Breaking The Day - Chapter 148

"Tomorrow? Are you kidding me? If you don't hand Li Chengfeng over by today, I will throw you off the cliff!" Senior Brother Zhou warned with a grin.

Yibai couldn't fake his laughter anymore. He wailed, "Brother Zhou, please spare us! You don’t have to do this!”

Senior Brother Zhou sneered and was about to hit them, when suddenly he heard an angry shout, "Stop it!"

Senior Brother Zhou was taken aback. He turned to look and saw two men walking over. One of them had an attentive gaze and an air of confidence to him. It was definitely Li Chengfeng.

Tongqiu saw Chengfeng approach and immediately pointed at him while shouting, “Brother Zhou, that’s Li Chengfeng! Please let us go!”

Chengfeng couldn’t be bothered with the two guys at Senior Brother Zhou’s feet. They had neither the spine nor guts. He had no idea why the two of them didn’t follow everyone else and defect to Hidden Brocade Court.

Although he despised the pair’s lack of guts, there was something he hated even more, and that was Senior Brother Zhou’s bullying of people weaker than him!

Senior Brother Zhou sized Chengfeng up. He noticed that the uniform that Chengfeng was wearing didn’t have a single stripe. He laughed cockily, "You’re Li Chengfeng?"

Chengfeng sneered, "I don’t believe we’ve met before, Senior Brother Zhou. How may I help you?"

Senior Brother Zhou released his foot from Yibai, turned to Chengfeng and said, "You’re the one who injured Huang Nishang?"

It was this moment, Chengfeng realised this was about revenge!

Chengfeng replied, “No, that was Grand Senior Sister’s doing!”

This senior brother Zhou, whose name was Zhou Jieyi, was a promising young cultivator of the Hidden Modesty Court. He entered the sect just before Chengfeng. After ten years of effort, he went from an ordinary pleb to a foundation building cultivator.

Although he was quite talented, he started training late as his family was unable to support his expensive training expenses. Although he dedicated much of his time and efforts to completing the various tasks of the sect, they were not as fruitful as he had hoped.

Until one day, he discovered that a senior from the Hidden Modesty Court and a senior sister from the Hidden Beauty Court had become partners, he no longer had to worry about not having enough to pay for training. He had an epiphany: looks like there are methods for impoverished people like me to train!

That is… if he partnered with a rich senior sister!

This time there weren’t many newcomers from the Hidden Beauty Court, but the most noticeable one was Huang Nishang. She spent her money generously, furthermore, she was stunningly beautiful. With those traits, she was the most sought after in Hidden Beauty Court.

If he could partner up with her, he could train for another thirty years!

But everyone else had the same idea. If Zhou Jieyi could think of it, naturally everyone else could too. As soon as she entered Hidden Beauty Court, she was surrounded by her fellow cultivators. Although he had decent skills and looks, his chances with her were very slim.

But Zhou Jieyi was smart, and smart people know how to take shortcuts. After learning that Nishang had been whipped by the Grand Senior Sister, he immediately rushed to Hidden Beauty Court to visit her.

But the whip left a mark on her body. How could she, a vain girl who cherished her appearance, allow herself to be seen with such a disfigurement?

Jieyi had to gossip with the other senior sisters. With Nishang receiving so much attention as a newcomer, naturally, she wasn’t well-liked by her seniors. But for Jieyi, who wanted to please Nishang, he filtered out the drama, and accurately identified the center of the whole issue: a guy named Li Chengfeng.

In Jieyi's eyes, if he taught this guy named Li Chengfeng a lesson, he would naturally win her attention.

Jieyi glared at Chengfeng, eager for a fight. Unbeknownst to him, Chengfeng too, was itching for a fight.

Jieyi sneered, "Follow me to Hidden Beauty Court, kowtow ten times to Sister Nishang and apologize, then I’ll let you off the hook!"

Chengfeng laughed, “Alright, then why don’t you kowtow to them a hundred times, and I’ll follow you to Hidden Beauty Court.”

A green aura flashed across Jieyi's face, and the veins on his forehead bulged, "Trying to be funny, huh?"

Chengfeng stared Jieyi down and warned, “The Spiritual Mountain Sect prohibits duelling, you dare break those rules?”

Jieyi roared with laughter with a murderous intent in his eyes, “The Sect may prohibit duelling, but there’s nothing against a brawl!”

Instantly, Jieyi flickered and reemerged in front of Chengfeng near the gates, and sent a powerful fist flying towards Chengfeng’s face.

But something was holding the punch back, as Jieyi didn’t want to kill Chengfeng in one blow. But he had no idea how powerful his opponent was!

If an opponent were to fight with spells, Chengfeng would be cautious; but if an opponent wanted to fight with their fists, that’s something Chengfeng could easily take on!

“Come!” Chengfeng yelled, without budging from where he stood. Aiming for Jieyi’s fist, Chengfeng returned the favour by sending another punch!

The two fists collided, and a loud crack could be heard. Jieyi was stunned speechless. He thought to himself, ‘Shit, who the heck is he?’

A sharp pain ripped across Jieyi’s hand. He feared that several of the bones in his hand might have just been smashed into pieces!

Chengfeng has been practicing martial arts since he was a child. In his ten years of training, he trained even during the harshest winters to perfect his techniques and physique. Had it not been for his special physicality, the Immortal Qi within prevented him from fully concentrating his True Yuan energy. Otherwise, with such a body, the refining of Qi to him is as simple as eating and drinking.

Moreover, Chengfeng’s physical body wasn’t trained from ordinary morning classes, it was the result of the battles he fought in the streets!

Cultivators will never engage in physical battles, because a cultivator’s skin and flesh is very important to them. It is their most basic apparatus of training. If it is injured, then their path of cultivation will come to an end.

Therefore, the physical bodies they use in fighting were trained in the morning and evening classes on weekdays. One advantage Chengfeng had over his opponent was his experience of physical combat from the streets.

When Chengfeng first entered the world of cultivation, he could only mobilize the Spiritual Qi of flowers and trees. In actual combat, he only used the Spiritual Qi of flowers and plants to manipulate them like puppets, hoping to defeat the enemy in a single blow.

In terms of one-on-one magic battles, he had no prior experience.

But the opponent had deserted his strengths to fight Chengfeng on his own terms. Chengfeng decided that was a severely rookie mistake, to just hand oneself over to the opponent without a second thought!

Jieyi had mistaken Chengfeng for a complete novice. Even if he had some skills, how good could he be? He had underestimated the opponent for a moment, and was immediately hit head-on!


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