Breaking The Day - Chapter 140

A huge hole remained where the lake used to be. Within it was a gigantic array, currently glowing a deep maroon. No one would have noticed it underneath the lakewater. 

Li Chengfeng did not know that this lake was named ‘Heavenly Saint Lake’, though before its activation by the jade token (so it would migrate to the cave ceiling), it was named ‘Ultimate Saint Lake’. Just one word made all the difference. 

The lakewater of Heavenly Saint Lake was extremely useful in pill concocting. Even the resurrection pill she made required it for maximum effectiveness. However, if it was contaminated by this array underneath, it turned from an elixir to the world’s deadliest poison. 

If one did not have a pass, even the greatest cultivator would be swallowed by the lakewater, their skin and bones corroded quickly into nothing! 

After all the lakewater flowed up to reveal the array, Grand Senior Sister looked at Li Chengfeng with a solemn expression. “Run as fast as you can later!” 


She looked at him. “You can run slower if you wish to die!” Then, she waved a hand and he felt a huge force shoving him into the hole. 

He had just landed when the array lit up from its dim maroon to a bright red. There was a dull boom and a ray of light shot out of its centre. Very quickly, the ray of light extended throughout the patterns of the array. 

He could barely react in time when a gust of wind brushed past him. It was Grand Senior Sister, sprinting past him as she yelled, “RUN!” 

He instinctively ran after her but it wasn’t a full sprint yet. He yelled, “WHY ARE WE RUNNING?” 

He had just asked the question when he heard the sound of water droplets behind. He looked up to see ripples forming on the initially still water surface above, then droplets of water slowly dripping down. 

When the first drop of water touched his shoulder, it sizzled and burned a hole in his clothes! 

He quickly reached over to tear the piece of clothing off and tossed it away so the water would not seep down to his skin. 

It had just been one second but his shoulder was already blackened. His vision doubled as stinging pain flared up and almost knocked him unconscious. 

What the heck was that?! 

 He clenched his teeth and quickly took out the dagger he used for self-defense, ruthlessly cutting into his shoulder. With just one action, he sliced off a chunk of his skin along with flesh. The chunk of flesh landed on the ground and withered into a puddle of black water, releasing a rotten stench. 

Li Chengfeng did not know that this was one of the deadliest water spells in the world, as powerful as Zhan Qitian’s killer move- Dragon Flames Wave. Both of them were known as the ultimate fire and water combo. 

As long as the flames from Zhan Qitian’s Dragon Flames Wave touched you, its Qi would enter your body and react intensely with the body’s True Yuan. It would slowly eat up a person’s True Yuan and life force, in the end causing the person to wither and die. 

The lakewater of Ultimate Saint Lake worked the same way. One drop was enough to trigger a severe decaying effect, especially if it touched the flesh of any living thing. The entire chunk of flesh would wither and turn into poison water, quickly spreading across the body until the person died! 

Being an experienced swindler in the streets, although he was not familiar with things of the cultivation world, he was familiar enough with street battles to react quickly at the brink of death. 

His reaction had saved his life! 

While the Dragon Flames could be removed from the body through a special technique, Ultimate Saint water could not be extracted. The only way to overcome it was to severe off the infected region! 

Slicing or chopping off the decaying portion would stop it from spreading. 

Ignoring the pain in his shoulder, he sprinted like a madman as he fumbled for the Jinchuang medicine tied to his hip, pouring it on his wound as he screamed horasely, “What the heck IS HAPPENING?!” 

Grand Senior Sister did not even turn her head when she answered his question with a loud: “RUN!” 

He cursed her in his heart but clenched his teeth and ran after her. The sound of water droplets was approaching and started to turn into rain-like sounds. It was initially a drizzle, then soon, it sounded like a storm. Li Chengfeng felt his scalp go numb. When he turned, what he saw almost made him go weak in the knees! 

The upside-down lake was tilting severely like a tilted pot filled with water. Water was starting to spill out and it flooded madly in Chengfeng’s direction! 

Li Chengfeng would not have been afraid if it was just water. He grew up by Xilian Lake as a great swimmer. 

However, even the best swimmer in the world could not swim in this lake unless they wanted to die! 

As if he had seen the God of Death running after him, he sprinted ahead without even clutching his shoulder anymore. After a while, he realised Grand Senior Sister was running a lot faster and he was. He couldn’t help but blurt, “Use your spells to bring me out of here!” 

She idd not turn around but her voice echoed from afar, “Can’t use magic  in here! Run if you don’t want to die here!” 

Li Chengfeng broke out in silent curses. Why didn’t you tell me then? Why didn’t you tell me how dangerous it would be? You’re going to kill me like this! 

He gritted his teeth as he charged but he still could not beat the rate of flowing water. When he turned, he realised the water was already less than five metres behind him. If he stopped, it would touch him in just two seconds and swallow him whole! 

All the hair on his body stood on end as he screamed, “IT’S CATCHING UP! HELP ME!” 

Grand Senior Sister turned and furrowed her brows. In a flash, she sprinted towards Li cehgnfeng, grabbed him by his elbow, and he felt himself lifted up as they ran together. 

Unfortunately, the water was still gaining on them. 

She yelled furiously, “RUN FASTER!” 

This was the first time he saw such strong emotion on her face. “I CAN’T RUN ANY FASTER!” 

She turned to take a look, seeing the waves rolling after them. In a rage, she braced her arm, lifted Li Chengfeng up and ran. 

With an extra weight, she could not travel as quickly as before. The water behind them accelerated. There were a few times Li Chengfeng saw droplets from the sloshing of the waves just inches from himself. All he could do was scream at Grand Senior Sister, “RUN FASTER!” 

When she heard him, she almost wanted to toss him into the water! 

And yet she could not do such a thing because she needed him to complete the tasks she required. Despite her fury, she suppressed her anger and gritted her teeth, “I can’t run any faster!” 

He said shamelessly, “What? Aren’t you THE Grand Senior Sister? Don’t you dare make me die here!” 

Grand Senior Sister was speechless. 

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