Breaking The Day - Chapter 156

Su You and the rest had come with full confidence, yet what they just witnessed had dashed their hopes and dreams! 

Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai’s actions were the equivalent of giving them a dead end. What should they do now? 

Su You wanted to kick them both hard. Then, Senior Brother Zhou’s gaze fell on Su You and he grinned. “Oh? You’re all here too? What? All here to enter Hidden Brocade Court? Sure!” 

Senior Brother Zhou widened his legs and pointed at his pants. “Come, crawl under here! Maybe it’ll please me and I’ll make you our servant! Hidden Brocade Court is very different from Hidden Sword Court, you know. We can take as many servants as we want. We have enough money for you all!” 

The crowd erupted in laughter, though it was a piercing one, hurting the group’s pride badly. 

Su You and Zuo Fei, who had been staring arrogantly, looked at each other. They both took a deep breath, holding their fury back, then turned to leave. 

However, Senior Brother Zhou disappeared and reappeared right behind them in a flash with a grin. “You’re leaving? Is it because we’re not good enough for you?” 

Su You forced a smile. “Why would you say that? We wouldn’t dare… say that!” 

Senior BRother Zhou grinned. “Then if you’re all not here to join Hidden Brocade Court, what are you here for?” He leaned so close that his face was almost touching Su You’s face, exposing his entire torso without fear. 

Even if Su You decided to attack Senior Brother Zhou’s throat or torso, with Senior Brother Zhou’s abilities, he would not walk away unscathed. 

But Su You would never. Even if Senior Brother Zhou had presented him with a knife, he still would not dare stab it into his chest! 

Sometimes, you did not have to use a weapon to kill a person. 

You just need to kill their hearts! 

Senior Brother Zhou leaned closer to the group arrogantly while Su You instinctively took a step back. Senior Brother Zhou gave a half-smile. “Or does it mean that you’re all here to… challenge the Hidden Brocade Court?” 

Su You leapt in fright, looking around to see looks of mockery and contempt from the crowd. He quickly waved. “We wouldn’t dare! Everyone knows Hidden Brocade Court is a powerful entity among the four heavenly courts of Spiritual Mountain, how could we ever… challenge you?” 

The crowd chuckled, delighted. Senior Brother Zhou patted Su You’s cheek. “Oh, you know that too! But you’re wrong!” 

Su You’s boiling anger had dissipated completely as he smiled, “Please enlighten us then.” 

Senior Brother Zhou pinched his cheek. “In the future, Spiritual Mountain will only have… three heavenly courts, just like what it used to be. We never had four! So don’t flatter yourselves!” When he finished, he slapped Su You’s face hard and audibly. 

“You think Hidden Sword Court is still what it used to be? Wake up!” He laughed. 

The disciples of Hidden Brocade and Hidden Beauty Court laughed too. 

Zuo Fei, Tian Jun and the rest all had reddened eyes, almost crying as their hearts filled with pain and humiliation. The fact that they stayed in Hidden Sword meant this group had a stronger sense of belonging to Hidden Sword Court and more pride. What Senior Brother Zhou said had crossed a line and completely denied what they believed in. 

Tears welled up in Su You’s eyes, about to fall. He never would have believed that he would be in such a state of suffering. 

“Oh? You’re crying?” Senior Brother Zhou did not plan to let him go. He was like a cat playing with its food, leaning his face close to Su You as he chuckled. “You must want to hit me very badly. Come, just hit me here. I guarantee I won’t hit you back. Come, hit me.” 

Su You clenched his fists, trembling. His knuckles had turned white but he never dared throw a single punch! 

Senior Brother Zhou looked at Su You, about to mock him when he heard a voice. “Senior Brother Zhou, can I really hit you and you won’t hit back?” 

He turned nonchalantly to see Li Chengfeng bowing submissively and chuckled. “What, you think you have the guts to hit me? Fine, come! Just hit me, I promise not to hit back!” 

Senior Brother Zhou was about to lean his face forwards when he saw Li Chengfeng hold back a smile, take a deep breath, then throw his fist like a cannonball right at his face! 

Slam! Senior Brother Zhou flew backwards, his entire body spinning a few times in the air before landing eight metres away, even sliding a distance in the snow to form a deep trench. He only stopped sliding at the feet of the Hidden Brocade disciples. 

The crowd was stunned, watching with widened eyes as Li Chengfeng wrung his hands and turned to Zhao Xiaobao nonchalantly. “I’ve never met a person who begged so hard to be punched in my life.” 

Zhao Xiaobao was not sure to laugh or cry but after years of working with Chengfeng, he played along. “Yeah! He was asking for it!” 

Chengfeng pointed at Senior Brother Zhou, who was scrambling to his feet, and said, “Hey, you all heard him! He was the one who said I could hit him and he wouldn’t hit back! You can’t blame me!” 

The crowd finally snapped to their senses. Who was this guy and how dare he act so arrogantly here?! 

The crowd erupted in threats as someone yelled, “KILL HIM!” The hot-tempered ones even took out magical items. 

Chengfeng yelled loudly, “Shut your mouths!” 

Chengfeng’s angry roar came from his dantian so it was loud and covered the entire crowd’s voices. He looked around and smirked in disgust. “What? You want to attack us? Fine, do it then!” 

Chengfeng shook his Hidden Sword cultivator robes and laughed coldly. “Fighting against another court within the sect? Fighting a disadvantageous battle? Seniors threatening juniors? The strong bullying the weak? Looks like the Spiritual Mountain commandments are all useless rubbish then!” 

Everyone’s faces changed. 

Senior Brother Zhou scrambled up, one of his cheeks already swollen green as he charged at Chengfeng in fury, “I challenge you to a duel!” 

Chengfeng’s eyes darted at him and he snickered. “A duel? Fine! I’ve heard of theoretical duels, combat duels and death duels! Which kind do you want?” 

No one here was an idiot. They all started to doubt themselves when they saw how confident Chengfeng was. 

“Where did he come from?” 

“I don’t know! Look at his sleeve, there’s not even one stripe there! He must be some stupid greenie!” 

“Ptui, have you seen a newcomer punch Zhou Jin’an so hard he could fly that far?” 

“Ah, it’s the guy who ranked first in two of the entry tests!” 

“Tsk, so he’s quite talented indeed. But how dare he act so arrogantly on our turf?” 

“Hmmph, so what if he’s talented? I don’t think he can beat us all!” 

“Are you crazy? If you battle him and you win, that’s considered bullying and it’s illegal. If you lose, heh, then your reputation will be ruined forever!” 

That was the fat Zhang Jinbao speaking. He looked at Li Chengfeng with a peculiar expression, simultaneously like a man observing a peculiar item curiously, and a man looking at another who owed him money. 

After Zhang Jinbao spoke, the simmering crowd quietened. 

Even Zhou Jin’an calmed slightly. He glared at Li Chengfeng and clenched his teeth. “Do you have the guts for a death duel?” 

Chengfeng laughed. “Why not? You have my word!” 

The crowd was stunned. 

Was this an idiot? How could he be so reckless? 


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