Breaking The Day - Chapter 157

The Spiritual Mountain outlawed private duels but not publicly announced duels with consent from both parties, signing agreements to risk their lives. Among all the types of duels, theoretical duels were the most peaceful. They merely battled ‘on paper’ by explaining their attacks. As long as one side’s attack theory was complete, logical and so detailed the other person could not rebut, they won. 

This was a favourite battle method amongst good friends because they could train critical thinking and widen perspectives. 

Combat duels involved fists and feet, partial magic use, as well as some magical items, but must not be fatal. They must not kill their opponent when the other has yielded, especially not insisting on making the fatal hit when the other person has obviously been struck down!

There were strict rules in combat, banning powerful spells and magical items. Anything that would cause irreversible damage to a cultivator was banned. These rules were all in place to prevent cultivators from sustaining serious injuries or even dying during combat. 

Death duel was self-explanatory. Both parties fought till death. Other than weapons, spells and magical items destructive enough to move mountains and oceans, everything else was allowed. 

In a death duel, the loser often dies with their souls utterly decimated. 

To a cultivator who valued their life, a death duel was something they did not take lightly. Combat and theoretical duels would make them lose their faces at most, but at least not their lives. 

But if you lost in a death duel, everything was gone! They wouldn’t even be able to reincarnate! 

Unless two parties were sworn archnemeses, no one would choose to fight to the death. 

Li Chengfeng’s decisiveness had obviously shocked Zhou Jing’an, for he regarded Li Chengfeng in hesitation. 

When Chengfeng saw Zhou Jing’an hesitating, he pressed on immediately. “Do you have the guts to sign a life-and-death agreement here in front of so many Hidden Brocade and Hidden Beauty court seniors? Let’s duel to death!” 

Zhou Jing’an’s face fell. Chengfeng’s arrogance was identical to the airs he put on just now! 

Zhou Jing’an was sure Su You would never attack, that was why he was so calm. Chengfeng was equally sure Zhou Jing’an would not agree to the death duel, that was why he was so nonchalant! 

Chengfeng’s confidence had increased since his battle with Zhou Jieyi. The person more afraid of losing in front of such a crowd was definitely not a newcomer without one stripe on his sleeve, but Zhou Jing’an with three green embroidered stripes! 

The disciples of Hidden Brocade Court were annoyed at Zhou Jing’an’s struggle and hesitation. 

“What the heck, Zhou Jing’an! Go!” 

“Yeah, don’t embarrass us!” 

“Junior Zhou, don’t be afraid! We’ll cheer you on!” 

Zhou Jing’an was raging in his heart. Nonsense, I’m the one fighting, not you annoying scums! This is a death duel! A fight to the death! I don’t get anything if I win, and if I lose…” 

He shuddered when he thought about the consequences! 

But his pride did not let him turn from a challenge. Especially not when there were sister disciples from Hidden Beauty Court watching. The male pride in him took a hit! 

Chegnfeng looked at him impatiently. “Are you fighting or not? What the heck do you want!” 

Zhou Jing’an’s face swelled and reddened. All the humiliation that Su You and the rest endured were now on him. He clenched his teeth and glared. “The ranking evaluation test will be here soon. You’d better pray you won’t come near me!” 

The crowd fell silent while some more cunning cultivators wondered, ‘Does Zhou Jing’an have some trick up his sleeve? Or is he unable to guarantee victory without pulling out his trump card? Is he worried about revealing his trump card, affecting his results at the evaluation?’ 

These guesses were right. Just like Zhou Jieyi, the one Li Chengfeng previously encountered, they both had their own spells and items that had to be kept secret until the test for the best results. 

While Chengfeng’s actions seemed reckless, it was actually a calculated move. Zhou Jieyi had dared to reveal his true powers with Chengfeng only because there was no one else around, nor was he worried Chengfeng would reveal information about him. 

Every cultivator had their own magical items and spells meant to surprise their opponent. These tricks could well turn the tables immediately! They were often called killer moves! 

Usually, a cultivator would not pull out all the stops unless fighting for their lives or extremely angered. 

If this was just regular combat, Zhou Jing’an would not have hesitated to fight. But this was a death duel. If the gap between his and his opponent’s abilities was not large enough, it meant he must reveal his trump cards. 

Then he had everything to lose in this fight, even if he won! 

When Chengfeng knew that Zhou Jing’an was not going to duel, he was delighted. He walked to Qu Tongqiu and Zhao Yibai, kicking their butts and yelling, “Stand up! Are your knees that worthless to you?” 

They both stood up slowly, their heads lowered and eyes devoid of hope. 

Among the Hidden Brocade disciples, one disciple with two turquoise stripes snickered and wanted to step forward but someone pressed on his shoulder quietly. He turned to see that it was Huangfu Song shaking his head. 

This tall, thin disciple was surprised. He clenched his teeth and whispered, “Senior Brother Huangfu, are you going to watch this idiot insult Hidden Brocade Court like that?” 

Huangfu Song smiled coldly. “This is just a clown! Ma Qianli, do not ruin the big picture just because of this small matter! You’d ruin Senior Brother Qian Shanxue’s plan!” 

Ma Qianli glared at Chengfeng and relaxed his tensed muscles. He huffed, “I’ll let him live a few more days!” 

Huangfu Song patted his shoulder. “That’s right, let him run around for a few more days! He… hasn’t got many left anyway!” 

Huangfu Song stared at Chengfeng with a smile but his eyes were filled with icy venom. 

This person had brought him so much pain and humiliation! He hadn’t forgotten! 

His fists remained tightly clenched within his sleeves. If he did not hold himself back, he would be flying at Chengfeng any second no. 

What he did not realise was another pair of eyes filled with burning hatred, ready to slash Chengfeng into pieces! 

Zhan Qisheng hid among the crowd, staring at him intently without moving. After suffering so much, he had completely changed from his arrogant swagger to a quiet man who kept a low profile. 

He turned to the person next to him and whispered, “How is the progress of the project?” 

He was speaking to Sun Boyi, another person glaring daggers at Chengfeng. 

Sun Boyi whispered back, “We still haven’t gotten an answer!” 

Zhan Qisheng glared venomously at Sun Boyi. Although his cultivation base was lower than Sun Boyi, Boyi’s back was already drenched in sweat. “That old man is very stubborn!” 

Zhan Qisheng grinned. “There is no mouth the Zhan family cannot pry open!” 

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