Breaking The Day - Chapter 135

Grand Senior Sister turned to look down at Li Chengfeng, who quickly said, “Li Chengfeng of Hidden Sword Court sincerely requests for Grand Senior Sister to show some compassion and save a man’s life!” 

She looked at him expressionlessly. After a pause, she said, “Anything else?” 

He was stunned for a second, then added, “Please show mercy and save my good brother’s life!” Then, he kowtowed so hard a ‘thud’ could be heard despite the thick layer of snow. 

She looked at him calmly, then turned and left silently. When there was no sound, he looked up and realised there was no one in front of him. Not even footprints in the snow, as if it was all a hallucination! 

His chest tightened as he felt a wave of chills taking over his being!

“Grand Senior Sister!” he screamed hoarsely and hopelessly, “Grand Senior Sister, you can save a man’s life so effortlessly, why not just spare a bit of your time? If you can save my brother’s life, I, Li Chengfeng, promise to repay you with three favours! I will do whatever you want!” 

Li Chengfeng’s screams travelled far into the mountains but the only reply he received was the howling wind. The wind and snow quickly blurred his vision as he stared into the whiteness ahead of him. His chest tightened as he sobbed and kowtowed loudly in front of the entrance, “GRand Senior Sister, please save him! Please show mercy!” 

Li Chengfeng felt even more humiliated to do this compared to Huang Nishang’s revenge. How he wished he had Grand Senior Sister’s capabilities! If he was stronger, he would not have to bend his knees or lower his head! 

He kowtowed hard on the ground audibly, his forehead turning purple-green, when he heard a flat voice. “Three favours?” 

His head jerked up. Grand Senior Sister had appeared before him once again, standing nearby and watching him quietly. When he saw her facing diagonally to him, he begged, “Yes, if you’re willing to help, I will repay you with three favours as long as they are all within my capabilities!” 

Grand Senior Sister’s piercing yet calm gaze seemed to pierce right through his heart. “You’ll do anything?” 

Their eyes locked as he said with utmost resolution, “Anything! I’ll do it!” 

She looked away and walked past him. After walking a distance, she turned around at the stunned Li Chengfeng, “Are we not saving him anymore?” 

Li Chengfeng’s heart skipped a beat as he leapt excitedly. However, having lost all feeling in his legs, he fell pathetically back into the snow. It was humiliating. 

Even the Li Chengfeng with thick skin felt himself blush. He looked up to see her eyes still as water, as if to her, he was no different to a wild animal she met in the forest. He was nothing to her. 

Li Chengfeng took a deep breath and moved his hardened limbs. At this point, she had already turned and walked a distance away. She still left no footprints. While her movements looked slow and graceful, she seemed to cover a huge distance within a few moments. Afraid, Li Chengfeng quickly massaged his stiff knees and limped after her. 

Along the way, Grand Senior Sister gilded ahead while he limped behind after her. In the beginning, he struggled to keep up due to his stiff limbs. After some time, with blood back in his limbs, he sped up his pace until breaking out into a sprint only to realise he still could not keep up. The distance between them maintained. He could not close the gap between them no matter what he did. 

Li Chengfeng was privately shocked. Just from this observation, he realised how powerful her cultivation abilities must be. 

After speeding along for a while, they arrived by afternoon. He was in a fatigued state but held on to bring her to his quarters. Far away from his house, he used up his last burst of energy to scream, “Yuehan, Yuehan!” 

Su Yuehan ran excitedly out. When she saw Grand Senior Sister, she quickly stepped aside cautiously and greeted her with the Hidden Sword Court greeting. Grand Senior Sister did not even look at her, at the same time completely unreactive to why these people lived in such a rundown house. 

She walked into the house. When her gaze fell on Zhao Xiaobao, her brows furrowed slightly, then she turned to walk away. Li Chengfeng was stunned for a moment, then grabbed her sleeve. He felt a gush of burning heat the moment he touched her and quickly retracted his hand. At this point, there was already a charred patch of skin on his hand. It hurt tremendously. 

Through the intense pain, he struggled to ask, “Grand Senior Sister, where are you going?” 

She replied flatly, “He can’t be saved, unless…” 

Li Chengfeng’s heart skipped a beat, grasping on to the last ray of hope as he asked, “Unless what?” 

“Unless you have one thousand Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers. Mash them into pulp, extract 10 grams of its essence. Mix with two taels of Black Mist Beast blood and Wuling Zhi Flying Squirrel Dung ground into powder. Add water from the Heavenly Saint Lake and make it into a Resurrection Pill. I have the rest of the ingredients other than one thousand Senna flowers. Without these flowers, even the Medicine Saint can’t save him!” 

She turned to leave but Li Chengfeng yelled emotionally, “One thousand Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers!! I have them!” 

Her expression finally changed as she turned in shock. Eyes widened, she asked, “You do? One thousand Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers?” 

He said with resolution, “Tomorrow morning I will give you the one thousand flowers! I swear!” 

Curiosity surfaced in her eyes for the first time as she regarded him from head to toe. How could this man living in such a run-down house swear to produce one thousand Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers by tomorrow? 

Did he know what it was? 

It was half the amount of the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect’s annual Rainbow Sickle Senna harvest! And that was after a lot of effort from the entire sect to pull together this number! 

Planting this flower was hard work. It was vulnerable to diseases during its growth stage, extremely delicate. One wrong move and its flower quality would deteriorate, useless in medicine. 

This young man could give her one thousand flowers overnight? 

With such an ability, did he need to kneel and beg me for help? 

Grand Senior Sister was left extremely puzzled, studying him carefully. After a while, she nodded slightly. “Tomorrow morning at seven, at Hidden Beauty Court entrance. Any later and you will not be entertained!” When she finished, she glided out of the house across the snow. 

Li Chengfeng and Su Yuehan looked at each other, seeing the excitement and emotion in the other person’s eyes. Zhao Xiaobao will be saved! 

If Qiu Chuqiu had not threatened him, would he have these flowers? If he did not have Immortal Qi within him, could he harvest these flowers overnight? He had wanted Su Yuehan to sell all their flowers at the foot of the mountain, yet she had insisted on following him to Crescent Valley. These were the reasons why they still had their Rainbow Sickle Senna flowers today. 

Were these coincidences the will of the heavens? 

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