Breaking The Day - Chapter 128

Chengfeng was stunned at the sight as he thought to himself, ‘These stone statues are alive? Are you serious? Did they really have to make it so challenging?’ 

This was the first time that Chengfeng had met such an opponent, one that was not alive but a mechanised stone statue! He was dumbfounded by the challenge, how was he going to fight this? Even with the Grim Stork, he knew which critical point to hit it. But as for the mechanised stone statue, was there even a critical point?

Chengfeng gritted his teeth as he held onto his bone spear and was prepared to charge, but just as he was about to, someone started to scold him loudly, “Get out of the way! Move!” Chengfeng looked to the owner of the voice and realised it was the Su You, who had helped him before.

Chengfeng was furious, but he knew that he genuinely did not know the trick of this challenge. With a swift kick to the floor, he immediately tried to jump further back from where he stood. 

With Chengfeng’s one kick, Su You quickly snapped at him as he shouted, “Don’t f*cking jump so high, are you looking for death?! Do you want to die?!”

As Chengfeng was suspended in mid-air, he noticed that these five stone statues had turned their attention towards him. The double swords on each of these statues began to aim towards him. In a flash, ten swords flew from their grasps and were charging against him like lightning in unison. Chengfeng’s facial expression turned to shock, as he was still in mid-air, he could not dodge it in time. However, as if their hearts were connected, Chengfeng quickly looked towards Xiaobao, only to realise he was already rushing towards his direction.

Xiaobao’s speed was as fast as lightning, his movements were far quicker compared to Chengfeng. Before he was only one step away from Chengfeng, Xiaobao immediately turned around, his hand grabbing the edge of Chengfeng’s clothing and pulled him towards the opposite direction as hard as he could. Chengfeng flipped his body, successfully dodging eight of the ten flying swords. He quickly wielded his bone spear while his body flipped, and with a slash, he narrowly blocked off the remaining two flying swords that he had failed to dodge before tumbling onto the floor.

Chengfeng’s hands trembled violently as he held onto his bone spear, the force that flowed from those flying swords had exceeded his imagination. Force with such velocity was definitely frightening, as he had used almost all of his strength to dodge the two swords. The impact had led his arms to feel numb, which made him unable to lift them for a brief second.

“These stone statues are strong!” exclaimed Chengfeng as he made eye contact with Xiaobao. The two of them were secretly scared, their backs drenched in a cold sweat.

But something that made Chengfeng even more frightened had happened! With the wave of their stone hands, those ten swords that had pierced into the stone walls immediately flew back into each stone statue’s grasp!

It was at this moment that Chengfeng experienced the real strength of these seemingly dull statues.

Ignoring Chengfeng, Su You shouted towards the others. The rest of the cultivators from Hidden Sword Court wielded their swords one by one, unbothered by what had happened to Chengfeng. “Blockhead! Hurry up and snatch the front-middle array! Do not let them arrange their array successfully!” commanded Su You.

Without making a sound, the tall and broad man named Blockhead quickly wielded his massive sword and charged towards the middle. His physique was big and burly, the ground shook lightly with every step he took. Furthermore, it felt as if with every step he took, the ground shook a bit more than the last time.

Chengfeng watched as Blockhead charged to the middle of the stone room, tackling the stone statue that stood was situated at the front. Blockhead swayed his massive sword, colliding hard with the two swords from the stone statue that slashed towards him at the same exact moment. The stone room echoed a loud and deafening clanking as the two large physiques were blasted back in their opposite directions.

Blockhead let out a groan, a small stream of blood flowed from the side of his mouth. The stone statue was blasted five meters away from where it once stood, however, the cracked floor had stopped it from landing any further. The stone statue stood tall if it received no damage.

Su You quickly commanded, “Tianjun and Zuofei, you two will go snatch the front-left! Tongqiu and Yibai! You two conquer the front-right! Blockhead! We will snatch the centre of the array!”

Chengfeng bewilderedly watched them at the side, trying his best to follow up with their strategic plan. But he had never encountered an array before, so how could he possibly know what Su You was talking about?

Centre of the array? Why the centre? Does that mean that it’s the weak point of the array?

Chengfeng watched as the six of them started to do the tasks they were assigned to.

Two of them were heading towards the front-left, another two to the front-right. Whereas Su You and a slightly recovered Blockhead once again headed towards the front-middle of the now empty spot, charging to the centre of the stone room.

However, there was another mechanised stone statue that was guarding the centre as well. It stood tall in the middle, unmoving. Its four arms wielded a sword each as if it was waiting for its prey. Behind it stood another mechanised stone statue, guarding the back portion of the array, as well as the front-middle stone statue that was blasted to the back.

Su You and Blockhead charged from the front array, their speed lightning fast. Blockhead was at the front, whereas Su You ran behind him, he held onto a fulu seal before he stuck it onto Blockhead’s back. A golden layer of light suddenly emerged from Blockhead’s body, slightly resembling golden armour. With an intimidating cry, Blockhead charged towards the mechanised stone statue and slashed it with all his might.

The stone statue that stood in the centre seemed to be the strongest of them all, it raised one of its swords to block Blockhead’s fully charged slash. A loud crash could be heard, and in an instance, Blockhead’s purlicue was sliced open, fresh blood started to drip from both of his palms that wielded his massive sword.

Su You was visibly impatient as he immediately screamed, “QUICKLY OPEN IT! SNATCH THE CENTRE OF THE ARRAY!”

In a flash, the stone statue raised its other three arms and tried to slash Blockhead with its three swords. Blockhead was startled. These three swords were aimed towards his crown, his waist and his arm separately. Blockhead’s only option was to back off, but if he did, this would leave Su You wholly exposed! With no choice, Blockhead gritted his teeth as he let out a cry and bent over. Instead of backing off, he charged towards the stone statue instead! He grabbed onto the stone statue with a bear hug and proceeded to deadlift the stone statue that weighed around a few hundred kilograms. However, the stone statue immediately slashed its four swords towards the crown of Blockhead.

Astonished, Su You quickly yelled, “HURRY! THROW IT!”

With god-like strength, Blockhead immediately lifted the stone statue and threw it as far as it could. He suddenly felt the top of his head feeling a bit breezy, turns out, the stone statue had sliced off his scalp.

Feeling elated, Su You quickly gestured a sword mudra, and a red light started to emit from his back. Like a beast filled with vengeance, he glared at the stone statue that was thrown by Blockhead and shouted, “FOCUS ATTACK!”

In an instance, the four cultivators who were dealing with the front-left and front-right quickly backed off. Among them, Tongqiu and Yibai hadn’t even solidified their cultivation bases, forget magical abilities, they didn’t even have fulu seals yet! All they could do was just stand there and watch in awe. Whereas the other two wielded their swords as they flew towards the stone statue, ready to attack.

Three beams of light started to flash, in a blink of an eye, the stone statue that was in mid-air was pulverised to dust. It’s mechanisms scattered all throughout the floor. Su You was overjoyed, he immediately rushed to the centre of the array and pierced his blade into the ground. The floor shook slightly, and immediately after, the tiles in the room started to move.

Stunned with fear, Su You exclaimed, “No! That’s impossible! This… this is a pseudo-centre?”

Chengfeng noticed a boulder not far from them started to sink, while the tiles on the floor started to twist and turn following the sunken boulder.

He realised that each of these cracks on the bluestone tiles had twisted and formed into a peculiar pattern.  These patterns looked bizarre at first but as the tiles finished turning and floated in the air, each tile connected and revealed a large round array. The array summoned another stone statue to replace the one that had been destroyed. However, what made them chill to their core was that this array was emitting a bright red light, and proceeded to transfer its red light to the backs of each stone statue after.

Chengfeng looked at the stone statues, only to find out that their eyes had been lit with two burning red orbs. Resembling warriors that had been awakened, these stone statues looked as if they now had souls.

Su You gasped in despair, “This… This isn’t a Chaotic Sword Array… This is a Five-Partied-Magical-Sword Array!”

Everyone’s facial expression showed despair, only Chengfeng who did not know the dire meaning of this was unafraid. He did not know what had happened, even until now, he had no idea what had transpired.

All he knew was that if they didn't clear this array, there would be no future left for them.

Their enemies would definitely be stronger than an array, that’s for sure!

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