Breaking The Day - Chapter 137

Li Chengfeng stared as Grand Senior Sister left with his bundle. He stood alone in the snow before the entrance, waiting for her. After a while, it snowed heavier. 

In just ten minutes, a layer of snow gathered on his head and shoulders but he paid it no mind, standing motionless like a statue waiting for her to appear again. 

However, he ended up waiting for an entire day. He grew uncomfortable as his thoughts ran wild. Grand Senior Sister wouldn’t lie, would she? She’s the Grand Senior Sister of Spiritual Mountain Sect, she must have her values, right? 

Although he was panicking, he was powerless in this situation. He had tasted this sense of utter helplessness enough to last an entire lifetime. 

He waited for one day and one night. The next morning, when he was almost hopeless, he was dozing off at the entrance when he heard a familiar voice. “Eh, you’re still here? Why are you up? Aren’t you supposed to be kneeling?” 

He opened his eyes. Who else would it be, other than the stinky Huang Nishang? 

He glared at her coldly without a word. She walked out of the entrance with hands behind her back and grinned. “How could you give up halfway? That doesn’t show your sincerity at all!” 

He huffed. “Don’t worry about me. I’m just waiting for Grand Senior Sister to give me the medicine.” 

She guffawed. “You must have become stupid from the cold. Are you hallucinating already? You think you’ll get to meet her? And even if you did, why would she help you?” 

Huang Nishang walked up to him. “Hey, Li, if you ask nicely I might finally be in a good enough mood to pass your message.” 

Li Chengfeng studied her almond eyes, rosy cheeks and pretty brows. She was pretty indeed. It was too bad her personality was so... horrid. He was about to make fun of her when his eyes darted behind her and his expression changed. “It’s fine. Everyone knows how generous and virtuous the Grand Senior Sister of Hidden Beauty Court is. She would never break a promise she made to me!” 

Huang Nishang laughed, holding her belly as she rocked back and forth. “I might be new here but you can’t fool me! All I hear is how cold, mean and ruthless she is. I hear stories about how she kills without even blinking an eye, never about her rescuing anyone! I’m going to die of laughter!” 

His expression turned peculiar. “You must have heard wrong. How could she be a person like that? She…”

She was about to continue when a figure hurried past him. This person was clad in Hidden Beauty Court’s cultivator robes with the hood on. Uniquely fire-red hair peeked out of it, proving that it was the one and only Grand Senior Sister! 

When Huang Nishang saw her, her soul almost flew out of her body. She turned to Li Chengfeng, who gave her a teasing look and smirked. She understood now! She had been tricked by this stupid jerk again! 

Grand Senior Sister walked up to Li Chengfeng and halted abruptly, turning her head slightly to look down at Huang Nishang. Huang Nishang panicked and shivered, falling to her knees as she sputtered in a trembling voice, “Please forgive me, Grand Senior Sister, I was so stupid and I spoke nonsense. Please look past this matter, I am not worth your time.” As she spoke, she kept slapping her own face. 

Li Chengfeng watched as her initially rosy cheek swelled slightly from just a few slaps. She must be terrified of this Grand Senior Sister then. If this iceberg really wanted to kill her, no one would be able to save her. 

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes darted at her and then turned to Li Chengfeng. “Why are you still standing there?” Then, she walked away. He grinned at Huang Nishang and whispered at an extremely low voice, “What goes around comes around!” 

Her face fell as she looked up at Li Chengfeng, shocked and furious. She was shocked at why Grand Senior Sister would suddenly help this jerk. This was unlike her at all! Second, she was furious that he would resort to such vile methods to trick her! 

She was still thinking when a sharp whip sounded in the air. It sounded like a pair of scissors gliding quickly across silk. Along with the sharp tearing, she saw a flash of red and a loud crack. Huang Nishang was thrown backwards. 

Li Chengfeng witnessed the entire scene. A long whip had extended right past him at that exact moment. It was fire red and glowed dimly. It shot out at Huang Nishang as quick as lightning and struck her cheek. The impact was enough to throw her up in the air. 

With her capabilities, Grand Senior Sister could have killed Huang Nishang with just one whip if she wanted to. But she did not. Blood flowed down the large gash on her cheek, ruining her flawless face. 

Ignoring the pain, Huang Nishang clutched her face and fell to her knees, kowtowing as she cried and begged, “Please have mercy, have mercy!” 

Grand Senior Sister did not even turn her head. She flicked her wrist and the whip retracted back into her sleeve like a snake. She said flatly, “Watch your mouth next time. And if there is a next time, you won’t get to speak again.” 

Huang Nishang kowtowed fervently. “Thank you for showing mercy! Thank you, Grand Senior Sister!” 

Li Chengfeng was secretly dumbfounded. This Grand Senior Sister is absolutely terrifying! Can’t believe she hurt Nishang this bad just because of a few words she said! Her face is ruined! There was some truth in what Huang Nishang said! 

He did not dare trigger anything else so he hurried off behind Grand Senior Sister. Huang Nishang was left trembling as she kowtowed for a while. When she finally looked up shakily, her entire face was covered in blood, a deep cut visible at her mouth. She clutched her face with tears in her eyes, glaring with utmost enmity. Li Chengfeng, I swear you’ll pay for this! 

Li Chengfeng trailed behind nervously, terrified of her whipping him if he made one wrong move. Grand Senior Sister was no idiot, she must have figured out that Chengfeng had provoked Nishang on purpose. 

His anxiety lasted for a long time but since she had not reacted so far, he gradually relaxed. They hurried along the path until his rundown house could be seen. 

She entered the house and her gaze fell on Zhao Xiaobao’s ashen face, slightly nodding. She knew that if she had been two hours late, even the Buddha would not be able to save this person. 

With the flick of her wrist, she produced a shiny black pill. “Give him this.” 

Su Yuehan looked at the black pill and then at Chengfeng hesitantly as if to ask: Young Master, should we give it to Xiaobao? Is it safe? 

He glared back as if to say: nonsense, he’s already dying! He can’t die twice even if this is poison!

*We’ll just treat a dead horse like a live one! 

[TL Note: idiom- desperate times call for desperate measures] 

Li Chengfeng took the pill and stuffed it into Zhao Xiaobao’s mouth. Then, he lifted Xiaobao’s head, opened his mouth and got Su Yuehan to pour water inside his throat. 

After watching the pill go down, Grand Senior Sister turned and walked to the door. She turned her head slightly and said, ‘Tomorrow at three in the morning, meet me at Hidden Beauty Court’s entrance. If you’re late, remember I can take his life as easily as saving him!” 

Then, she disappeared in a flash. 

After Zhao Xiaobao swallowed the pill, colour rushed into his face and his pulse and breath quickened. Li Chengfeng heaved a sigh of relief and collapsed on the ground. He sighed. “Xiaobao, you’ve survived the worst part! But as for me… I have a bad feeling about what’ll happen to me!” 

Su Yuehan asked worriedly, “Young Master, did she request for anything in return for saving him?” 

He smiled bitterly. “I promised to do her three favours.” 

Yuehan gasped. “These three favours are going to be very difficult!” 

“Obviously. Given her personality, if she was willing to help me, she must have something really difficult she needs help with.” 

Both of them sighed. Suddenly, they heard a shout from outside. “Is this the house of Junior Brother Li Chengfeng?” 

He immediately stood up as both of their eyes locked. 

Who could it be? 


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