Breaking The Day - Chapter 130

Xiaobao laid on the floor as he lifted his head to look at Chengfeng. As he was struggling to crawl back up, he croaked, "Y-young… Master...L-look out!"

Chengfeng gritted his teeth. He was filled with rage as he charged towards the mechanised stone statue.

In a fit of rage, Chengfeng speed was much quicker than usual. He had dodged the stone statue's strike by a millimetre, then kicked the ground as he turned and jumped behind the stone statue. Raising his arm, he stabbed the sides of the stone statue with his bone spear as hard as he could.

A loud crunching sound could be heard, Chengfeng pierced his spear into the stone statue by two inches. However, when he was about to retrieve it, it was already too late.

The stone statue had turned its head 180 degrees, the fiery red orbs in its eyes menacingly staring at Chengfeng, the two arms on his back charging at Chengfeng with its sharp sword.

Chengfeng successfully dodged them twice, but at this moment, the stone statue on the left was nearing them as well. Chengfeng knew that if he continued to persist in retrieving his bone spear, he would definitely die under their blades.

Feeling helpless, Chengfeng could only let go of his spear and dodged as he jumped back to avoid being struck by the stone statues. His heart was still burning with fury as he quickly glanced at Xiaobao, who was gasping for air while drenched in blood. He knew that if he didn't hurry up and destroy these stone statues, Xiaobao would die and he would die here as well!

But, what should he do to destroy these stone statues?

Chengfeng's mind was racing with all kinds of solutions, 'It seems like my extremely sharp bone spear could only pierce through two inches of their body. Not to mention, now that my spear is stuck on it, I can just consider it as a loss. Currently, I can only fight them with my bare fist, other than that useless plant Qi moving technique, it seems like I have no other methods to destroy them!' 

Wait… plant moving technique?

Chengfeng's eyes quickly glanced at the abundance of weeds that were growing between the cracks of the tiles and quickly diverted his glance towards the mechanisms of the stone statues. He noticed that the joints between the stone statue's mechanisms had some small cracks in them. If they didn't have these cracks, these stone statues wouldn't be able to move their mechanisms as freely as it did.

With firm resolution, he hurriedly flew to a bluestone tile that was filled with weeds between the cracks of its joints and quickly dug up the entire plant and its roots while he took out the grass seeds in one hand.

As he finished grabbing the grass seeds in his hand, a stone statue had started approaching him. Chengfeng quickly dodged the two swords and risked danger getting close to it. His hand quickly spread the grass seeds by the cracks of the mechanisms on the stone statue. 

He then swiftly avoided the stone statue and backed off as far as he could. While doing so, he hurriedly mobilised the Qi of the plants, encouraging the grass seeds to quickly grow.

In a flash, the weeds that surrounded Chengfeng within ten meters had withered. Behind the stone statue's joints grew a large patch of lush green grass,  rendering the stone statue immobile. The stone statue may have terrifying strength and speed, but its weakest spot was its mechanisms. Weeds may seem weak, but once they grow, they could even lift up a large boulder. As long as there is a small crack, they would be able to break through!

This was the epitome of using the weak to defeat the strong, using softness to break hardiness!

These weeds began to grow at an insane speed within the joints. Some were growing outward, whereas some were growing inward, blocking the gears and mechanisms that allowed the stone statues to move. As the weeds started to overtake these gears, the gears started to spin slower and slower, until a click could be heard. The stone statue had stopped moving altogether.

Chengfeng observed the movements of the stone statue that stood before him as it became slower and slower, eventually coming to a complete halt. The statue went from moving with the speed of light to a puppet that just stood there, immobile.

Chengfeng's spirits were lifted. He finally found the fatal flaw within the statues, not to mention a way to utilise his seemingly useless plant moving technique in battle!

As long as one used their techniques correctly, even grass and flowers that were seemingly harmless could also be a trump card to destroy an enemy!

Chengfeng ran towards the other stone statue, luckily for him, the stone room was excessively large. He lured the stone statue to another corner, and with his swift movements, the other statue quickly turned immobile.

Two of the five stone statues were defeated just like that. Chengfeng glanced towards the room, only to realise that three of the stone statues were currently trying to murder the other disciples from Hidden Sword Court. Two of them had already collapsed on the ground, they laid so still that Chengfeng did not even know if they were dead or alive. The rest consisted of Blockhead, Su You and the other two who were still running about, their clothes soaked red with blood. It was clear that they would not be able to take it any longer.

Chengfeng immediately rushed towards them. Just as Su You and the rest were being cornered by the stone statues with nowhere to run, Su You suddenly noticed the useless hindrance Chengfeng that had been lectured by him many times charging towards them. Su You was really confused with what he was seeing, he was grateful that Chengfeng was trying to rush in and save them without any hard feelings, but he also thought that Chengfeng was basically running over to seek death.

Mechanised stone statues that had been amplified by the Five-Partied-Demon-Sword Array… Even if Brother Disciple Qiu came, they would still…

As these thoughts ran through his mind, he suddenly saw Chengfeng running around the statues like a nimble leopard. Just as Chengfeng had finished running around the furthest statue, in less than 3 seconds, the statue emitted a clunking noise and stopped moving. Although the fiery red orbs embedded on its eyes were still glowing, its body seemed to be bound by something as it couldn't move an inch.

Su You was astonished to see this sight, he never would've imagined what Chengfeng did to control a strong opponent such as this!

Unless… could it be some sort of body binding spell? But, what kind of spell could possibly be this powerful?

Su, You looked closely and realised that some weeds were growing out of the stone statue's joints. He muttered in his mind, "As expected! Is this some sort of wood proficiency spell? Did he learn this from another master? Or could it be… it seems this spell has to be at least master level in terms of magical powers! 

There were many clans within the cultivation world, all of them possessing different types of abilities. But no matter which clan there was, it was universally known that cultivation was differentiated to nine heavenly levels. These nine heavenly levels consisted of Body Building, Qi Wielding, Spirit Concentration, Foundation Solidification, Magical Unblocking, Yang Spirit, Golden Body, Thunder Tribulation and Flying Immortal.

Body Building refers to training the cultivator's body, to the point where one's Qi and blood are at its most effective level. Qi Wielding refers to training from the cultivator's external body to their internal body, started by mobilising and training one's internal Qi, reaching a point where one could move their Qi freely. Wielding refers to when a cultivator can substitute their own Qi in any part of their body, being able to freely inspect their organs as they wish with their Qi.

Foundation Solidification refers to the infinite compression of one's own internal Qi, and the ability to materialise it, thus truly entering the threshold of a true cultivator. All the abilities for later stages are derived from the compressed Inner Alchemy, it is the source of all the abilities. Magical Unblocking refers to the stage in which after the cultivators had successfully trained and obtained their inner pills and begin to master various spells further. Yang Spirit refers to the stage in which the cultivator's inner pill grows and expands to a particular stage and can materialise out of the body and take form. At this stage, the cultivators officially jump out of the cycle of sickness, old age and death. And even if they die physically, they can still survive on the Golden Body for a while.

From what Su You had seen, Chengfeng was at least of the Magical Unblocking level. That was equivalent to the turquoise stripe and all the younger disciples must treat them with utmost reverence.

While Su You was deep in thought, Chengfeng had already immobilised the remaining two stone statues. As the last of the statues stopped its movement, the gate that was closed shut in Yanjin Hall suddenly opened. Sunlight from the outside began to shine into the room, at that moment, the other disciples couldn't help but cry and cheer. Tongqiu and Yibai who had laid on the ground crawled up from the floor, quickly rushing out from the cursed stone room.

Only then Su You and the rest realised, these two had been acting dead the entire time! Because of these two, the three stone statues were chasing them to their deaths! Almost killing them!

Su You rushed over to the two cowards in rage, hitting and scolding them as he went. Tongqiu and Yibai cried in agony as they held onto their heads and begged for mercy.

Chengfeng, on the other hand, didn't have time to celebrate. He quickly rushed to the side of Xiaobao, whose face was now as white as a sheet due to massive blood loss. He quickly carried him and rushed out of the room.

Just as he left the room, Chengfeng saw Grand Brother Senior standing in the middle of Yanjian Hall, his hand behind his back as he stared at a stone statue on the side. Chengfeng ran towards the Grand Brother Senior and yelled, "IF YOU DON'T F*CKING SAVE XIAOBAO, I SWEAR I WILL F*CKING BURN THE ENTIRE Hidden Sword COURT TO THE GROUND!!!"


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