Breaking The Day - Chapter 145

Chengfeng didn’t dare remain in the pit. He walked into the path dug by the giant beast and found the dried branches which crushed the rocks into pieces. The branches had forcefully grown into the cave. They looked like they grew among the rocks, as all the gaps between the rocks were filled by the tree branches.

Chengfeng pressed his hand on the thickest tree trunk. He mobilized the Immortal Qi within it. The tree trunk squirmed and grew again. It became thicker and thicker, squeezing the surrounding stones until it began to creak and loosen.

Which is harder, wood or stone? Undoubtedly the stone!

However, on the cliffs, one can often see vigorous and strange trees emerging from the gaps in the rocks. This is what it means to use adaptability to counter rigidity!

Chengfeng mobilized his True Yuan, spurring the growth of the tree trunk in front of him. When it swelled to the size of his thigh, Chengfeng mobilized Immortal energy to move the tree trunk to the side and caused a twig, about the size of his finger, to emerge from the crack.

For a while, the bigger trunk quickly withered and shrank, and the small trunk grew rapidly. Like the thick trunk, it crushed the rocks, causing the pile of debris to grow. As the bigger trunk continued to shrink, the vacated space began to collapse.

Chengfeng repeated the spell, and the pile grew bigger. Chengfeng saw the crumbling rocks around the exit of the stone wall, and he gave a kick, causing the stone wall to collapse.

Chengfeng made his way out of the cave. He took a deep breath, and he saw a rainforest covered in snow, a picturesque scene of white and green. Although the terrifying heat wave dissipated inside, the pain and torture left Chengfeng scarred.

He exited the cave and looked at the silver valley outside. The trees within three to four hundred meters of the surrounding area were all withered. It looked like a dead wasteland. Chengfeng felt like a world away.

Chengfeng knew that he was set up by Grand Senior Sister. This mission was almost impossible! But Grand Senior Sister obviously didn't expect him to survive!

Chengfeng looked back at the area behind him. He knew why Grand Senior Sister wanted to cover up this cave. It was because she released a giant beast that was previously sealed and she did not want that to be discovered by others. There are many secrets behind Grand Senior Sister!

Chengfeng knew that he was currently in a precarious situation: If Grand Senior Sister found out that he was not dead, she would hunt him down and kill him!

Was there any way he could stop Grand Senior Sister?

Chengfeng looked back and studied at the forbidden terrain of Spiritual Mountain. A smile suddenly appeared on his face: he had overcome such a difficult challenge, and his cultivation had entered the second realm. How much worse can it get?

Maybe it could, but Chengfeng’s confidence grew. Standing in this vast expanse of trees, he can feel the immense power around him. Although they were fragmentary and spread out, it was everywhere in the area.

Although the power of flowers and grass is weak, it is spread all over the earth; although the power of trees is weak, in the Spiritual Mountain Sect, it is almost infinite!

These are all powers that Chengfeng can mobilize, and all he had to do was to study carefully how to use this power, maximize it and weaponize it. In a fierce battle, these techniques could shock even the most senior of Grandmasters!

Chengfeng smiled. This was a smile of hope, confidence and he had a vision for the future. Although he didn't know what kind of terrifying monster Grand Senior Sister released, he briefly felt free and detached from the world.

This is a very mysterious feeling, as if he breathed through the trees of the forest, and he felt the pulse of the flowers and grass.

In Chengfeng’s eyes, there was a faint fluorescence around these flowers and plants. It was faint and almost invisible, but they made it in terms of volume. When connected, Chengfeng seems to feel that he’s surrounded by a soft, glowing halo. The halo was recognizable even in broad daylight.

The surrounding trees emitted a stronger obvious fluorescence. They were not as connected as flowers and plants. They were more like faint beams of lights in the forest.

Chengfeng observed the undulating rays of light. He flicked his hand, and tiny rays of light flew towards him, bit by bit. But as the lights left the flowers and trees, they began to rapidly wither. Chengfeng sent the lights back to the plants, immediately restoring their life back. It seemed as if they went through a cycle of life and death.

By standing in the middle of the lights, he could feel every movement in the vicinity.

When Chengfeng just entered the first realm, he couldn't feel all of this. All he could do was mobilize the power of flowers and plants. Now, he can clearly feel that his range of perception has increased. It was greatly enlarged, he could clearly hear the wind and grass move even from fifty meters away, and he could even feel the movement of the weak spiritual power emanating from the flowers and trees.

It was as if there was a spiritual radar provided by flowers and trees around Chengfeng. As long as movement interfered with these lights, he will notice it.

This increased strength and ability made Li Chengfeng excited. After he blocked the cave leading to the forbidden area with flowers and trees again, he mobilized the energy from a greater distance to revive the flowers and trees that had been exhausted.

Li Chengfeng repeated it and moved the withered area to a few kilometers away. Otherwise, at the entrance of this cave, there would be a large withered area. Wouldn't it be unusual, a large evidence of human tracks at Spiritual Mountain’s forbidden area?

After Chengfeng finished, he deliberately waited until nightfall before he cautiously left the area. When he returned to his residence, it was already midnight.

Su Yuehan was taking care of Zhao Xiaobao, who was still in a coma. She had an anxious expression on her face. When Chengfeng neared the house, she stood up abruptly and looked out the door in surprise, "Master? You’re back!"

Yuehan rushed to the door, took one look at him and inhaled sharply. Standing in front of her was a guy barely covered in clothing. His well-developed muscles looked as if they were sculpted under the moonlight, but …  something hung between his legs. Although Chengfeng tried to cover it with his pouch, its upper half was still visible for everyone to see.

Chengfeng’s clothes were almost entirely destroyed when he was in the forbidden ground. Although he tried to gather all the remaining pieces of cloth, he could only cover half of his crotch. This was also another reason why he waited until nightfall to come back.

Seeing Chengfeng, Yuehan immediately covered her eyes and screamed, “Oh my god Master, have you no shame?!”

Chengfeng thought to himself, ‘Hey, if you’re covering your eyes, keep the gaps between your fingers closed!’

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