stronger more quickly? Magical treasures… if we were to look at it in the short term, it’s not going to happen so soon…’

When he completed the first challenge of the Spiritual Moon Sect’s entrance test, he knew of their attentive intention. They used this hard and tiring challenge to explain to every one of them that the cultivation path has no shortcuts, that a thousand journeys were made possible by each step! There must be an accumulation of a long period of time, only then can it lead to an evolution of the body!

But… I don’t have the time to wait!

Chengfeng spun his head around the problem, trying to find a solution. Only to realise he had only one choice— the technique that he had memorised from his dream.

But there was a problem with this series of techniques. Although he had memorised it to his bone, when he tried it in secret, he found out that this technique had no effect on his body nor on his inner strength. 

Chengfeng was discouraged. He stood up and left the house, heading into the dense forest. After he scanned his surroundings and made sure that he was alone, he headed to a secluded spot. He sat down with his knees crossed and followed the steps and technique that he memorised from his dream, concentrating on his thoughts.

The insides of his body once again felt two sensations, one hot and one cold. He focused on his qi, and started to mobilise these sensations with his breathing. He then quietly observed any changes in his surroundings.

Astonishingly, the plants surrounding him started to grow at a frightening pace. However, the fauna that was not touched by him immediately wilted.

This reaction made Chengfeng feel confused and curious, ‘It seems like I have the ability to make the plants I touch grow? That’s not right… Then why was it that night the rainbow senna sickle also grew on its own? Could it be that I can control it as I will it?’ he thought to himself.

This idea immediately led Chengfeng to focus on his True Yuan, his gaze focused on the wilted grass patch not far from him. Using his motive to mobilise his True Yuan, his heart quietly muttered his thoughts.

In a flash, what Chengfeng expected has happened! The wilted patch that was on the field suddenly grew new sprouts at a rapid rate and proceeded to grow taller and taller. However, the patch of green grass that was in front of Chengfeng had withered instead.

At this moment, Chengfeng had confirmed that this was a ‘tearing down the east wall to mend the west wall’ technique. The first stage was to transfer the spiritual qi of plants, letting them quickly grow or wither. 

Chengfeng felt a bit of excitement, ‘If the first heavenly level was to transfer the spiritual qi of plants, what would be the second level? What would be the third level? What would the ninth level be like?’ 

If I were to reach a higher level, does that mean I could possibly move the Spiritual Qi and True Yuan of person? Hmmm, could I even move the Spiritual Qi of demons?!

As if he had just shouted ‘Eureka!’, Chengfeng realised that this was an overpowered technique! It’s basically the Soul-Sucking Technique!

And I don’t have to f*cking touch anything!

Holy sh*t! This is madness!

Just as he was flying in his thoughts, he suddenly had an idea, ‘Wait a minute, how will I cultivate to achieve the second heavenly stage? While I dreamt those ten stone pillars, I had only taken one glance. Not to mention, so many days have passed and I haven’t even had one dream about it since!’

Hit by reality, Chengfeng was disheartened once more. However, he kept a positive mindset and said, “Who knows? Maybe I’ll dream about it tonight!”

Moreover, since I have now cleared the first heavenly stage, I have to fully comprehend and grasp the power of this first level.

As he thought of this, Chengfeng was motivated once more. He had swept away his feeling of dejectedness from the Valley of Ten Thousand Swords, and started to practice mobilising his True Yuan with all his might. He began to try and test out the extent of his own powers and where his potential lied ahead. 

Before he realised, the sky had already darkened. When he heard Xiaobao screaming for his name in the woods, only then he decided that he should stop practising for the day.

After a series of tests, Chengfeng found out that his range could reach around 10 meters. In addition, he was able to remove the Spiritual Qi of any plants he wanted and move it to elsewhere.

Chengfeng nodded his head in satisfaction. Just as he was about to leave, the patch of grass his foot landed on was withered. Chengfeng looked down and remembered that this patch was originally green. As he looked behind him, he realised that another supposedly withered grass patch had come back to life instead!

He was dumbfounded, ‘Eh? Wait… No… That’s not right! That’s not freaking right at all!’

It seemed like he wasn’t able to sprout new plants as he pleased, it turned out that he was just nature’s porter!

Then what in the hell was this stupid technique good for?


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