Breaking The Day - Chapter 151

Chengfeng rushed towards Zhou Jieyi, then suddenly yelled towards something behind Jieyi, "Xiaobao, quick!"

Jieyi was stunned for a moment. He looked back and saw Xiaobao charging towards him. With a blossom shuriken in his hand, he flicked it at Jieyi midair.

Although Xiaobao is not as proficient as Chengfeng in terms of combat, he had his own unique set of skills. He is well-versed with hidden weapons and his aim was impeccable. When he used hidden weapons against enemies, he transformed into a completely different person, unlike his usual crybaby self.

Jieyi felt a slight tremor on his body. The shuriken bounced off and expanded off his golden body protection, sending one large golden ripple across him. Xiaobao flicked his hand, and tens of the same shurikens came flying towards Jieyi’s face, its crackling sending countless ripples all over the protection.

The shurikens thrown by Xiaobao had incredible range and penetration power. Within tens of metres, it could penetrate the thickest of cowhides, and within ten steps, it could penetrate and splinter wood. However on Jieyi’s armour, it had no effect. Not even a scratch was made.

Zhou Jieyi had coincidentally stumbled upon the Purple Golden Jade Token while on a mission. After trying to get the weapon to recognize him as its master, his strength and status had greatly improved within the Hidden Modesty Court. As it turned out, not every cultivator at his level had a magic weapon of their own.

Whereas the golden body armour was a reward he received after completing a dangerous mission. If it weren't for his weakened state today, he wouldn’t have used it.

Jieyi laughed maniacally, “You brat, how dare he…” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Xiaobao pull out a weirdly-shaped long sword. The sword’s handle was in the middle of its structure, its blades curved. The arc of the blade was beautiful and radiated a sharp chill.

Xiaobao pressed his finger, and the sword split into two, becoming two daggers. He threw one dagger towards Jieyi.

Jieyi snorted cockily and did not dodge. He took the full brunt of the dagger’ force. This smaller part of the Zimu Lightning Sword slammed into Jieyi’s armour, causing Jieyi to shake violently. A loud crack could be heard soon after, revealing a large gaping tear in his armour.

Jieyi was stunned. It was at this moment, he realized that Xiaobao used a magical weapon!

For Xiaobao to use such a legendary weapon as a hidden weapon, it made him all the more dangerous.

Although Xiaobao threw the dagger with the same strength as he did with the shurikens, the sword was an extremely rare and unique magical weapon. It naturally had a powerful armor-breaking property. Although its power wasn’t activated nor did it recognize a master, its Spiritual Qi and sharpness was sufficient enough to cause severe damage to the armor.

Jieyi learned not to risk himself a second time. As he saw the main sword whizzing towards him, he immediately turned and dodged, barely missing the sword.

“Hmph, what else have you got?” taunted Jieyi. He knew Xiaobao had no more uses in these weapons. One shot and it was exhausted.

“Don’t forget about me!”

The shout caused Jieyi to turn towards its direction and the pupils in his eyes constricted instantly. In his eyes’ reflection, a sharp bone could be seen flying towards him!

It was getting closer, threatening to stab him!

Jieyi couldn’t dodge in time. Like lightning, the bone shattered his armour into pieces, and pierced through his chest!


Jieyi clutched his chest and coughed up mouthfuls of blood, almost collapsing.

Jieyi observed Chengfeng closely. He was certain about something: Chengfeng did not use spells and magic weapons, nor would he use such sloppy techniques in a fight.

However, what was this bone shard? It had the ability to pierce both armour and flesh, not even the Zimu Lightning Sword could achieve such an effect. It could only crack the armour, whereas the bone shard had completely pierced through his body!

Jieyi glared Chengfeng down. He didn’t dare stay any longer. He flicked his wrist and the Purple Gold Jade Token flew back into his hand. He flickered and disappeared, reappearing roughly fifty metres away from his original position. He sprinted away without looking back.

“Young Master, we won!” Xiaobao excitedly ran towards Chengfeng.

However Chengfeng wasn’t excited. He looked towards Jieyi’s direction, and felt a heavy burden in his heart: if Jieyi was such a challenge for him, what about other future opponents? If Zhan Qisheng succeeded in his cultivation, and with the might of the Zhan family, how powerful would he be?

He may have won the fight, but there were many more problems for him to worry about.

Had Xiaobao not distracted Jieyi midway through the fight, Chengfeng wouldn’t have gained the upper hand, much less destroy Jieyi’s defences.

Furthermore, had they not acquired and used the two powerful magical weapons, their chances of winning would have been slim.

Moreover, Chengfeng realized the importance of flying in a fight. If he couldn’t fly, he would be easily beaten!

Alas, Chengfeng arrived at a conclusion: it was insufficient to merely have the ability to mobilise the energy of the flowers, plants, and trees. He must learn to integrate everything he knew to form his own unique fighting system or if he encountered another opponent, he would still lose!

Chengfeng looked towards Xiaobao, and asked, “What are you so excited about?”

Xiaobao was overjoyed, even his cheeks were red. He quipped, “But Young Master, this is our first time defeating a real cultivator!”

Chengfeng rolled his eyes. “I've defeated cultivators before…” He brought up two fingers and continued, “Twice! I’ve defeated two of them, plus another one today, now three!”

Xiaobao pouted, “But it’s my first time!”

Chengfeng tried to hold his laughter, “Yeah, yeah, the first time is always the most precious.”

Xiaobao didn’t react. He suddenly yelled and dashed towards the forest. Chengfeng cried out, “Hey, where are you going?”

“I have to find my sword! If we can’t find it, we’re screwed!”

“Hey, hold up!”

“I can’t wait, what if someone finds it before we do?”

“Hey, wait! You…”

Xiaobao continued to run towards the forest. “Master, I’ll look for my sword, and I’ll look for your bone shard too!”

Chengfeng shouted, “But in front of you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he saw Xiaobao turn his head, took another step forward, and he seemingly disappeared.

Chengfeng sighed, exasperated. “... is a crater! Why don’t you let me finish my sentence first!”

Chengfeng tried not to laugh at Xiaobao, as he climbed out of the crater. As he was about to console Xiaobao, he saw a flash of green light emerge from the sky, and Grand Senior Brother appeared before them in the blink of an eye.

Grand Senior Brother looked at the scene around them. His eyes were wild and demanded sternly, “What happened? What the heck happened?!”

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