Breaking The Day - Chapter 155

Grand Senior Brother glared at him and asked accusingly, “What did you think cultivation would be like? 

Li Chengfeng paused while Grand Senior Brother asked again, “What did you think Hidden Sword Court would be like? Hmm?” as he spoke, he looked at the deflated group and said coldly, “Looks like you all have been living too comfortably these days! Do you know how Hidden Sword Court used to train their disciples? And you can’t even take this?” 

Grand Senior Brother’s eyes fell on Chengfeng again. “You think cultivation is just punching your fists, training your muscles, cultivating your Qi and concocting some pills? Hmm? Or did you think all Hidden Sword Court did was sword fight, make arrays, run missions then feast happily and nap?” 

He smirked in contempt. “I’ve got nothing else to say. If you want to live as a man, come back tomorrow. If you want to live as a dog, go to Hidden Brocade Court!” 

He wrung his sleeve and turned to leave. This time, he walked on foot away without using his powers as if to make sure the scene of him leaving hurt them emotionally. 

Zuo Fei, with his goatee, couldn’t help but yell, “He’s such a bully!” 

Tian Jun was furious too. “Grand Senior Brother is definitely a bully!” 

Zuo Fei raged, “You’re still calling him Grand Senior Brother? He’s not fit for the title! How could he call himself that!” 

Su You heaved a long sigh as he looked up at the skies. “I regret it all so much! Why was I so stubborn? Why did I insist on staying? If I followed the rest to Hidden Brocade, would I suffer like that today?” 

Zuo Fei suggested, “Might as well go to Hidden Brocade Court now! I don’t think anywhere could be worse than this!” 

Tian Jun agreed. “Yeah, let’s go to Hidden Brocade! I can’t stay here any longer!” 

Zhao Xiaobao privately panicked. He had heard about Chengfeng’s history with Hidden Brocade Court. If these people all went to Hidden Brocade Court, then almost no one would be left here. Other than Grand Senior Brother and a few of his loyal companions, the rest of the disciples would be gone! 

Then only Li Chengfeng would be left with them! 

What now? 

Zhao Xiaobao gave Chengfeng a panicked look but Chengfeng’s eyes darted at him as he shook his head slightly, signalling for him to calm down. 

Zuo Fei and Tian Jun looked at Su You. Zuo Fei asked, “Su You, what do you think?” 

Su You thought for a moment and smiled bitterly. “We’ll only die if we stay. We might get a chance of survival if we go to Hidden Brocade. Let’s go, let’s all go!” He looked at Blockhead and asked, “Blockhead, are you coming with?” 

He Zhu scratched his head and recited a lite from the precept book, “Those who betray the sect, we kill!”

Su You was so angry he laughed and punched He Zhu’s muscular body, though it hurt himself more as he coughed violently. “Damn it, don’t memorise blindly! We’re not betraying the Spiritual Mountain Sect! We’re just going to Hidden Brocade Court! Look at the situation here, being a slave for Hidden Brocade Court would be better than being a Hidden Sword disciple!” 

He Zhu thought for a moment and scratched his head. “I’ll go if you guys go then.” 

Su You looked at Chengfeng. “Junior Brother Chengfeng, you’re going with us, right?” 

He smiled bitterly. “I came from that place.” 

“It’s fine, they wouldn’t reject you if you come with us.” 

Chengfeng sighed. “I’ll go with you all then.” 

Su You smiled. “We should not delay this any further. Let’s go now. We can’t stay in Hidden Sword Court any longer!” 

Zuo Fei laughed heartily but felt a sharp pain in his chest and cursed. “Let’s go, let’s go! Let stupid Hidden Sword Court die!’ 

Chengfeng and Xiaobao looked at each other. They walked slower, trailing at the back of the group. 

Zhao Xiaobao whispered, “Young Master, have you gone mad? You’re walking directly into the tiger’s lair!” 

Chengfeng shook his head slightly. “No, I’m just following to check the situation out. I have a feeling that… they’ll never be accepted anyway. So I need to make them all change their minds soon.” 

Xiaobao smiled bitterly. “You can’t force a stubborn bull to drink water!” 

“I know, we’ll just have to take a chance!”  

They both followed Su You and the rest to the transporter booth and teleported to Hidden Brocade Court’s place. Then, they walked towards the Hidden Brocade Court’s mountain entrance. When they saw the magnificent, luxurious entrance, they all gawked with admiration. 

Who wouldn’t want to cultivate in the Hidden Brocade Court? They were rich and lived well. 

The group had just arrived at the entrance when they heard a commotion. 

“Hmm? What do you take Hidden Brocade Court as? A toilet? You think any dog, any pile of sh*t can enter as they wish?” 

The voice was shrill and arrogant. Chengfeng saw this person had three green stripes on his sleeves, with a tall and thin figure, high cheekbones, sunken cheeks and an overall hostile expression. 

The two people who were being insulted were currently kneeling before the entrance. They were the problematic duo: Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai.

Su You could not help but curse privately. Damn it, how dare they get here before we do! This will be bad! 

At this moment, many people had gathered at the Hidden Brocade Court entrance. Many Hidden Brocade disciples had come over after hearing the commotion. Even the Hidden Beauty Court disciples who frequented Hidden Brocade Court also crowded over like flowers among grass, pointing and giggling. 

Qu Tongqiu was not angry although he was kneeling in front of an audience and insulted. He smiled apologetically. “Senior Brother Zhou, although we’re not very useful, even a pile of dog poop has its own use!” 

Zhao Yibai nodded as fervently as a chick pecking at grains. “Yeah, yeah! Senior Brother Zhou, we’re very hardworking, we can help with odd jobs!” 

Senior Brother Zhou laughed. “I think you’re not even as useful as dog poop! At least it can be used as fertiliser but what about you two? What can you do?” 

Qu Tongqiu did not even hesitate to blurt, “We can eat!” 

Everyone chuckled while Senior Brother was speechless. “Have you gone mad? What use can eating be?” 

Qu Tongqiu smiled apologetically. “We eat, then we poop! If we poop a lot, can’t that be used as fertiliser then?” 

Senior Brother Zhou cackled. “So you two are just poop machines?” 

The crowd laughed. Some of the Hidden Beauty girls scoffed at Qu Tongqiu’s disgusting remark, others covered their faces in fits of giggles while the rest laughed heartily as they trembled. 

Chengfeng and the rest, who were watching from afar, stood in stunned silence as they looked at each other. 

While Chengfeng never really felt loyal to Hidden Sword Court, the moment he saw the Hidden Brocade people insulting a fellow court disciple… he felt a fire burning in his chest. 

This was a man who would butt in when he saw a pimp bullying a girl in the streets. Chengfeng prioritised justice and fidelity, and he felt his fist itch when he saw this bully! 

Li Chengfeng had not decided on his reaction when Senior Brother Zhou stood with his legs wide open and grinned. “Come, come crawl through here. Then I’ll consider taking you two in as servants.” 

The crowd laughed. “Hurry, hurry!” 

“Crawl! Crawl! Crawl!” 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai were both slightly trembling. They looked at each other to see deep humiliation and pain in their eyes, their fingers scratching into the stony ground so hard their fingertips turned white. 

After a brief internal struggle, they finally lowered their heads and crawled through underneath his pants. 

Both of them were ghostly pale upon crawling through, their eyes watering as they forced a smile. 

Qu Tongqiu could barely smile as he said, “Senior Brother Zhou, does this mean we can…” 

Senior Brother Zhou cut him off. “What? I only said I would consider! I never said I would take you in ! Hahahaha!” 

Zhao Xibai hurried forward on his knees and grabbed the senior’s pant leg. “Senior Zhou, how could you break a promise!” 

Senior Brother Zhou kicked him away and shook his robes. “Get off me! Don’t you dare touch my robes with your filthy hands! You can’t afford it! Do you know how much this costs? You will never be able to imagine the price!” 

Qu Tongqiu forced himself to maintain the smile on his face as he laughed drily, “Senior Brother Zhou, please give us a chance! I’m begging you, give us a chance!” 

Senior BRother Zhou snickered. “I’m surprised, so the idiots of Hidden Sword Court are finally coming to beg us outright now? Let me tell you this- it’s too late! Just go home! Hmmph, what do you take us for? You think you can come just because you want to? What a joke! You should be honored to crawl between my legs! Just go, and might as well give up all home! What trash!” 

The crowd laughed heartily while Su You and the rest paled with terrible expressions on their faces. Chengfeng clenched his fists hard, his blood boiling! 


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