Breaking The Day - Chapter 149

As soon as their fists came into contact, the severe pain in Jieyi’s hand made him instantly aware that his opponent was no rookie. He shuddered at the thought that he immediately wanted to retreat.

But just who was Li Chengfeng? This was a person who had mixed with the streets since he was merely ten years old. He had fought countless fights and knew how to use his fists and feet in a fight. Although his hand was in pain, Chengfeng’s eyes still had a hint of excitement. He stomped, and his arm suddenly lunged forward. It looked as if his arm had suddenly extended in length.

Jieyi shrank by taking a step backwards. Chengfeng’s arm reached forward, grabbed onto Jieyi’s arm and pulled vigorously. Jieyi’s body had no choice but was immediately pulled back in, his attempt to dodge was futile. Chengfeng immediately sent a fist into his opponent’s armpit, towards the Jiquan acupoint. 

Although this position seemed inconspicuous, when the fist connected with the point, Jieyi felt that half of his body was paralyzed. The intense pain almost rendered him unconscious and his True Yuan was scattered by Chengfeng’s attack.

This was the scariest part for cultivators who had yet to attain the Golden Body: once their physical body sustained an inescapable attack close to their core, they would fall into a terrifying predicament. Because the casting of all spells required the mobilization of their True Yuan, if the physical body suffered a grave bodily attack, it would cause the True Yuan in their body to dysfunction. Thus, the casting of spells and use of magic would be temporarily rendered useless.

If an attack occurred at an ordinary part of the body, there is still a chance that the cultivator could cast spells and function normally. However, the Jiquan acupoint that Chengfeng attacked was one of the most vulnerable places on the human body, and the severe pain caused could rival even an attack towards the lower extremities of men. It is absolutely impossible to cultivate in such a state.

First, Chengfeng had blasted his opponent’s fist into pieces, and next paralyzed him with a punch to the armpit. He wasn’t in a forgiving mood. Chengfeng gripped Jieyi tightly with one hand and spun him on the spot like a top. Another hand bawled into a fist, and began to strike Jieyi at various parts of his body. Jieyi couldn’t defend himself, much less fight back. He could only scream in agony.

Tongqiu and Yibai watched the brutal scene unfold before them. They would never have expected the situation to reverse in their favour!

Regardless of the type of fight or battle, as long there is a significant distance in power and skill between the two sides, and one side had entered the fight without properly understanding the opponent, the outcome would be brutal.

Had they known Chengfeng’s skill and power, they would’ve been bolder and gutsier with Jieyi. But this would mean they wouldn’t mess with Chengfeng either!

Tongqiu and Yibai looked at each other and yelled in unison, “Get him, Brother Chengfeng! Beat him to death!”

“That’s right! Beat him senseless!”

“Make him kneel before you!”

Although the two of them had neither integrity nor loyalty, they aren’t devoid of emotion. To be forced to kneel, to be stepped on and humiliated is nothing to smile about. So when the pair saw that Chengfeng had the upper hand in the fight, they didn’t hesitate to cheer him on. It was a way for them to release the suffocating anger they had for Jieyi.

Jieyi was shocked senseless by the beating. With one hand gripped firmly by Chengfeng and the other hand in pain from the injury, he practically became a punching bag. He couldn’t even move a finger.

Even worse, is that the constant spinning. By being pulled around, Jieyi was prevented from stabilizing himself, and therefore he is unable to even regain his balance and footing.

It was a technique from the Cleansing Moon Sect, the Golden Thread Entanglement. It was a move created before Chengfeng’s old man had gone insane, as a means for Madam Xie to protect herself.

This move was mainly practised by women, utilizing the concept of one’s lighter weight as a counter against a larger, heavier opponent. It doesn’t matter how heavy the opponent is, if used properly, it can be used to effectively control the opponent and throw them off balance.

The fundamental principle was to constantly ruin the opponent’s balance and center of gravity, so that the opponent was always unable to attack. At the same time, when controlling the opponent, when the opponent was disoriented, hit the opponent’s vitals to further weaken the opponent.

It’s like a gold thread that continuously wraps around a person. Every time the opponent is rotated or dragged about, another round of ‘thread’ is added to the opponent. Every time a punch is landed, another layer is added. As the layers add up, the tighter the control over the opponent. Eventually, as time drags on, the opponent is neutralized.

The Xie family had passed this technique down to Chengfeng. Although it was a technique mainly for women, Chengfeng didn’t see any problem with it. He had no prejudices against a technique. When cultivating, he would train and refine this technique, with every pull, pick, rotation, and push, he sought to further strengthen each layer of the technique.

To Tongqiu and Yibai who were watching from the sidelines, it seemed as if Chengfeng and Jieyi were two interconnected entities. The constant pulling and dragging by Chengfeng, forbidding Jieyi from escaping. Likewise, the flurry of punches, kicks, elbows, and knees by Chengfeng took turns to wreck the opponent. The attacks looked like the ebb and flow of ocean waves, each wave more powerful than the previous one. The two watched the scene. It was an absolute beatdown.

How should a warrior fight a cultivator?

Chengfeng’s current technique was the perfect solution to that question!

Jieyi felt like he had fallen into a spiralling swarm of wasps. He could hardly move, let alone counterattack. As the beating drags on, he feared that he might actually be beaten to death by this newcomer!

He would be the biggest joke of the entire Spiritual Mountain Sect!

Jieyi gritted his teeth and bit off the tip of his tongue. Blood gushed from the wound, and Jieyi sprayed Chengfeng with a mouthful of Yang-filled blood.

Sun Boren had used this technique before to ward off evil spirits and demons, but the technique could also be used to escape from close-range combat!

Furthemore, Jieyi’s cultivation was more advanced than Sun Boren’s. As the blood spurted out, Chengfeng could feel an intense heat on his face. It was so hot, sweat immediately covered his face!

Chengfeng quickly spun around and dodged to avoid the oncoming blood. Chengfeng had no choice but to release Jieyi, and he jumped aside to dodge.

The blood shot as far as tens of metres and landed on the trunk of a tree. A hissing noise could be heard, and countless holes emerged on the affected area of the tree!

Chengfeng broke out in a cold sweat. Jieyi’s blood spurting move was a fast and insidious technique. Had he not turned and dodged, his face would have rotted off, just like how the tree did!

Jieyi took this opportunity to escape, which he paid a heavy price for. He leapt backwards and away from Chengfeng. After establishing a safe distance between the both of them, Jieyi vomited a mouthful of blood and stared at Chengfeng viciously. He said through gritted teeth, “You left me no choice!”

Chengfeng had no idea that Jieyi had bitten off the tip of his tongue and sprayed Yuanyang blood. The act of purging the very essence of one’s body, it was the equivalent of destroying his cultivation!

Although the foundation building phase was over, his virgin, physical body was still important for cultivation. Should he partner with a suitable female cultivator, they would utilize each other’s Yang Yuan energy and Yin Yuan energy to further advance their cultivation.

Now… his Yang Yuan energy was gone. It was no longer a fight for pride and ego.

Rather, it had become a struggle between life and death!

This battle had just begun.

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