Breaking The Day - Chapter 141

Grand Senior Sister could usually keep her emotions as still as water, not even blinking in the face of death. Yet just a few words from this idiot was enough to send her into a rage, almost losing control of her emotions. The ‘ice’ had been broken! 

She gritted her teeth, carrying Li Chengfeng as she sprinted. When she was almost at the other end, she tossed him hard. Mid-air, Chengfeng planned to use his back muscles to twist and land on his feet. However, she brushed past him and wrung her sleeve so a strong gust of wind broke his balance and he fell pathetically on the hard stone ground. His head swam from the impact. 

Before he stood up, all of the Heavenly Saint Water flowed down at once with a deafening gush and turned into Ultimate Saint Lake. 

He thought to himself, ‘How will I go back later?” 

Grand Senior Sister had the token but he didn’t! 

He was just thinking when Grand Senior Sister turned to glare at him. A thought flashed across his mind as he said, “Don’t hit my face!” 

She did her best to suppress the urge to hit this slimy scum’s face and glared coldly. “Tell me why I shouldn’t kill you now!” 

Without even thinking, he said shamelessly, “Give me a reason why you must hit me first?” 

Li Chengfeng was used to banter like this but she wasn’t. The more she looked at him, the more she hated him. This guy had thick eyebrows, large eyes and a generally handsome face. Why did he have to be so annoying? 

Ever since the first time she saw him, he did not leave a good impression on her. The second time they met, he had put down his pride just to save another person’s life. That impressed her a little. However, this did not last long because what he said just now ruined everything. 

She hated insincere and frivolous men, hated the quick-witted ones even more! 

She glared at him, her finger already touching the whip hiding in her sleeve as she said coldly. “You’re arrogant and you disrespected a senior. That is my reason for hitting you!” 

When he saw her eyes focus, which was a sign that she was about to attack, he raised his hand and yelled, “WAIT!” 

She suppressed her rage, her brows raised as she asked, “What else do you want to say?!” 

He smiled apologetically and started bootlicking. “Disrespecting a senior? It’s just that you look so beautiful and young, like a pretty youthful lady, that’s why… I completely forgot about our difference in age and rank.” 

She smirked. “Hmmph, that’s your excuse?” She prepared to hit him. 

Seeing that she planned to hit him, he yelled, “Wait!” 

Her eyebrows raised, she raged, “Speak up then!” 

He sighed depressingly. “Fine, just hit me if you really need to vent. There is no one else here anyway, your reputation won’t be ruined. But I’m just a newcomer and I know you’re powerful with your whip. You might just accidentally kill me, I know how unlucky I can be sometimes. But you need me for your task later. If you kill me, it’s going to affect your next task. What happens then?” 

Li Chengfeng looked concerned as he sighed painfully. “I’m just a tiny ant, dying won’t mean much to anyone. But your task is so much more important. If it fails just because of me… Sigh!” 

Before he finished, Grand Senior Sister had already hit the roof, on the brink of hitting him directly into the Ultimate Saint Lake so he would disintegrate immediately! 

He sounded as if he was only concerned about her task but anyone who read between the lines could tell that he was threatening her: don’t you dare touch me! Let’s see how you’ll get your task done if you upset me! 

Li Chengfeng saw how much effort it took for her to bring him inside. She must have something important for him to do, something she couldn’t do alone. She needed him! 

Grand Senior Sister was a highly-ranked member of the sect, every person must submit to her and everyone was terrified of offending her. Even the Sect Master and Court Masters were very polite and would never be rude. That was because they all expected her to become the most powerful cultivator of the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect within a thousand years and even take over as Sect Master. 

She was as cold as she was beautiful! 

Not many in this world had a face colder or more beautiful than hers. There were countless beauties in this world, yet none were as cold. One look and one would feel the bone-chilling iciness radiating off her, yet it invoked a burning sense of desire. 

There were many men whose souls were hooked the moment they laid eyes on her, since then never able to eat or sleep properly, spiralling into hysteria. Those with better mental strengths all fought and scrambled to impress her with their abilities, always terrified of embarrassing themselves in front of her. 

The man in front of her was the complete opposite, making her hate him with everything he did! 

She stared at him as if to memorise his face. 

Admittedly, he had left a lasting impression on her, albeit a very negative one. 

This young man was actually as handsome as many of her admirers. 

Yet with such a handsome face… why was he this rude and shameless? 

She suddenly nodded. “You… are right. I’ll save this for next time.” 

Li Chengfeng was terrified. “Wait, you should just hit me then, how could you save it for next time? What if you start charging me interest? One hit becomes two, then four… My tiny body will turn to pulp then! I’m going to die today anyway, might as well kill me now! 

Grand Senior Sister trembled in anger. Her hands were tied here, for she could neither scold nor hit him. What could she do? 

Suppressing her anger, she forced the words through her clenched teeth. “Fine, let’s go.” 

She then wrung her sleeves and left, afraid she might beat him into pulp if she saw his face for a second longer. 

Li Chengfeng privately frowned when he saw her turn around. Why did she hold herself back for? Looks like this task will be… very deadly. I might actually die today! 

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