Breaking The Day - Chapter 133

When Chengfeng saved her, Su Yuehan was sure that it was because of her looks. In her pessimistic view of the world, she felt like men would only save pretty girls and knew how to always use her beauty to get herself out of trouble. 

In her century-long life, had she ever met a man willing to die for her? 

The answer was yes. However, she knew that they were dying for her beauty, not for her. 

It might sound contradictory but there was a huge difference between both. 

That was why when Li Chengfeng saved her, although she was shocked, she recovered quickly. However, when he put down his dignity and pride just to save Zhao Xiaobao, she was more shocked than she had ever been in her life. She had never seen a person willing to shed his pride like that to save a servant! 

This behaviour was beyond comprehension to her! 

Could a person be this loyal? 

As the snow fell heavier, the layer of snow on Li Chengfeng’s body accumulated. Su Yuehan grew more and more dumbfounded. After another two hours, the sky was completely dark now. She could no longer stand by and watch. Wiping her tears, she turned around and ran back to the house. Since she did not dare use any spells, she physically ran all the way. At least she was used to being on the run, so this was not a problem. 

She rushed into the house and carefully cast a spell on Xiaobao. It was a bright blue dot that gently landed on Xiaobao’s body, then quickly spread across his skin. His face turned slightly redder. 

Su Yuehan knew that this was not treating the root cause of his injury, for this spell was only protecting his body from the cold. At least he would not die of hypothermia. She took out the thickest, warmest coat they had and then sprinted out again. 

When Su Yuehan arrived at the Hidden Beauty Court entrance again, she was already panting and her face red. She stepped forward, panting heavily, and her footsteps scared Li Chengfeng. He turned with pleasant surprise. 

However, when he realised it was just her, the light in his eyes disappeared. He glared at her. “How did you know I was here? Why are you here? Go take care of Xiaobao! He can’t stand the cold, and it’s snowing so heavily!” 

She forced a smile and swept the snow off his shoulders, covering him with the large coat. “I  guessed it. The only place to go to save an injured person is Hidden Beauty Court. I have already taken care of Xiaobao, don’t worry about it.” 

He relaxed a little and nodded in thanks. “Go back. He’s at the brink of death, someone should stay with him at all times.” 

She blurted, “But Young Master, are you going to continue kneeling here? Until when?” 

He said solemnly. “When? I’ll only get up when Hidden Beauty Court’s Grand Senior Sister comes out.” 

“But…” Su Yuehan wanted to say that these cultivators were all cold-hearted and emotionless. They did not care for another person’s life or death at all and would never help him. 

Yet she did not dare tell him this in fear of shattering his last glimmer of hope. 

Su Yuehan stared blankly for a long time. When Chengfeng urged her impatiently once again, she sighed, gazed longingly at him, then turned to leave. 

Chengfeng felt a little warmer with the coat on but with the heavy snowing, another layer of snow covered his body once again, driving out the warmth. 

At least he was no weakling. His usual training and the immortal qi within him helped withstand the cold. 

After many hours, his voice was no longer as bright as before and fatigue slowly crept up. As he knelt in the deep layer of snow, he finally fell into a deep sleep. 

He did not know how long he slept for, shooting awake when he heard a voice. 

“Hey, aren’t you Cleansing Moon Sect’s Li Chengfeng?” 

Chengfeng quickly shook himself and straightened his posture, a thick layer of snow falling off him. He opened his eyes and looked in front to see a cultivator in Hidden Beauty Court robes without any stripes on her sleeve. She was grinning mischievously at him. 

This was the girl he met during the tests. Huang Nishang. 

“You?” Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment, then was delighted as he said hurriedly, “Lady Nishang… please could you help tell the Grand Senior Sister that Hidden Sword…” 

Before he finished, Huang Nishang cut him off. “We’re not that close, are we? I never said you could call me by my name?” 

“Yes, yes… Lady Huang, I…”

She cut him off again, “What was that? Lady Huang sounds awful!” 

Li Chengfeng knew that she was just nitpicking. This was her revenge. He took a deep breath, suppressing his anger, and smiled, “Heroine Huang, could…” 

“That’s disgusting!” 

“Miss Huang…”

“Too casual!” 

“Daughter of the Huang family…”

“Too weird!” 

The vein on his forehead bulged. He was usually the one troubling other people, not the other way round! He’ll make her pay for this next time! 

Although he was furious, it did not show on his face. He thought for a moment, then asked carefully, “Beauty Huang…” 

‘Beauty’ was a greeting occasionally used in Daqi to greet pretty girls. Just like Li Chengfeng’s previous world, he knew that calling a girl pretty would never go wrong. 

Just as expected, she smiled. Huang Nishang squatted and held her hand at her chin, cocking her head. “Oh? You think I’m pretty?” 

He quickly complimented her more, “Your beauty is out of this world, enough to touch hearts and mesmerize every man!” 

She pouted and giggled. Delighted, she said, “Carry on! I love it!” 

Although he was speechless at her behaviour, he quickly continued, “Your face is like a painting, and you’re as beautiful as a blooming flower. Men would go to war for you! You’re like the breath of spring and the autumn moon, shining brightly like a goddess. You’re the most beautiful girl in the kingdom indeed!” 

Huang Nishang trembled as she giggled while Li Chengfeng also faked laughter. Li Chengfeng looked at her expectantly, about to speak when she placed both hands on his cheeks. “But if you say I’m so beautiful… someone once told me I have two places that I’ve got to hide in order to be the most beautiful girl in the world. They said it’s the left and right halves of my face… Do you think that person was right?” 

Li Chengfeng was cursing in his heart. Damn it, I’ve really got to watch what I say! It’s all back to come bite me in the butt! How many grudges can she hold? 

He frowned and said solemnly, “Who said that? That person must be blind!” 

She huffed and got up.  Panicking, he called hurriedly, “That person is not only blind, he’s an idiot!” 

She turned around, then squatted and hugged her knees. Resting her chin on a knee, she grinned. “Carry on, I like hearing you insult him.” 

He lamented privately but his mouth continuously cursed, “Not just blind and stupid, this person’s breath stinks! Nothing good ever comes out of his mouth, he’s got a dung beetle in it!” 

She clapped and laughed, “Carry on!” 

He smiled bitterly. “To me, for this person to not be able to appreciate your beauty, he’s not just blind and stupid, he’s utterly useless! Like a seed that cannot be planted! This person should just be cooked and eaten!” 

She rolled her eyes. “That sounds great.” 

Chengfeng was startled. Hey, I’m just saying! I’ll make you pay if you try to take it seriously! 

At least she had her limits. She clapped her hands and stood up, sweeping snow off her body. “I’ve had enough. Our grudge is over. I’ll go back now!” 

He paused, then blurted, “Lady Huang…” 

She turned and glared, so he quickly said, “Beauty Huang…” 

Huang Nishang finally smiled. “Carry on with your kneeling, I’ve got homework to do.” 

He yelled, “Beauty Huang, you’ve got to help me get the message to Grand Senior sister!” 

“Since when did I agree to pass your message?” 

“So you were just… playing me?” 

She laughed heartily. “Yep, I was!” 

Damn it! 

In a rage, he almost leapt up but he immediately swallowed his anger when he thought about the dying Zhao Xiaobao. He glared at the gleeful Huang Nishang, who left. You’d better not let me see you again! Or you’re going to pay! 

Li Chengfeng usually protected girls well but after Huang Nishang played him at such a desperate moment like this, he hated her guts. Clenching his teeth, he committed this grudge to memory. However, Huang Nishang never would have guessed what this small grudge would lead to.

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