Breaking The Day - Chapter 144

Grand Senior Sister did not panic. Instead, she smirked and vanished on the spot.

The giant beast smashed the pit with a powerful fist, causing it to sink deeper. Numerous cracks emerged on the surrounding stone walls. From those cracks, the noise of whistling wind could be heard.

The noises stunned the beast, albeit momentarily. It suddenly bent down, leaned towards the cracks, and pressed its ear against it. After a while, it roared wildly and began to frantically claw at the stone pit at astonishing speeds. Almost immediately, it dug out a path and crawled into it.

Grand Senior Sister appeared on the other side of the tunnel and observed the scene with a cold, steely stare, but also with great pleasure in her heart. The day is finally here!

Grand Senior Sister looked on with delight. She watched as the beast dug through the forbidden mountain range of Spiritual Mountain. The moment the beast emerged from the cave, it immediately transformed into a blinding white figure and shot into the sky. Just like that, the beast disappeared without a trace, as if it was never there.

Nobody knew how terrifying of a monster she had released, and nobody knew what kind of terrible things had happened in the deepest, most hidden, and classified parts of the Spiritual Mountain Sect.

But the worst part was, nobody knew why the respected Grand Senior Sister of the sect would do such a thing!

Grand Senior Sister followed the stone path dug out by the beast and exited the area. Behind her was a person who she seemed to have left behind, forgotten. He was unconscious on the ground, partially buried by rocks. It was unclear if he was alive.

After walking several metres away, she suddenly turned her head, as if finally remembering, she looked at the direction where Li Chengfeng was. She gave an indifferent huff, then turned and left after all.

The man who caused her so much pain and suffering no longer had any meaning to her.

When she walked out of the cave and arrived at the lush woods, she took a deep breath of the fresh air outside. Then, she unleashed a ray of emerald light and left in a flash.

However, Grand Senior Sister didn’t notice that where she left, the flowers and trees began to grow uncontrollably, and they grew and spread towards the depths of the cave at alarming speeds.


Chengfeng once again found himself at the same dream, the one he had always dreamed of: the dark and infinite realm with ten towering stone pillars, just standing there.

Among the ten stone pillars, the first stone pillar was illuminated by a beam of light from the sky above. Chengfeng clearly remembered the text on the pillar. He memorized it down to its very letters. It was the first realm of teaching people how to harness the power of flowers and plants.

In this dream, a ray of golden light struck from the sky and illuminated the second stone pillar. Chengfeng quickly climbed up the stone pillar. After carefully studying it, he found that it was indeed similar to what he had imagined.

This is the second level of the unique cultivation style, which teaches people how to harness the energy of trees!

"The creation of the heavens requires Yin and Yang; the creation of earth requires softness and rigidity. The heavens and the earth are driven by no one, the sun and the moon shine on their own, the stars align on their own, animals evolve on their own, vegetations culminate on their own. People are born by themselves, this is the way of heaven and earth, and this is also the power of heaven and earth. Those who master this power are one with heaven and earth, they can live and shine alongside the sun and the moon, on heaven and earth, they are omnipotent..."

Li Chengfeng silently recited the text above, and he noticed that this paragraph was a continuation to the outline of the magical law he recited before.

Furthermore, before he arrived at the place, he had recited the "Notes for Cultivation". After comparing the methods from the notes and the method in front of him, he found that there was a stark difference between the two.

A section in “Notes for Cultivation” summarized the practice of cultivation as follows: the human body is fragile. However, people can continuously strengthen the physical body through practice, and continuously store external energy in the cauldron of the physical body. At the same time, using the physical body as the cauldron, they can continuously refine and strengthen their own Yin and Yang spirit, and finally attain the realm of the golden self.

In short, the constant capturing of external energy is stored in the body of the cultivator. This is a process where the energy shall only be gathered but not released. Unless there is a battle, the energy long stored within the cultivator shall only be released, and its effects will be powerful.

Whereas the method as stated by this magical law noted that the human body is indeed fragile, but it is also a fragment of the vast world and all things in the universe. Humans can find a channel to resonate with all kinds of being through their mortal body. Once they find a channel, they can use a share of the power contained within the being.

The first realm of Chengfeng's cultivation: the power of flowers and plants, which allows him to resonate with flowers and plants. When the Immortal Qi within him resonates at the same wavelength as the Spiritual Qi of the plants, he is able to control them and harness their energy.

To put it simply, this is a technique that does not require the storage of huge energy reserves within the body, but it utilizes the power of all beings in nature. How this technique differs from usual techniques is that there is a constant inflow and outflow of energy when using this technique.

The energy of all things in the universe is conserved. If one borrows energy from a part of the universe, they’ll have to return it from another source.

With regards to that, Chengfeng couldn’t help but think of another question: according to the first method where energy only enters the body and doesn’t exit, for the many cultivators who consume large amounts of power, which results in the loss of energy… does the energy disappear forever?

Chengfeng didn’t have the chance to ponder on his question, because he soon noticed that the stone pillar began to rapidly grow vines and leaves. Almost immediately, there were seven or eight vines and five and six thick branches, spiralling from all directions and entangling Chengfeng.

But based on his experience, Chengfeng didn't panic. He thought about the images and texts written on the stone pillar, and mobilized his internal strength.

After a while, the vines and branches suddenly stopped, and then heeding Chengfeng's thoughts, they loosened and retreated.

Chengfeng was convinced. Just as he was about to laugh, another important question came to him: How did this dream happen? What triggered it? Under what circumstances will it trigger him to learn a higher realm?

As soon as this question rose, everything around him began rapidly plummet into darkness, and the beam of light that had originally illuminated the stone pillars disappeared along with the ten huge stone pillars. He fell as if the ground beneath collapsed, and plummeted into the infinite abyss.

Without warning, Chengfeng abruptly woke up. He was sweating profusely and looked around in shock. Only then did he realize that he was in the middle of a dried, wilted miniature forest, surrounded by a broken formation. Many branches and trunks grew between the cracks of broken stone walls. They stubbornly broke through the cracks of the stone walls, breaking the stones one by one, and rushed to Chengfeng. He was enveloped by the tree branches, which gave him large amounts of energy, allowing him to heal his injuries.

Chengfeng observed this scene thoughtfully. He knew that his strength had increased, and it had increased exponentially.

The power of the flowers and grass is in no way comparable to the power of the trees! And the proof lies in the unfolding scene in front of him!

So, does this mean... If he can cultivate upon reaching the third heavenly stage, will his power be doubled?

And if this process continues, his power will increase even further. But once he attains the highest level, what’s gonna happen?

Chengfeng quivered with excitement. Arriving at Spiritual Mountain, he had not experienced hope until now. He finally had hope, and it was one born out of the darkest situations, a near-death situation!

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