Breaking The Day - Chapter 16

xIn the face of such humiliation, Li Chengfeng wanted to scream, ‘To hell with the Spiritual Mountain Sect! I don’t need them!’

Five generations of Li patriarchs from the Cleansing Moon Sect had gone insane from cultivation. They tried to use force to pave a path, but as if possessed by the devil, all of them went insane in the process.

It wasn’t until Li Chengfeng’s generation where it seemed to stop. Since childhood, Li Chengfeng realized he had neither inner power nor true qi, this meant there was something wrong with his meridians. Other than physical martial arts, he couldn’t even train his internal martial arts skills. Hence, there was no need to even consider cultivation as an option.

Li Chengfeng had long since abandoned the thought. But, Madam Xie on the other hand never did. To restore the name of the Li Family from the Moon Cleansing Sect back to its glory was the one dream that she wanted to achieve no matter what!

This was the dream that her husband was obsessing over before he went insane.

If her husband could not carry the dream to fruition, it is only natural that it will become her son's burden to bear. Moreover, because Madam Xie knew that the birth of her son followed a spiritual vision, he could not have been a mere mortal! This was why no matter how many hardships she endured or how wronged she felt, she was determined to realize the dream that the Li family had been chasing for over a century, and to give meaning to the lives that have been sacrificed for the past five generations!

Of course, Li Chengfeng knew all about this!

His own mother went through all the humiliation and sacrifice just to get this one chance... one chance for the Li family of the Cleansing Moon Sect to be restored to their former glory! Once the world's most brilliant sect, a sect so powerful the world trembled at their very presence, the Cleansing Moon sect was now in ruins; Li Chengfeng left as the only heir of that generation.

He was the future of the entire sect! He was the hope that everyone in the Li family had saved their funds for!

Although Li Chengfeng did not want to carry such a heavy responsibility on his shoulders, he also could not bear to hurt the family that has been there for him and loved him the most.

To kneel, or not to kneel?!

Li Chengfeng was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

A pin-drop silence covered the hall as everyone’s gaze fell upon Li Chengfeng. Sun Boren stared at him coldly, as if he was looking at a small insect.

Li Chengfeng was shaking, gritting his teeth so hard that blood was almost drawn from his mouth. "I care not even if you are the king of the gods! bow to you? I would rather die than yield!" Li Chengfeng would have said if it were up to him. But as he subconsciously glanced at Madam Xie, his cold heart suddenly went soft. With tears in his eyes, Li Chengfeng knelt down in front of Sun Boren.

His mother could endure such humiliation, just so that he could have a chance to climb up Qingyun’s palace. So how could he, her son, not be able to endure the same humiliation just to fulfill his mother’s wish as well?

[T/L note: to climb up Qingyun's palace means that to could climb up the ranks so high, it would be the equivalent of the palaces of the gods ]

To many people, Li Chengfeng may seem like a defiant brute with a bad personality known as ‘The Earthly Demon King of Cheng'an’, but deep down he was a filial son.

Sun Boran guffawed as he arrogantly extended his hand and pressed it on top of Li Chengfeng’s head.

Li Chengfeng couldn’t help but tremble. He only felt a cold shiver coming from the top of his head towards his body. And in a blink of an eye, his vision went pitch black. Li Chengfeng was immediately rendered unconscious.

“Young master!” Zhao Xiaobao shouted worriedly. Just as Xiaobao was about to rush over to his young master, Sun Boren side-eyed him.

“Begone!" shouted Sun Boren.

Green Bead who was nearby quickly held onto Zhao Xiaobao. Zhao Xiaobao panted heavily as he stared at his unconscious young master with all the patience he could muster.

“Eh?” Sun Boren gasped in shock. After he had just touched Li Chengfeng once, he proceeded to glance at him questioningly.

“Master, how is it?”, Madam Xie nervously asked, her eyes following Sun Boren.

Sun Boren looked as if he just saw a ghost! “I… I’ve never seen anyone with such qualifications!” he stuttered.

Madam Xie and the rest of the household was filled with joy when they heard! Green Bead couldn’t help but wipe off her tears, “I always knew that young master was smart and talented, he’s an extraordinary person!” she cried happily.

Madam Xie looked at Sun Boren with anticipation gleaming in her eyes.

Sun Boren's face immediately changed,  “What I mean is, I have never seen anyone with such inferior qualifications!” he said as he gave Madam Xie a peculiar look.

Madam Xie was dumbfounded. Green Bead exclaimed in anger, “ This is impossible! The young master had always been extremely talented and intelligent! No one in Cheng’an can ever compare! He….”

Just as Green Bead was about to describe her young master’s intelligence through his many adventures, she suddenly remembered that all of it was revolved around fraud, scams, and cheating! No matter if it was within Cheng’an city or not, he was a guiltless tyrant. Even the officers of the city dare not provoke him. This was because even if he doesn’t retaliate today, there will definitely be a day where he will bestow unimaginable pain to those who had provoked him.

Green bead couldn’t bring herself to say it.

 “There is no possibility for any mistakes, your young master’s meridians are clogged, his blood flow obstructed. Not to mention his *sanjiao is abnormal!  If he were to cultivate, he would definitely go insane! And if he doesn’t die from it, he would most likely be crippled! Among all people to walk the earth, he can be considered as the most useless of them all! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Sun Boren let out a guffaw, disdain filled all throughout his laughter.

[TL Note: sanjiao is the sixth organ of Fu with no equivalent in western medicine, only in traditional chinese med]

This sentence felt like a stab to the chest, horrifying the entire Li household.

 “This is impossible!!!”

The higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment! Madam Xie collapsed to the floor paralyzed, her eyes staring into space. At that moment, Madam Xie looked like a body without a soul, as if her spirit had collapsed.

“You’re lying!” cried Green Bead in anger.

Sun Boren retracted his hand and let out another guffaw. Just as he let go, Li Chengfeng fell face first onto his own legs, his body bent over lifelessly, still rendered unconscious.

“I tried him with my own hands, how could I possibly be mistaken? What a bunch of ignorant imbeciles! Quick, pack up your offerings- silver and grains for me- I need to visit the next house soon! To think you all thought he would enter the Spiritual Moon Sect with his level of qualification? Dream on!”, said Sun Boren arrogantly.

“Madam! This lowly b*stard wants to take our food and money for nothing!” Green Bead angrily called towards Madam Xie.

As if she could not hear her, Madam Xie continued to lay paralyzed on the floor.

“Don’t give me these offerings if you dare! Or better yet, if you think you can handle it, try making me stay!” Sun Boren sneered.

Realizing that Madam Xie wasn’t responding to his taunts, Green Bead bit her lip, her heart filled with rage. Green Bead was Madam Xie’s personal servant, which meant her position in the Li family was relatively high.  As such, her words carried as much authority as Madam Xie under special circumstances. During such an emergency where Madam Xie had lost her will to fight, was the reason why she needed to speak up in this crucial moment!

Green Bead watched as Sun Boren strode towards the door. Just as he was about to leave, Green Bead turned towards the Zhao Xiaobao, one with the best combat skills among them, because she couldn’t stand the thought of him leaving scot-free. “Zhao Xiaobao! What are you, useless? Stop him!”

Zhao Xiaobao’s face turned pale. Sun Boren immediately halted his steps, his feet adhered to the floor as he turned around. Sun Boren’s piercing gaze filled the room with fear as he slowly questioned, “Zhao Xiaobao?”

Zhao Xiaobao unconsciously took a step back. Underneath his sleeves, his fingers that were holding onto his plum blossom darts trembled, the cold sweat sprouted from his hands rendered his fingers useless as he couldn’t grip his shuriken tightly.

Sun Boren’s gaze was as sharp as a blade. He suspiciously scanned Zhao Xiaobao’s physique a few times and did the same to Li Chengfeng. Suddenly, he understood what happened and started laughing loudly.

One will search high and low, only to find it when one least expects to!

Sun Boren was not a fool. The moment he saw how Zhao Xiaobao reacted, he immediately knew that there was something up with this young man.  Not to mention when he first saw Li Chengfeng he thought he looked familiar. As he was connecting the two dots, he quickly realized. These were the two troublemakers right before his eyes!

Sun Boren knew if he killed the two of them without any explanation, the Li family could not do anything about it. However, if word got to his own master, things might be harder to explain.

Sun Boren tried to think of a way where he could kill them with reason, and within seconds, he had an idea. Sun Boren slyly walked over to Li Chengfeng’s unconscious body.

"Well if you all insist, it wouldn’t hurt to try again! Maybe I was wrong the first time!” Sun Boren said, as he positioned his hand three inches above Li Chengfeng’s head.   

Knowing that he had been exposed and Sun Boren was about to kill his young master, Zhao Xiaobiao quickly leapt forward and screamed, “STOP!"

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