Breaking The Day - Chapter 150

Jieyi stared at Chengfeng viciously, his eyes seething with hatred. He quickly formed a mudra with his fingers. An emerald light shot up towards the sky, and Jieyi too shot up into the sky following the light.

Chengfeng was dumbfounded.

How am I going to fight him if he’s up in the sky?

The light descended back to the ground, and it stopped by Jieyi’s side. It was his personal magical item: the Purple Golden Jade Token!

This magical item was a palm-sized jade token with golden patterns engraved on it. These patterns looked like words at first glance, lined up in rows and they exuded a faint golden glow.

This jade token hung in the air, quickly increasing in size, eventually reaching the size of a stone monument. By now it was emitting a blinding golden light, its presence almost oppressive.

Chengfeng saw the first line of patterns on the jade token increasing in brightness. It became so bright, it was basically a line of golden light. Suddenly, the light lunged towards Chengfeng from the jade token.

Chengfeng immediately jumped back towards Xiaobao, who was still dazzled by the brightness of the jade token. Seeing this, Chengfeng kicked Xiaobao to his senses and said, “Dodge, you idiot!”

Xiaobao flinched as if awoken from a daydream. He dodged far to the side.

Chengfeng did not move, for he knew there was nowhere to hide. With his opponent up in the sky, he had a bird’s eye view over the Chengfeng. Apart from the thick, snowy forest, there was nowhere else to hide. Chengfeng could make a dash for the gates, and maybe a senior cultivator can help sort this punk out.

But Chengfeng did not plan to do that. He knew sooner or later he would meet other cultivators, most of them would be stronger and powerful than himself. Plus, most of them would know how to fly!

If he couldn’t fly, how was he gonna fight cultivators who can fly?

This is something that he must overcome!

How do tigers on land fight birds of prey hovering in the sky?

An age-old question, just like how helicopters and tanks were considered to be natural enemies too.

Being able to fly would mean one thing: as long as a safe distance was maintained between him and the opponent, he would always be safe!

Chengfeng avoided the first golden ray. It blasted into the ground, leaving a three-metre wide crater. White smoke rose from the crater. Chengfeng had no doubt that if the light hit him, he would be blown to pieces, or even be completely pulverised.

Almost immediately, the patterns on the jade token lit up one by one and launched themselves from the token, one after another. The speed of the attacks was increasing as well. Chengfeng was quickly running out of breath from dodging and running about. He was like a rabbit being hunted and chased by an eagle. Soon, he was panting for air.

“Damn it, I can’t keep dodging like this!” Chengfeng spun to his side, his body narrowly missing a golden ray of light. His waist slightly grazed the light, and immediately, a sizable chunk of flesh and blood was evaporated from the rest of his body. Chengfeng immediately took out the Jinchuang Medicine and hastily applied it to his wound, all the while dodging, running and brainstorming for ideas. If he doesn’t think of another plan, it’s only a matter of time before he got hit by the light!

Tongqiu and Yibai observed the situation from the side. They found that the situation had suddenly reversed. It was only seconds ago that Jieyi was beaten to a pulp by Chengfeng, now it was Chengfeng’s turn to dodge Jieyi’s attacks. He was running all over the place, and he was noticeably running out of energy.

The two looked at each other and silently agreed to get out of there. As they were about to turn and run, the jade token turned towards them and shot a ray of light. This absolutely terrified them, and they were frozen on the spot.

The two decided to cautiously hide behind a large tree. When they saw Chengfeng running towards their hiding spot while dodging, they panicked and shouted in unison, “Hey, don’t come! Don’t come!”

Chengfeng was taken aback. Jieyi heard the noises, he turned his head towards the direction of the noise and seethed with anger, ‘What did these two guys just say?’

Jieyi lifted a finger and pointed towards the two. The jade token began to fire volleys of golden light like a cannon. The two screamed and scampered, yelling for their lives, “Brother Zhou, you’re firing at the wrong person! Hit Chengfeng, hit him!”

“Yeah, Brother Zhou! Shoot him dead!”

The pair’s pleas tickled Chengfeng, as he found it amusing. He purposely sprinted after them and gave them two powerful kicks to their hinds, sending them flying. He then made a sharp turn and dashed away, narrowly avoiding the oncoming shots.

Chengfeng noticed something about the magical item. The jade token hovers above and scans the ground below for targets to fire at. It’s almost as if it has the ability to lock on any moving targets. Chengfeng knew that remaining stationary isn’t a wise decision, as that would make him an easy target for the item to focus on. If he were to stop running, he might not even last for another second!

After surviving the array at the forbidden area, Chengfeng was not particularly concerned with this item and its attacks. Although the item seemed powerful and unstoppable, he considered the Forbidden Land Formation to be a far more scary and powerful technique.

Chengfeng thought about it, and decided to rush into the woods. Jieyi laughed. He’d been a lot more at ease since his narrow escape. Now he was in the air, controlling his magical item and hunting his opponent down.

At Chengfeng’s will, the surrounding trees came alive. The branches extended like limbs and rushed towards the jade token to grab it.

The jade token was so preoccupied with hunting its target down, it didn’t notice the trees as it hovered by. Within seconds, the trees grabbed onto the jade token tightly, rendering it immobile.

Chengfeng thought to himself gleefully, ‘Let’s see how you can move now!’

But his joy was short-lived as the jade token glowed with a blistering light, causing the branches to go up in flames. Chengfeng’s efforts were in vain.

Chengfeng’s heart sank. He made a mental note to himself. Although the trees and plants were easily manipulated, its weakness was equally obvious: it could easily be countered by spells!

With a little fire, and they burn up in flames!

Looks like he’ll have to manage his expectations with the trees and plants. For now, he’ll have to take other risks!

Chengfeng thought of another plan. He made a sudden turn back on the main path, he zigzagged all the way, dashed out of the woods and towards Jieyi.

Seeing Chengfeng rushing towards him, Jieyi sneered and formed a mudra. He produced a talisman, stared at Chengfeng and pinched the talisman. The talisman burned up and left a golden rune glowing in the air. The rune then rushed towards Jieyi, shrouding him in a layer of golden light.

Although the rune was temporary and its protection was not as effective as the Golden Body technique, the method of defence remained the same: the golden layer of light shields the user from any external attacks, rendering him invincible!

To a warrior, a skilled cultivator was no easy match, especially if a distance was established between them. If the cultivator utilizes offensive techniques under those circumstances, the warrior would be at a great disadvantage.

Could Chengfeng break this golden rune?

In Jieyi's view, that was impossible! Even if Chengfeng could fly and jump to reach him, this defense couldn’t be broken by fists and strength alone!

Chengfeng approached Jieyi at blinding speed. He cocked his head up to see that there were ten metres between him and Jieyi. This was the distance between a warrior and cultivator, a near-impossible distance to overcome.

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