Breaking The Day - Chapter 143

Then the jade token was slammed hard into the central point, bright green light burst out of it and extended in all directions. 

At the same time, Grand Senior Sister made a mudra and a pillar of fire rose up into the air behind her. It then bent down like an angry python that suddenly dispersed into eight thinner fiery pillars when it almost hit the ground. 

Grand Senior Sister’s eyes turned completely white and she started to levitate, her fire-red hair floating around her and the air audibly crackling. It was the sound of ice. 

Crystals started to form in the air around her and the orange stony ground turned into a patch of silver-white as the air cooled quickly. 

Li Chengfeng did not know what he had done. If he did, he might have chosen to be killed by Grand Senior Sister.

Only she knew that this array was a powerful sealing array that could seal off any True Yuan within five hundred metres of it. 

It meant that any cultivator within this range would not be able to use spells, magical items and seals. At the same time, even if another cultivator attacked the array from the outside, any spells that fell within range would evaporate while items would fall to the ground like scrap metal. 

A person like Li Chengfeng without any abilities obviously would not be able to destroy such a powerful array. 

However, the Deity Token was an Immortal Item. During the impact between the token and the array, it would release powerful ripples due to a reaction. These ripples would collide with the array's own powers and for a brief moment, cancel out the array's powers and temporarily deactivate it. 

During the first Great Beast-Immortal War, the Ninth Heavenly Stage Emperor Luo Jiuchong 
defeated the Devil King Sun Heluo. Sun Heluo invented a powerful forbidden array in his bitter defeat, making Heavenly Emperor Zhang Zhaoyang and the rest of the immortals suffer during the second war. 

To restrain the forbidden array, they invented a magical item specifically to destroy forbidden arrays: the Deity Token. 

The Deity Token alone was not enough, for it required a person to break the array. This person must not have any cultivation abilities or the array would be triggered to rip the cultivator to pieces. Only a regular person would not trigger this terrifying reaction. 

At the same time, this person must be unusually sturdy because any weakling would be killed along the way too- though the process would be much slower than the triggered reaction mentioned before. And if this person did not have enough mental strength, they would not be able to endure the pain to reach the centre. 

Grand Senior Sister levitated mid-air, making fourteen mudras within two breaths. Her fingers flew at a shocking speed, only after-images of them could be seen. The air around her solidified more with every mudra. Upon her fifth mudra, visible mist appeared around her, curling and crackling. 

Upon her tenth mudra, the air around her was visibly crystallizing. Beneath her feet, ice spread in all directions. At her fourteenth mudra, all the white mist and ice around her flew and aggregated in her right palm. 

She lifted her right hand, now holding a ball of ice in it. Upon closer inspection, one would notice that it was spinning at high speed. One touch and it would explode with tremendous energy. 

Eyebrows lifted and eyes widened, she glared at the array as if it had brought her too much enmity and pain. 

With a roar, she slammed the ice ball into the array. The eight fiery pillars bent over and hurled themselves into the eight corners of the array. 

The combination of both ice and fire attacks multiplied their destructive powers several fold! With a deafening boom, the array named ‘Deathly Silent Canyon’ exploded! 

This was Grand Senior Sister’s famous killer move: Fire And Ice! 

Li Chengfeng was blown out into a corner after being hit by such a powerful spell. It was not immediately obvious if he was dead or alive. 

The array cracked into countless broken pieces that flew in all directions. A hole appeared at the centre which quickly expanded. The broken pieces making up the array fell into the ground.

Levitating mid-air, Grand Senior Sister looked down at the hole. 

It was pitch black inside, the bottom could not be seen. There was only the sound of falling rocks hitting the wall. 

After waiting a while, her question flashed across her eyes when nothing else happened. She descended a few metres down when she suddenly saw a pair of eyes open amidst the darkness! 

Two giant eyes as large as bronze bells opened. They were thin and long, slightly yellow with pupils that looked human. However, the murderous intent radiating from them seemed to be solid as knives. All it did was glare at Grand Senior Sister and she froze, almost messing up her breathwork and falling from the air. 

Anxious, she immediately floated tens of metres up and put her full attention on the space beneath her. 

After a while, a low roar could be heard as if a monster that had been sealed for millenia had re-appeared in the mortal realm! 

The roar ceased after a few seconds. Then, a large claw reached out of the hole. Thick, white fur covered the giant claw that consisted of five fingers, each finger as thick as a man’s waist. 

Next, another claw reached out of the hole. They braced themselves on the rock walls and out leapt a gigantic silhouette. 

Grand Senior Sister could now recognise that it looked like a giant gorilla with a body full of white fur and a line of red fur down its spine. It was muscular and powerful, even a thick layer of fur and skin could not cover its explosive muscles. 

The monster stared intently at her for a long time, the bloodlust in its eyes growing more apparent. It opened its jaws and roared at her, the sound waves released from the roar sending her flying backwards. 

But when Grand Senior Sister was about to hit the stone wall, she disappeared in a flash. 

She was here to release the monster, not to fight it. 

Grand Senior Sister reappeared by the wall on the other side of the hole, directly opposite of where she came from. 

The giant beast swatted its hand at her. Clenching its fist, the solid rock walls crumbled like tofu. A large hole remained in the wall. 

She dodged its hand. She seemed to be luring the beast to attack where she was. 

After a few times, the beast had dug out a hole large enough to fit itself. 

She stood within the hole like a bird in front of a window. On the surface, it looked cornered but once the ‘window’ opened, she would extend her wings and fly away. 

The beast clenched its fist, saliva dripping off its sharp teeth. With a mighty roar, it sent a punch directly at Grand Senior Sister.  

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