Breaking The Day - Chapter 134

As Li Chengfeng watched Huang Nishang leave, he cursed her out hard in his heart. However, he was still at the disadvantageous position of begging for help so he must put down his pride. 

He knelt for one more day, almost losing all feeling in both his legs. All the girls from Hidden Beauty Court who passed the entrance regarded him curiously. They all looked at him differently: curiosity, contempt, arrogance, mockery, admiration of his manliness…

Due to the selection criteria of Hidden Beauty Court, these cultivators were mostly beautiful and talented ladies, all pointing and whispering as they passed. In the beginning, Li Chengfeng felt self-conscious but slowly got used to it and requested every passer-by to put in a word with Grand Senior Sister. 

However, all of them paled and hurried off quickly the moment they heard about Grand Senior Sister, as if he had uttered the devil’s name. Li Chengfeng was shocked at such a response. 

Who was this Grand Senior Sister? Why does her name frighten the cultivators of Hidden Beauty Court so much? 

Li Chengfeng did not know that the two most experienced cultivators in the younger generation were Grand Senior Brother of Hidden Sword Court and Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty Court. Strictly speaking, Grand Senior Brother could almost be considered at the same level as the martial uncles. After all, he used to be the youngest member of the Heavenly Thirteen Swords and often worked alongside his martial uncles. 

However, the entire Heavenly Thirteen Swords squad fell during one mission. In the end, Grand Senior Brother was the only one left holding up Hidden Sword Court. After a long time in this position, the name ‘Grand Senior Brother’ stuck instead of considering him a Martial Uncle. 

Even the Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty Court greeted him as ‘Grand Senior Brother’. 

Although he was highly ranked, his cultivation abilities were not very high. 

On the other hand, Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty Court wasn’t just highly ranked (ranked just second to Grand Senior Brother), her cultivation was unmatched. She had surpassed her Martial Uncles, even the Court Elder would not dare challenge her. Her only match was the Court Master! 

Forget about her terrifying capabilities, her icy persona was even more frightening. The only person who managed to get close to her was Ah Xiu. Anyone who spoke more than a few words with her often found that they’d accidentally offended her and would immediately be beaten up badly. It didn’t matter if they were male or female! 

Li Chengfeng suffered until nightfall as the number of cultivators passing by decreased. When his stomach had started to growl, he saw Huang Nishang walking over. 

He gave her a silent look of hostility. 

She tossed a bundle over. “I don’t like owing anyone anything! So I’m giving you your dried meat back! We’re even now!” 

He took one look at her, picked up the bundle and opened it. Indeed, he found dried meat inside. They smelled delicious. 

She squatted before him like before and grinned. “Eat up, maybe I’ll feel good watching you eat. Then I’ll help pass a few words to Grand Senior Sister.” 

His face did not change as he chewed the dried meat slowly. She watched him eat with a grin, thinking, ‘Hmmph, that’ll teach you to be more polite! No one in this world is bossier than I am!’ 

Huang Nishang, like Li Chengfeng, came from a martial arts family. The difference was that Li Chengfeng was born in a declining family. Although they could be technically called a clan, he did not have the mannerisms of a true prodigal son. Huang Nishang was different. She came from the famous Pine Mountain Martial Sect, which was considered under the jurisdiction of the United Sect- which was one of the ten greatest sects in the world. 

United Sect’s techniques were violent and coarse so their disciples were all elite men chosen through strict tests. Since they did not accept females, she had to come to Spiritual Mountain’s Hidden Beauty Court that was very far away from her home. 

Born with a golden spoon in her mouth, she lived a luxurious life. She was both pretty and talented in martial arts, greatly loved by her family. That was why she ended up extremely arrogant and competitive. Seeking revenge against anyone who beat her was a must, often returning just to defeat her opponent even if it meant resorting to crooked methods. 

Li Chengfeng ate all the dried meat, then stared straight at Huang Nishang. 

She stood up and smiled. “Don’t look at me like that. Grand Senior Sister has gone to the forbidden area, she hasn’t even returned! I promised I’d pass your message but you must understand I can’t actually do it now!” Then, she giggled and left. 

Li Chengfeng glared at her, then smirked. He pressed on the meridian points on his throat and chest, immediately regurgitating the dried meat. 

He wiped the saliva residue from the corner of his mouth, then swept the snow around to cover the food he spat out. Suddenly, he scooped up the snow along with the regurgitated meat inside and hurled it at her. 

Huang Nishang heard the movement and dodged immediately, though a little still hit her. Snow mixed with spat-out food stuck to her shoulder and she was utterly disgusted. 

He glared at her and said coldly, “Since you can’t help pass my message, then of course I can’t trouble you anymore, Beauty Huang. So I’m giving you your dried meat back! Us Li family of the Cleansing Moon Sect don’t like owing favours either!” 

Eyebrows raised, she glared at him viciously. “Fine, FINE! Li Chengfeng, I’ll remember this! You just wait!” She tore her robe with the food residue off, revealing the cotton robes underneath, then tossed the dirty robes on the ground and stomped on it hard. After taking a long glare at Li Chengfeng, she stomped her foot and left. 

Li Chengfeng glared at her coldly, not taking her threat seriously at all. He already had so many enemies after him. With the looming threat of the Zhan family’s revenge, would he be bothered by one girl? Of course not! 

However, he could feel the acid gnawing in his stomach. After enduring the pain for a while, he heard familiar hurried footsteps behind. He turned to see Su Yuehan panting with white clouds forming due to her breath. 

She forced a smile. “I only found these, my apologies that you’ve only got this to eat. Once Xiaobao gets better, I’ll make you better food.” 

Li Chengfeng picked up a rabbit thigh and bit into it smilingly. “This is amazing! You roasted this?” 

“Yeah, what do you think?” 

He pursed his lips. “You put too much salt, are you trying to kill me?” 

She replied resentfully, ‘But I… didn’t put much.” 

He wolfed it down anyway, almost swallowing the bones too. Then, he stuffed the mantou in his mouth and finally felt warmer. He felt needle-like stinging pain in his knees as he silently moved his legs under the guise of eating. He could not help the pained expression on his face. 

“It’s fine, it’s the thought that counts. Go back now, is Xiaobao alright?” he asked in a low voice. 

She nodded. “Yes but…”

“But what?” His chest tightened. 

She sighed. “It’s just… Without any treatment, I’m afraid he won’t make it past… a few days.” 

His face darkened and nodded solemnly. “I understand. Go home now, take good care of Xiaobao.” 

Su Yuehan grunted in reply, sighed, then turned and disappeared into the snowy dusk. 

Li Chengfeng focused himself and continued waiting. He slowly fell asleep once again until the next morning. He jerked awake suddenly when he sensed a movement, opening his eyes to see a silhouette passing by. 

This person seemed to glide across the snow, leaving behind no footprints at all. When the figure passed him, he looked up to see a face he would never forget in his life. 

It was a delicately chilling face, with a pair of pitch-black eyes, thick and straight brows and a tall straight nose. Her upper lip was thin and red while her lower lip was seductively thick, her cheeks slightly sunken to form an unusually chilling look. 

Every feature on her face was common, yet they pieced together to form an unforgettable face. It made one wonder: what would it take to win the heart of such a chillingly beautiful lady? 

She gave an impression of an ice princess- to be seen from far, not to be interacted with closely. 

Her most striking feature was the fire-red long hair that framed her cold face. Her hair was so thick even her robe hood could not cover them fully. Like burning flames, they escaped the hood and danced with the snowy breeze. 

As Li Chengfeng watched the icy girl pass, she did not even take one look at him, as if he was a lifeless rock. Her footsteps did not even falter once. When she passed, he felt the air burn up slightly with visible ripples in the air due to the heat radiating off her. 

After a few moments, when she walked farther and farther away, he suddenly snapped awake and yelled, “Grand Senior Sister!” 

The red-haired lady stopped and turned slightly. Her calm gaze landed on him. He thought she would be more disgusted or colder but she merely looked calm. 

Her gaze gave him the impression that she was not a mortal from this realm. 

The Grand Senior Sister looked at him and asked calmly, “What’s the matter?” 

It was her! The only person who could save Zhao Xiaobao! 

The Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty Court! 

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